L.E.K. Consulting is a global managing consultancy with clients ranging from small startups to major private equity firms. Although the firm’s roots are firmly planted in British soil (it began with the establishment of its London office in 1983), L.E.K. Consulting’s reach spans almost every major market around the globe. That—coupled with deep industry expertise across a breadth of clients and capabilities—creates a wealth of “big firm” opportunities at a relatively midsize firm.

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1,001-5,000 Employees


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Vault Top Consulting Asia-Pacific


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London, UK (World HQ)


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Peter Sullivan - Global Chief Talent Officer

Firsthand Findings

According to L.E.K. insiders, the firm’s APAC operations are thriving right now, with plenty of business coming in the door, and a set of policies aimed at curbing work-life imbalances that are helping the firm’s consultants to draw healthy boundaries in their lives.

All of which bodes well for the company’s future both in the region and beyond—something that spells even better news for insiders as they look ahead to being able to resume travel (ideally on a voluntary basis). A firm that has always provided international opportunities for consultants, L.E.K. managed to continue that approach remotely during the pandemic—but for those who want to gain hands-on experience in foreign markets, those days may very well be just around the corner.

About the Company

Founded in 1983, L.E.K. Consulting is a strategy consulting firm that offers four major capabilities to its clients: strategy, mergers and acquisitions, marketing and sales and strategy activation consulting. The firm maintains an on the ground presence on five continents and 12 countries, while its clients are global companies that are leaders in their industries, ranging from Fortune 500 members to small businesses. In the U.S., the firm has strength in major industries: biopharma and life sciences, building products, consumer products, digital and technology, food and beverage, healthcare, industrials, MedTech, private equity, retail, and travel.

Digging in

Underscoring all its services, says L.E.K., are its data-driven capabilities that drive insights. "The most valuable servi...

Employee Reviews

  • “Amazing, talented staff who foster a fun and inclusive culture, whilst delivering outstanding results for clients.”

  • “Great company to grow and learn with interesting exit options when reaching mid-management level, working on very interesting topics related to healthcare with the most innovative companies globally, our firm is most adapted to candidates searching to challenge themselves.”

  • “Hands down the best culture I've seen in the corporate world. People are very open about their experience, their expectations of you and willing to learn and grow. The hours can be long, but you are guaranteed to learn a lot. I also think that L.E.K. does a great job at setting you up with the skill set required to succeed in private equity and corporate development roles, better than other consulting firms I have seen.”

  • “L.E.K. offers a fair deal. Good compensation and challenging work that will put you in a great position after a few years, though making sure you get some work life balance is a challenge you will need to learn to manage.”

  • “Very diverse background of colleagues and working environment, totally different from so-called foreign companies which actually have Japanese working culture.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “The firm is strongly focused on candidates with a strong motivation to work in the fields we cover, and cares about logic and ability to explain and talk through logical thinking with fluidity and in an organized fashion.”

  • “Fit is key - not arrogant, suited to introverts and a sense of humor is essential. Looking for smart, interesting people who are enthused by learning and niche areas.”

  • “I recently joined and found the interview process very good. Along the journey I was kept up to date with timelines and how I went in each case study by the key person from HR and received advice along the way from managers in the firm about how they thought I could best succeed in L.E.K. It was a collaborative process.”

  • “Process was very quick and the company was engaging with candidates through the process. I had an 'interview buddy' from L.E.K. who I could ask questions to before my first round. For the final round, we had a presentation with the Head of APAC, another catch-up with our interview buddies and typically, candidates are flown to the Melbourne office and have dinner with L.E.K.ers the day before. Callback times were fast, as I heard back about my results one to two days after my interviews. L.E.K. seeks smart, and collaborative people who are devoted to bettering themselves and helping others. More practically, L.E.K.ers are holistic people who are just as invested in their life outside of work.”

  • “We usually have three to four rounds of interviews, with two cases in each round. The ideal candidate would be intelligent, humble, eager to learn, adaptable, and is able to work well in a team.”