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Employee Reviews

  • “Firm is a collection of caring and brilliant individuals. Despite our growing size it still functions as a partnership and individuals must be ready to carve their own path. There are virtually no structures built to do that for you. You will stay only if you have that level of entrepreneurship in you.”
  • “Hard to isolate one factor. It is the unique combination of having truly step-change impact with our clients (doing incredibly meaningful work) with having a truly exceptional learning environment for our people.”
  • “I grew up in a bunch of small rural towns. My dad grew up in a trailer park. This job paid off my college debt, made me a millionaire by 35, put me in a first-class airplane seat for the first time, and gave me multiple international opportunities. I have the CIO and CDOs of multi-billion dollar companies look down the table at me and ask what I think they should do. My sponsor just took me to dinner at a three-star Michelin restaurant in Paris. I look people in the eye and refuse work in pharma, government, and any client in Russia/China/Saudi--and it has had zero impact on my success. Life here is great.”
  • “McKinsey is great about offering new opportunities for development and advancement that allow me to stay and grow inside the firm. There's so much flexibility that I've reached almost 20 years of tenure and have always been able to find or create the role that fits me best. I've worked in other consulting and investment banking firms where you really had to leave if you wanted any advancement at all.”
  • “Purpose.  A lot of people talk a lot of smack about McKinsey.  I'd challenge anyone to find a private sector organization of our scale and impact that is as fundamentally committed to its purpose as McKinsey.  We're not perfect, but it's the only organization of its kind that I have ever seen which actually does aspire to be perfect and refuses to simply 'settle.'”

Why Work Here

At McKinsey, you’ll put your skills, experience, and knowledge to work tackling challenges that matter – like digital transformations, new product/service development, diversity & inclusion, sustainability, global public health, supply chain management, leadership development, mental health and more – across industries, functions, sectors and geographies. You’ll be part of some of the best, most diverse, inclusive, and supportive teams, surrounded by colleagues who care about your growth and will help you to succeed. You’ll have the flexibility you need to create a career that evolves with you over time. If you are looking for a way to contribute to positive, lasting change; continually learn new things; and expand your network, consider McKinsey. Regardless of your background or years of experience, there’s a role for you.

Getting Hired Here

  • “Extremely responsive interview process and communications.  Ideal candidate is entrepreneurial, personable, humble, likes helping people/clients, wants to make a difference in the world, and has high intrinsics in analytical and conceptual problem solving.”
  • “Interviews are typically two rounds and recruiters often set up additional conversations with colleagues who went to a candidate's school or are in a similar role. In terms of skills, problem solving and collaboration or being able to work in teams are the two biggest things people who apply, interview and join should have.”
  • “Leaders with high levels of ownership and drive, with clear understanding of how to structure problems and leverage different sources of information to get to an answer, including their intuition.”
  • “McKinsey seeks motivated and passionate individuals that are able to work together to solve challenging and meaningful opportunities, delivering positive impact for our clients and communities we serve.”
  • “The process was incredibly quick (~1 month from application to signing the contract). McKinsey tends to look for curious, innovative people who enjoy problem solving and working with lots of different people.”

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