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10,001+ Employees


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Vault Consulting 25 EMEA


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130+ locations in more than 65 countries


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Jane Sinclair - Human Resources Manager

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Employee Reviews

  • “Expertise in the widest variety of topics, the greatest willingness to help colleagues, even when they are at the other side of the globe.”

  • “Great place for growing very quickly - both professionally and personally. Both the analytical problem-solving as well as the people side are very exciting. You will almost always be working on the biggest priorities of companies, with the pressure but also impact that comes with that.

    The saying within McKinsey is 'make your own McKinsey' - and this is true if you want it to be. You define your own boundaries and objectives and plan your journey accordingly. On your journey, everyone is there to support you and challenge you.”

  • “McKinsey is and remains the standard, others can sometimes do what we do at specific aspects, but our network, reach, the number of expertise domains and amount & depth of services offered remains unparalleled.”

  • “The best job one can dream of: you work with the most talented people, for the CEOs of most prestigious companies, on their most critical issues.”

  • “Without proper preparation, it is very easy to be pushed around. However, working here can be a very rewarding experience if you are well prepared in terms of expectations, personal boundaries & needs and industry interest/affiliation. Find your respective niche and like-minded people and this is a great place to work.”

Why Work Here

At McKinsey, you’ll put your skills, experience, and knowledge to work tackling challenges that matter – like digital transformations, new product/service development, diversity & inclusion, sustainability, global public health, supply chain management, leadership development, mental health and more – across industries, functions, sectors and geographies. You’ll be part of some of the best, most diverse, inclusive, and supportive teams, surrounded by colleagues who care about your growth and will help you to succeed. You’ll have the flexibility you need to create a career that evolves with you over time. If you are looking for a way to contribute to positive, lasting change; continually learn new things; and expand your network, consider McKinsey. Regardless of your background or years of experience, there’s a role for you.

Getting Hired Here

  • “I feel like you can thrive with a good mix of technical and personal strengths, without being the ‘best’ or most ‘exotic’ in any of these dimensions.”

  • “Problem solver, nice personality/likeable, easily breaks problems down, intellectually knowledgeable, impresses others by breadth of life experiences.”

  • “They give feedback regardless of result and strive for an excellent experience for all.”

  • “Too many interviews, asking the same question multiple times.”