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Operating in Asia-Pacific for more than half a century, McKinsey is a well-established and impactful player in some of the world’s largest economies. With thousands upon thousands of projects and successful client engagements in the regions—and counting—there’s no shortage of opportunities for advancement, excitement, and diverse experiences for jobseekers with a strong interest in Asian markets.

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Firsthand Findings

McKinsey’s reputation precedes it wherever the firm operates—it’s the one truly well-known global brand in the strategy consulting space, with no introduction needed for potential clients or consultants. As such, it’s a place where consultants can expect top-tier training, projects, travel arrangements and, of course, compensation. In exchange, you’ll have to live the consulting lifestyle in an environment where those bold-face name clients will expect superior results and service.

About that lifestyle: in the selected comments from our survey, there are gripes about the ability to balance work and life, especially at times when deliverables are due. And there are also a handful of comments about the amount of travel involved—something that will likely be ramping...

About the Company


McKinsey & Company is a privately-owned management consulting firm. Roundly considered the most prestigious company of its kind, it has achieved a near-universal level of renown, despite a decades-long commitment to confidentiality that shrouds details of McKinsey’s work-and its client list-in secrecy. In its practice areas, it addresses strategic, organizational, operational and technological issues, always with a focus of doing what is right for the client's business, not what is best for McKinsey's bottom line.

The range of those specialties encompasses everything from commodities and natural resources to media, entertainment and high tech. While it doesn't share the names of its clients, the firm does claim to serve roughly 90 of the top-100 corporations worldwide and more than 80 of...

Employee Reviews

  • “Employee friendly organization.”
  • “Empowering and enriching and confidence building.”
  • “Great learning and impact, and a great bunch of colleagues to work with.”
  • “If you want to work in consulting, this is the place to be.”
  • “Merit based support culture delivering distinctive impact for clients.”
  • “We only exist to serve our clients in the best way possible. We don't even think about competition, not because we are arrogant but because our primary focus are our clients.”
  • “Counseling, exercise programs, meditation, nutrition education, especially during COVID.”
  • “Hours and travel requirements are tough, as in any consulting firm. However McKinsey does put a lot of thought and effort into how to make it better and there is a lot of flexibility to make it work depending on personal needs.”
  • “Mental-health wellness program, in-house gym along with showers, salad counter in the cafe, yoga classes etc.”
  • “Planned time off is encouraged. We get at least 30 working days vacation time in a year. There is an immense support even during vacation time to ensure no one disturbs you during a vacation.”
  • “The firm is very supportive and colleagues respect your personal time. You have to reciprocate by filing in when others take break.”
  • “Very flexible vacation options.”
  • “Within reason you can take as much time off as required, with generous PTO and other initiatives. The more senior you are the more 'protecting' time will be a challenge (mostly self inflicted).”
  • “Best: Good perks when serving on-site. Worst: Low pay per hour of work.”
  • “Compensation package is very transparent and I don’t see any worst aspect. The compensation policy at the firm is extremely fair and brings people at parity.”
  • “YoY increase is very high. Variable is a high percentage of the total comp.”
  • “Best: Very smart people. Worst: Lack of clarity on development and growth.”
  • “Firm has robust processes in place however, it really depends on line manager/ppl in assessment committee to stay unbiased while assessing any individual.”
  • “McKinsey provides a platform to solve high-impact and tough problems which provides intellectual and professional satisfaction. Compensation & perks is a bonus.”
  • “One of the best places to work. Various training opportunities, challenging work, wonderful colleagues. However, working hours of consultants seem to be relatively long.”
  • “The very global nature of the firm is one of its key differentiators.”
  • “There is a strong culture of feedback and learning.”
  • “Very fast career movement. Freedom to pivot at any time. High flexibility of career paths. Wide variety of career path choices available.”
  • “Diversity, equity are TOP priorities. The numbers and data back this up.”
  • “The firm proactively addresses diversity especially in recruitment and has taken a public declaration to have 50% of the incoming class as women (without compromising on quality).”
  • “While diversity is low at the top, it is improving and getting much better at the entry level.”
  • “Best: Brand image. Worst: Lack of innovative work.”
  • “Firm is super resilient and will come out stronger after the crisis.”
  • “The firm has existed at the top of the consulting industry for ~100 years. It has survived as a leader and will thrive in the future also.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “As a firm we keep the potential candidates warm through the process of KIT (Keep In Touch) program.”
  • “Multiple rounds of interview on campuses/ at firm's office. Ideal candidate: Academically smart, with other distinctive spikes in past work.”
  • “Someone interesting and with leadership and interpersonal traits.”
  • “Very selective and comprehensive process. Agile thinker with an intellectual curiosity is ideal profile.”
  • “Very supportive recruiting team—whole process makes the candidate feel invested in. Ideal candidate is switched on and a good problem solver, but down to earth and well rounded.”
  • “We strive to call the candidate in 24 hours and max of 48 hours.”
  • “Case question: Strategy to grow tourism revenue for a country.”
  • “Combination of problem solving and behaviour capabilities.”
  • “The interview process is pretty robust, starting from HR interview - online assessment test- technical + case interviews along with behavioral rounds.”
  • “Typical sales and marketing case interviews.”

Perks & Benefits