L.E.K. Consulting is a global managing consultancy with clients ranging from small startups to major private equity firms. Although the firm’s roots are firmly planted in British soil (it began with the establishment of its London office in 1983), L.E.K. Consulting’s reach spans almost every major market around the globe. That—coupled with deep industry expertise across a breadth of clients and capabilities—creates a wealth of “big firm” opportunities at a relatively midsize firm.

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1,001-5,000 Employees


Featured Rankings

Vault Consulting 25 EMEA


Major Departments/Practice Areas

Data & Analytics


Major Office Locations

London (HQ)


Employment Contact

Tracey Alexander (nee Ullhornn) - Human Resources

Firsthand Findings

L.E.K. offers the opportunity to do true strategy consulting, working on a variety of short-term projects without becoming embedded as an implementation resource within a client organization. As such, it offers an experience that few peer firms can match outside of the best-known names in the industry—and insiders can’t seem to get enough of it.

On a day to day basis, life at the firm tends to be governed by those sprints: when you’re on one, it can be an all-consuming experience that makes balance between work and life hard to achieve. However, with an increasing focus on health and wellness-related activities (particularly in light of the pandemic), it is possible for most to manage their workloads appropriately.

About the Company

L.E.K. Consulting is a global strategy consultancy that works with business leaders to seize competitive advantage and amplify growth. The firm’s engagements are targeted interventions that reshape the trajectory of its clients’ business. The foundation of the firm's approach is built on:

  • Deep expertise with the technologies, business models and ecosystems of every client’s market
  • A hands-on, collaborative approach to developing solutions for long-term success
  • A philosophy of evidence, not opinion, that gets to the heart of the problem via rigorous analysis, in-depth research and an understanding of the market dynamics
  • The know-how to turn insights into actions by addressing the capabilities, resourcing, co-ordination, and cultural and accountability barrier...

Employee Reviews

  • “A great opportunity to learn and develop your talent by working on high profile strategy/transaction questions for our clients.”

  • “Focus on pure strategy assignments (e.g., top line growth, penetration of new market, due diligence), and very little/no organisation, cost-cutting, PMO missions.”

  • “L.E.K. has a truly meritocratic culture focused on quality of delivery and clients' satisfaction. Projects consistently have a challenging intellectual dimension, which is both rare and valuable for problem-solving oriented people. These two aspects mean that people who aim at excellence when facing challenging strategic problems can thrive in the long term at L.E.K.; and they will be rewarded by a fast promotion track and a highly attractive compensation.”

  • “Strategic projects, short, diverse, intense, challenging. This differentiates L.E.K. from other consulting firms. We do not spend years doing PMOs or operational projects.”

  • “Working at L.E.K. is a great experience that will make you learn tons, while establishing close relationships with your peers and with leadership / mentors. It is obviously a job that comes with challenges (it is high profile professional services, so not really a surprise) but that will develop you as a professional and as a person.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “[Five] interviews in [two] rounds, where the candidate meets representatives of various tenure, from Analyst to Partner.”

  • “Ideal candidate: right balance of analytical and able to articulate concepts concisely with structure. More importantly though, we want nice people that play well in teams and are easy to get along with.”

  • “Really good process for me. From application to offer took four weeks and three interview rounds. Received feedback at each round.”

  • “Someone who is very structured, logical and analytical. We probably put more emphasis on quant as we are very data driven. Fit is a very important aspect. We look for friendly, open and engaging people with a collaborative mindset.”

  • “We are seeking candidates with business acumen, from all sorts of backgrounds that are self-starters and self-motivated to do high quality work in short timeframes (e.g. for M&A related projects), that respect each other and the work environment and will contribute to supportive culture and fit in well - which is why we interview across multiple levels of staff and seek unanimous hiring approval.”