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10,001+ Employees


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Vault Top Consulting Asia-Pacific


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130+ offices in 65+ countries


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Agnish Narula- Senior Human Resources Director

Employee Reviews

  • “Absolute commitment to excellence and delivery of high-quality work within agreed values.”

  • “Fantastic growth opportunity for you personally, and an exceptional opportunity to be inspired and build a network through great people (both clients and colleagues). You shouldn’t commit for life, join and stay until a great offer comes up you cannot refuse - that’s how most of us leave.”

  • “McKinsey allows you to explore many different industries and functions in a short period of time. You learn real problem-solving and communication skills that are very useful in whatever you ever will do in your professional life. You will meet people and build a lasting network for life.”

  • “One global partnership with one profit pool means the level of collaboration between partners and consultants across the globe is unmatched.”

  • “The best finishing school in the world where you continue growing throughout your lifetime and can influence impact at the highest levels.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “The firm is seeking candidates with the aspiration to work in consulting in collaboration with other high performing individuals. Those who have demonstrated impact in their career so far stand a high chance. The Firm encourages and has people from diverse backgrounds - musicians, athletes, engineers, science professionals, finance professionals, entrepreneurs etc.”

  • “Timely, responsive and professional.”

  • “Very comprehensive.”

  • “We look for people with great character, problem solving skills and people leadership.”