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Headquartered in Munch, Roland Berger is the first natively European consulting firm to expand internationally. While global in scale and scope, the firm maintains a distinctly European culture that makes it a fascinating and enriching place to make your professional “home.” For those looking for an international experience unlike any other, where better to start than the original European firm to go global?

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Firsthand Findings

Likely the largest consulting firm that originated within Europe, Roland Berger’s reputation on its home continent is extremely impressive. Entering 2020, the company was coming off the back of two of the most successful years in its history, with a fresh plan for building on that growth in the years ahead. How well that plan held up given everything that occurred remains to be seen, but if any firms are likely to have grown out of the Covid-19 crisis, then RB may well one of them.

As an employer, there seems to be little that the firm does not do well: insiders speak glowingly of everything from training and development opportunities to compensation. With that in mind, there is little reason not to recommend a career with the firm. The challenge, as always, is g...

About the Company

From its humble beginnings as a one-man consulting firm, Roland Berger has grown forcefully and developed a sizable global footprint. The market leader in Germany and the only native European consultancy to boast an international presence, its 2,700 employees today work from 52 offices spanning 35 countries in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and North and South America. The company provides a diverse array of consulting services to many of the world's largest corporations across a broad spread of industries, from automotive engineering, construction and chemicals to consumer goods, energy, environmental technology, financial services, machinery, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, public services, rail, telecommunications, travel and tourism.

One man, one vision

Roland Berger founded t...

Employee Reviews

  • “At Roland Berger, almost all employees are strong and independent-minded personalities, who drive the company's development with entrepreneurial spirit.”
  • “Culture varies with the different Competence Centers, so reach out to current colleagues to get an idea if it is a good match. If you haven't studied Business Management, getting started with an internship is a good idea as you have time to evaluate if you like the type of work and also have more time to show your qualities than during the few hours of a recruiting day.”
  • “Entrepreneurial freedom to build what fits the client best instead of off-the shelf products brought to the client by using templates.”
  • “Every day I wake up with the motivation to impress our clients and learn, while looking forward to meet my very inspiring colleagues.”
  • “Our culture is strongly influenced by our history as European company built by an impressive entrepreneur. Each employee is asked to be an entrepreneur inside the company continuously improving our processes, products and opportunities.”
  • “We are the only European strategy consultancy operating on a global level. In our approach we don't look just at the aspect of shareholder value but evaluate situations in a more holistic way.”
  • “Best: Flexibility when it comes to a digital workplace (you can pretty much work from anywhere and as long as you get the job done, there is no problem about that). Worst: Working in such a fast-paced environment can be overwhelming - on the other hand it is what makes your job interesting and an opportunity to learn every day.”
  • “Dedicated stress management seminar series incl. aspects around meditation, nutrition, time management, mindfulness, personal development, etc. are very good. Trainers and topics are terrific and very helpful.”
  • “Due to the Corona crisis we are not travelling at the moment. Roland Berger managed to maintain its trustworthy relationships with the clients even remotely.”
  • “I am most pleased with the hours because I worked at another consultancy averaging 70-80 hour weeks without always seeing the necessity for it. At RB, I don't see that requirement for face time, I am extremely efficient, so I appreciate calling it a day when I am happy with my output. I would say 95% of the time I make sure my team and I wrap up by 6:30 PM. Also people come to the office at the hour that works for their rhythm: some people show up at 8 (good for them), others like me are more of a 9:30 AM or later person. I vividly remember when I was about to start and asked what time to come, and the colleague answered "does 9 or 9:30 work for you?" I was sold. Another thing I think is great is that colleagues go to gym whenever it works for them, so many go in the afternoon when gyms are empty. We have a membership to the gym downstairs but I am less regular than most colleagues.”
  • “Our firm is very accommodating with respect to vacation time. I really see no points of improvement here. We get plenty vacation time and during this time, we can really ‘switch off’ from work.”
  • “Roland Berger has increased the number of vacation days and is now above average of the consulting firms. Furthermore, submitted holidays are secure (never heard about a cancelation due to project/work) and are also accepted and supported by colleagues or partners. Colleagues and partners don't contact you in your holidays and remaining colleagues on the projects support each other to take over your tasks within your holidays.”
  • “We actually do have a large number of vacation time (5 additional days since 2020), that is pretty great. On top people actually try to not bother you once you are on vacation, so vacation time is very much respected.”
  • “Compensation package is above average and more than adequate for the worked hours.”
  • “I feel to be paid very well and that my outstanding efforts have been well reflected in my bonus. I would wish that my educational background as a PhD would be better reflected in my compensation.”
  • “Management enforces equal pay and comparable promotion cycles for males and females.”
  • “Straightforward compensation package without any discrimination or gender gaps; highly linked to performance of firm, region and yourself.”
  • “The best aspect is the base salary. I mean we are all generously paid. Additionally, we have a nice mobility package such that employees can decide whether they want to get free train or flight tickets or receive a company car.”
  • “The car policy is extremely attractive, and certainly Germany's most generous one. Instead, we can also choose to get a mobility package, including public transport, car-sharing and rental vouchers in the same value of the car policy. Additionally, the best performing interns (c.10%) get an offer after the internship and become members of the students club, which offers regular leisure and educational weekends and events for free and allows you to build a network inside Roland Berger before your start.”
  • “The firm offers a very generous payment of tuition fees for Master's Degrees and MBAs, as well as a PHD sponsorship. This makes it possible to attend leading international programs without having to take on any debt.”
  • “At Roland Berger, you have the chance to work in a fast-paced, challenging environment with continuous learning opportunities. On a daily basis, you work with people of diverse backgrounds and from different offices and you also have the possibility to transfer to another country if you like. Employees are rewarded based on merit (i.e. high performers are promoted faster).”
  • “Extensive training program (2-week kickoff, 2-3 specific trainings per year, new trainings with focus on data analytics, 1-week Bootcamps for Senior Consultants, Project Managers and Principals). If work performance is good quick promotions (yearly) are possible.”
  • “Great mentoring from day one by a designated mentor on partner level. The mentor follows you throughout your career. Fast track promotions possible and high-performer programs available - really enjoying being part of those.”
  • “High focus on optimally developing personnel, with individual mentoring combined with a global training program which you can tailor to your specific needs/objectives.”
  • “I feel our training program has really been ramped up for the new challenges ahead with ample offers to skill up, e.g in the areas of data science and agile working methods. What is more, as it has become regular part of project work, it's not just formal training never used but also highly relevant for everyday work.”
  • “Roland Berger has an extensive Global Training Program, which includes a 2-week kick-off training with all international starting colleagues. The beautiful thing is that you see these international colleagues at training sessions throughout your career, which creates international cohesion and bonding.”
  • “The amount and variety of training offered to us really is incredible. Both from Roland Berger Global and our own office (Roland Berger Amsterdam), numerous training opportunities are offered across lots of areas, which enables employees to easily pick according to their preference. Roland Berger Amsterdam is not the most internationally oriented consultancy office. However, when employees indicate their preference for a more international career, this is heard and a more international development plan is created. Furthermore, until now, I always feel challenged at work, with which I am very satisfied. This is something I expected from Roland Berger Amsterdam and luckily, this expectation became reality.”
  • “Coming from a rather male corporate culture in our founding days in the 1960's and beyond, I feel like we are making a lot of progress to become a more diverse place to work. Retention of women is a very much focused topic and so is hiring them. A lot of effort is spent in this regard, and I feel like Management is taking this highly serious, trying to make our firm a great place to work no matter what your gender, origin or sexual orientation is. Our firm is not free of biases as is society and our clients, but this is seen.”
  • “Diversity has a high priority for the company and is an important pillar of the new strategy.”
  • “Diversity is one of the key pillars of our strategy - our management highlighted this once again at the beginning of the year.”
  • “From personal experience I always had the impression promotion opportunities were not gender biased. Even in part-time no one was 'forgotten'. As pay raise is linked to promotion, this also leads to equal pay for equal work. Regarding diversity more efforts have been made the past years and it is starting to pay off. However, I think with regards to pushing LGBT minorities we have less of a tradition than some US based companies and could still improve.”
  • “There are no differences between male, female and diverse employees. All are treated equally.”
  • “Though inflow of juniors is pretty well distributed amongst men/women and though the company puts significant effort in the retaining women we only have few women that work for 5+ year at the company.”
  • “After strong growth in 2018, 2019 and the start of 2020, there is now a lot of uncertainty due to the Coronavirus. Although the outlook for global economies is not positive, Roland Berger is a particularly strong player in topics such as restructuring, performance improvement, transformations and operations, which means it is well-positioned to make the most of these trying times. Further supporting this is the strong push for innovation and agility within the company, through initiatives such as Terra Numerata (a network of specialized partners) that allows Roland Berger to respond to a broad range of very specific client needs.”
  • “COVID-19 obviously poses challenges for every company, but with the strong restructuring background and industry expertise, Roland Berger is positioned well in the market.”
  • “I believe Roland Berger is well positioned to keep thriving, despite the current Covid situation and the consequent economic crisis due to its reputation in both strategic projects (strong drivers in times of economic growth) and restructuring ones (required in times of downturn).”
  • “RB observed very strong growth in 2018 and 2019, both in London and globally. Given the impact of COVID-19, RB is very well positioned to help our clients with the challenges that will likely face due to COVID-19: RB has best-in-class expertise in restructuring/performance improvement, transformation and operations enhancement.”
  • “We started very positive into the new year with challenging growth plans. However, the corona crisis will of course have effects on our business. But I am confident that we will be able to overcome it and as a company that is strong in restructuring and operations the crisis will also bring new opportunities for us. Moreover, I believe that our focus on digitization will also help us to overcome the crisis as many clients now have a stronger need for agile, remote, digital processes.”

Why Work Here

Getting Hired Here

  • “Because our process is very personal (you will be interviewed by several consultants), we not only look for academic high performers, but also for candidates who have a strong motivation to drive projects (own projects, client projects) forward.”
  • “Candidates get feedback on the same day they have interviews. The ideal candidate combines intellectual, personal and entrepreneurial skills.”
  • “I find our interview and callback process is solid and modern and is updated permanently according to latest developments and trends. The ideal candidate is open, eager and intelligent with a huge amount of entrepreneurial spirit.”
  • “I was part of RB's students club after a successful internship, so I had an offer handed out since I finished my internship. Regarding the internship, the process was great, I had a lot of fun solving the cases. The colleagues who interviewed me were very authentic and easy-going, what made me make a decision to choose Roland Berger.”
  • “Roland Berger's interview process is very much focused on personality. Once a candidate's ‘Excellence’ has been proven, Roland Berger really tries to get to know the candidate through lunches with colleagues and informal talks to determine whether a strong fit exists with the company. An ideal candidate is a living embodiment of Roland Berger's core values: a person that excels at what they do, with a winning personality, a strong capacity to feel the needs of others and an entrepreneurial spirit.”
  • “Very structured process, short response times after interview and case interviews. Differentiated interview procedure with personal fit, case interviews and group case study.”
  • “I always give a simplified version of a recent project I have worked on, e.g. we are thinking of outsourcing our invoicing and payroll, is this a good idea? so at least for my interviews, you will not be asked about golf balls in planes...”
  • “Our process consists of personality and case interviews. For the first we are very much focused on the personal fit to our company values. Being a reflected, humble, hands on person with great communication skills are two aspects most important to me. The case interviews encompass analytical, often real life, cases e.g. on market size estimation or evaluation of strategic initiatives. Here, being structured, well in communicating the chosen approach, and being able to come up with and challenge realistic assumptions are key capabilities to prove.”
  • “Personal and cultural fit, experience with team situations.”
  • “Real-life project examples / not the standard market sizing case questions from cases preps and business schools. Aim is to make sure that the candidate can think in a structured and independent way.”
  • “We’ll generally we have a logic and verbal test. Then a personal fit interview and then two case interviews. Typical case question could be estimation of market size, developing a market entry or digitization strategy.”