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Roland Berger—the first European consultancy to expand internationally—entered the Asia-Pacific regions with the establishment of its Tokyo office in 1991. More than three decades later, the firm operates in Greater China, South Korea, India, and throughout Southeast Asia as a critical partner to some of the biggest players in these markets. Consider Roland Berger for a rare chance to join a well-established institution in one of the world’s fastest growing regions.

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2020 Employees (All Locations)


Major Departments/Practice Areas

Automotive Chemicals Civil Economics & Infrastructure Consumer......


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Munich (Global HQ)...


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Senior Partner, CEO Germany & Central Europe

Firsthand Findings

Roland Berger’s reputation in the APAC region has been growing steadily in recent years, and the firm entered 2020 with its sights firmly set on yet more growth—particularly in China, where its focus on serving firms operating within the local market sets it apart from many of its competitors.

As an employer, the firm seems to have mastered the trick of providing a consistent experience across multiple geographies—something that is no mean feat to accomplish. Insiders are very positive about the development opportunities on offer, including support for further education. Additionally, salary and general career progression seem to be on par with firms of similar standing, while opportunities work internationally are in abundance, making this the perfect choice for...

About the Company

From its humble beginnings as a one-man consulting firm, Roland Berger has grown forcefully and developed a sizable global footprint. The market leader in Germany and the only native European consultancy to boast an international presence, its 2,700 employees today work from 52 offices spanning 35 countries in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and North and South America. The company provides a diverse array of consulting services to many of the world's largest corporations across a broad spread of industries, from automotive engineering, construction and chemicals to consumer goods, energy, environmental technology, financial services, machinery, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, public services, rail, telecommunications, travel and tourism.

One man, one vision

Roland Berger founded t...

Employee Reviews

  • “Before starting my consultant career, I worked as a medical doctor, so when I entered Roland Berger I didn't know anything about this job and what business is—what does the client really need and want? What is the most important thing to improve operations in the factory? How to evaluate the strength and the weakness of a company when M&A due diligence? In the first year at Roland Berger, I learned plenty of things about business. I guess it's astonishing, considering I had trouble even reading P/L sheet 1 year ago. So, what I'd like to tell you is this is a great place to start a consultant career and develop your skills. The company will give you a lot of opportunities, challenges and supports for you.”
  • “European origin with German heritage.”
  • “If you have any industry-specific interests, good to research beforehand on firm's exposure to the industry - this can vary based on region. Take into account not just the brand, prestige and compensation, but also your fit with firm's culture and people. Be prepared for a fast-paced, high-growth, intellectually stimulating and rewarding consulting lifestyle which can at times be demanding in terms of work expectations and travel requirements.”
  • “Our colleagues have shaped a strong community where everyone can seek help and advice.”
  • “RB China is super strong in localization leading to a more localized client structure compared with other competitors. Also, RB is a company focusing on the project implementation and real impact on our clients instead of just creating some fancy charts.”
  • “The only European origin firm and strong entrepreneurial culture and strong relationship among colleagues enable employees to develop into a strong professional.”
  • “Although the demanding and challenging nature of the job can always take a toll on individual well-being, the company puts effort into promoting and enabling a healthy lifestyle wherever possible. Increasing measures are taken to ensure sustainability of this profession for each consultant.”
  • “Even during the project, the professionals can take a week of summer vacation according to the office regulation. (Five days summer holiday is the norm in Japan.)”
  • “I am happy to highlight that the firm encourages all professionals to raise hands up and be proactive to take the opportunities they want. It comes from Entrepreneurship that represents the firm value. Also, I believe RB employee engagement survey done biweekly makes the firm culture more flat and healthy.”
  • “Long vacation is absolutely possible when I'm not on project. When I'm on the long project, project manager always encourages me to take holiday and try to manage resources to make it possible.”
  • “RB gives the consultants liberty to choose WFH according to the project situation during the COVID-19 spread period. The company takes our security at first priority. We can have some hobby groups in RB, such as basketball and photograph. Different consultants from different industries can gather together to have more communication. We consider RB as a big family for consultants.”
  • “The firm highly respects my weekend and vacation time. I rarely worked during off time in the past years at the firm. Adequate flexibility is also given regarding when to take the leave.”
  • “Compensation is good and there isn't much pay divergence within an office (for same role). Career growth and salary progression is dependent on one's performance but can sometimes be slow.”
  • “Good salary and bonus package.”
  • “Salary progression is satisfactory. Also, we have the MBA sponsorship program.”
  • “Salary progression is very encouraging with high equality. Overtime meal allowance is very supportive in consultants' daily work.”
  • “The best part is that if you get promoted, compensation gets better. The worst part is that if you don't get promoted, compensation stays almost same.”
  • “The company pays strongly above-average at all hierarchy levels. A quick hierarchy progression additionally leads to a considerable salary progression.”
  • “Entrepreneurial company culture allows individual development path incl. support for further education (MBA, PhD, Master), global transfer, sabbatical, etc.”
  • “Extensive global exchange and rotation program for many regions and offices, across entry-level consultant to experienced managers.”
  • “Feedbacks from other colleagues are given frequently and the promotion processes are very clear. This encourages me much and helps me develop my consulting skills.”
  • “I highly appreciate the setting of ‘fast track’ in promotion process that may encourage employees, especially entry-level consultants to contribute the most and drive for high positivity. The international transfer or rotation opportunities are also available for consultants and senior consultants. This can increase the international exposure of Chinese employees.”
  • “I would like to highlight training programs and global staffing; all new joiners can take two weeks of orientation, including mid-careers, and other global training programs are well organized. Also, I am happy to emphasize plenty of international assignment opportunities. All project that I have experienced in Roland Berger is an international project.”
  • “Multiple international training programs are planned for each step of the career. Firstly, the Kick-off training which equipped us with all skills needed (and also international experience—the training happens in Munich, Germany). Secondly, all other training also available all-year-round including online seminar, domestic, within SEA, or international trainings. There are also trainings for every step of the career including Senior Consultant bootcamp, Project manager bootcamp.”
  • “You won't be short of travel opportunities in the Southeast Asia office. We're constantly travelling as our team works closely together as a region, which is one of the great joys of RB SEA. As a highly regarded brand but small in headcount, this means the challenge of work comes in being very independent and responsible for your modules. Some may see this as a negative, but it's the best learning opportunity.”
  • “Both male and female employees at our firm have experienced fast track promotions (double promotion in a year) for best / top performing individuals.”
  • “Different programs to promote diversity within the firm and strong communities.”
  • “Diversity is a pillar of our strategy. We value women. We have annual Global Female Leaders Meetings and get specific trainings for women.”
  • “Lots of diversity programs offered by the company.”
  • “Merit matters the most in the firm - nothing outshines like a great performance. The firm and its employees are highly diverse in terms of their background, nationality, race, gender etc. Processes are fair and equal for all.“
  • “RB has its own Women@RB community and RB LGBT community. RB treats male/female and people with diverse orientations with equal career development opportunities.”
  • “Rooted as a European company, Roland Berger seems to be fair when it comes to gender equality. There's a vocal and active support of women and gender fairness within the firm when available.”
  • “Despite the coronavirus, Roland Berger's management committee has shown high leadership, strong determination and people caring. From the aspect of business, Roland Berger also seize the opportunity to promote its strength in transformation and operations.”
  • “Despite the uncertainty caused by COVID-19, I believe RB would be strong particularly in transformation and operation and restructuring in these times of crisis, based on strong growth in 2018-19.”
  • “I feel this firm is the most innovative consulting firm in Japan - and this aspect is really strong especially in times of crisis which forced clients to change drastically.”
  • “Our business is booming with growing business volume. We are unique in our value proposition. And we have expertise across almost all industries.”
  • “Pros: Opening a number of innovation centers and innovation programs to grow internal capability. The leadership is very responsible in directing the company to become more innovative and competitive. That has got things going. Cons: There was a recent leadership succession, which is a challenge, given how the new leadership is inheriting the company in a much tougher economic time.”
  • “RB has a unique positioning in China which has huge advantages over its competitors. With its deep understanding of Chinese local companies, the next engine of China's future growth, RB has a promising future.”

Why Work Here

Getting Hired Here

  • “Company is focusing its hiring on the top candidates of each cohort, putting strong emphasis on:
    - Strong abilities and skills in the typical consulting domains (analytical skills, business sense etc.)
    - Past experience in consulting, strategy and similar corporate roles
    - Personal fit to the company's values and corporate culture
    - Ability to perform under pressure
    - Resilience, attention to detail, strong motivation etc.”
  • “Good communication skills. High potential to become a partner in the future. Agree with our values ‘Excellence, Entrepreneurship, Empathy.’”
  • “Ideal candidates need to be curious, willing to learn and communicate.”
  • “RB Southeast Asia typically hosts a Superday where a group of ~10 interviewees are invited to the office. The morning session consists of a series of case studies and online tests. Only half the group will make it to the second half of the day where a case study will be given the group and the group will need to come up with a proposal and present to the board. We look for candidates who are creative, eager to learn, maintain a positive attitude and can be flexible on the job.”
  • “The interview process is rigorous and can include up to 5 to 6 rounds of interviews. However, I found the interview process itself to be very smooth. The firm's representative were highly responsive and kept me updated at all time. After each round of interview, the representative would come back with updates as soon as possible and schedule follow-ups. Details related to interviewer, mode of interview call and schedule were shared well in advance. The scheduling of interviews was flexible and fully took into account my own availability.”
  • “Case study of actual projects rather than theoretical questions.”
  • “Case study on financial services industry, industry ratio calculation (e.g. CAR, etc.), market sizing question, behavioural questions.”
  • “Estimate the sales volume of masks in March 2020 in China.”
  • “How do you develop a new business in a specific company? How do you increase a revenue of a company?”
  • “RB will update recruiting materials every half year to keep up with the most updated market trend, and most importantly, we value winning personalities with entrepreneurial spirit.”
  • “What is the market size of household robots in China?”

Perks & Benefits