Roland Berger—the first European consultancy to expand internationally—entered the Asia-Pacific regions with the establishment of its Tokyo office in 1991. More than three decades later, the firm operates in Greater China, South Korea, India, and throughout Southeast Asia as a critical partner to some of the biggest players in these markets. Consider Roland Berger for a rare chance to join a well-established institution in one of the world’s fastest growing regions.

Company Stats


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1,001-5,000 Employees


Featured Rankings

Vault Top Consulting Asia-Pacific


Major Departments/Practice Areas

Automotive Chemicals Civil Economics & Infrastructure Consumer...


Major Office Locations

Shanghai, CN (Asia HQ)


Employment Contact

Kacey (Renzhi) Tang - Senior Specialist Staffing

Firsthand Findings

As a well-established global firm with a boutique feel built on a European heritage and approach to work-life balance, Roland Berger is a unique proposition in the APAC consulting arena. According to insiders, it is a great option for those seeking to make rapid career progress while maintaining a strong degree of input on industry and practice area assignments, while early client exposure and dedicated mentors help to accelerate that path even more.

On a day-to-day basis, hours can be an issue, but the overall impression is of a firm with a professional yet relaxed culture, where employees are valued, invested in, and rewarded in line with peer organizations. While brand recognition may not be as high as the Big 4s and MBBs of the world, this is a firm with a st...

About the Company

Roland Berger’s reputation in the APAC region has been growing steadily in recent years, and the firm entered 2022with its sights firmly set on yet more growth, despite the pandemic—particularly in China, where its focus on serving firms operating within the local market sets it apart from many of its competitors.

As an employer, the firm seems to have mastered the trick of providing a consistent experience across multiple geographies—something that is no mean feat to accomplish. Insiders are very positive about the development opportunities on offer, including support for further education. Additionally, salary and general career progression seem to be on par with firms of similar standing, while opportunities work internationally are in abundance, making this the perfect choice for someone who wants to build a career in a global ...

Employee Reviews

  • “A good choice if you would like to develop your skills and personal horizon. Meanwhile, you are flexible to find your own working life balance point.”

  • “Fast growth with extensive exposure to international clients and fascinating cutting-edge topics.”

  • “In RB, you will get highest flexibility, caring culture, mature and firm leadership with clear business vision and concrete plan.”

  • “RB's value on entrepreneurship and authenticity makes it the best place for anyone who has a determination of making something impactful.”

  • “Very exciting and forward-looking areas of expertise. If you are interested in the strategic future - how the world is changing and going to change, you will find a lot of exciting projects at Roland Berger.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “The most impressive aspect is that we are seeking not only for hard skills, but the right people that we believe can develop along the way to our senior leadership. We leverage our highest flexibility to ensure them a favorable working environment and guarantee an explicit path.”

  • “The process contains three rounds: motivation question and market sizing, two case studies, interview with partners. Ideal candidate would be people who have entrepreneurship spirit and strong motivation in problem solving.”

  • “We are looking for authentic winning personalities with entrepreneurial spirit – therefore, high importance of personality in interview process."

  • "We ask all consultants to do three tests prior to any face to face interviews. The test is on language, numerical and logical capabilities. Process is efficient and enables us to seek the ideal candidate very quickly."

  • “We see the motivation and the structure of thinking as the most important characteristics in the candidate.”