Operating in Asia-Pacific for more than half a century, McKinsey is a well-established and impactful player in some of the world’s largest economies. With thousands upon thousands of projects and successful client engagements in the regions—and counting—there’s no shortage of opportunities for advancement, excitement, and diverse experiences for jobseekers with a strong interest in Asian markets.

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10,001+ Employees


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Vault Top Consulting Asia-Pacific


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130+ offices in 65+ countries


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Agnish Narula- Senior Human Resources Director

Firsthand Findings

There’s a reason that the McKinsey name is, for many, synonymous with the consulting industry: the company is the first port of call for some of the biggest names in the world when major initiatives are afoot. As a result, the company is one of a select few in the industry that attract the best and brightest, and that can deliver on the promise of being a true career-builder. Indeed, a stint at McKinsey remains a potent resume highlight that, combined with a network that spans the globe, offers unparalleled exit opportunities.

As with many of the firms on our survey this year, we will be watching with interest to see how McKinsey’s policies evolve in the post-pandemic world. Once the poster child for the road-warrior lifestyle, the firm successfully transitioned ...

About the Company

McKinsey & Company is a privately-owned management consulting firm. Roundly considered the most prestigious company of its kind, it has achieved a near-universal level of renown, despite a decades-long commitment to confidentiality that shrouds details of McKinsey’s work-and its client list-in secrecy. In its practice areas, it addresses strategic, organizational, operational and technological issues, always with a focus of doing what is right for the client's business, not what is best for McKinsey's bottom line.

The range of those specialties encompasses everything from commodities and natural resources to media, entertainment and high tech. While it doesn't share the names of its clients, the firm does claim to serve roughly 90 of the top-100 corporations worldwide and more than 80 of the 100 largest U.S.-bas...

Employee Reviews

  • “Absolute commitment to excellence and delivery of high-quality work within agreed values.”

  • “Fantastic growth opportunity for you personally, and an exceptional opportunity to be inspired and build a network through great people (both clients and colleagues). You shouldn’t commit for life, join and stay until a great offer comes up you cannot refuse - that’s how most of us leave.”

  • “McKinsey allows you to explore many different industries and functions in a short period of time. You learn real problem-solving and communication skills that are very useful in whatever you ever will do in your professional life. You will meet people and build a lasting network for life.”

  • “One global partnership with one profit pool means the level of collaboration between partners and consultants across the globe is unmatched.”

  • “The best finishing school in the world where you continue growing throughout your lifetime and can influence impact at the highest levels.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “The firm is seeking candidates with the aspiration to work in consulting in collaboration with other high performing individuals. Those who have demonstrated impact in their career so far stand a high chance. The Firm encourages and has people from diverse backgrounds - musicians, athletes, engineers, science professionals, finance professionals, entrepreneurs etc.”

  • “Timely, responsive and professional.”

  • “Very comprehensive.”

  • “We look for people with great character, problem solving skills and people leadership.”