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1,001-5,000 Employees


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Vault Consulting 50


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Boston, MA (US HQ)


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Lauren Klikuszowian - Director of Talent Acquisition

Firsthand Findings

Employee Reviews

  • “All colleague relationships are kind and collaborative, not competitive. We don't have internal competition for positions so there is no jockeying or posturing among employees.”
  • “I joined seven years ago never expecting to stay this long. The teams, the clients, and the problems we work on in biopharma are second to none. I have worked on nearly all of the biggest biopharma issues of this century and find so much meaning in my work. The hours can be tough, but are worth it, and for my colleagues who disagreed they have all landed happily in biopharma and VC. Great opportunity and would take it again any day.”
  • “L.E.K. Consulting is a worthy peer of MBB, and is a great environment to build a great career addressing the most challenging strategic issues faced by prestige clients, in the most innovative and creative ways. The people and culture are second to none, you get to work alongside super-smart, humble and friendly people.”
  • “The culture is very strong, and the casework is great since we do short cases, so we're never stuck doing one topic. We also have low travel, so you don't have to take red eyes every week.”
  • “We are one of the last true ‘growth strategy’ consulting firms left with a global presence. Growth strategy cases are the bulk of what business students envision when they hear ‘Management Consulting’, and is considered prestigious, leading to many roles in Private Equity, Venture Capital, or Corporate Development (e.g., internal M&A at blue-chip tech companies). Implementation / operations based consulting work (e.g., majority of Big 4) may not lead to the same types of exit opportunities, which is why L.E.K. has a large number of lateral hires from other firms on the Vault 10 (not vice versa).”

Getting Hired Here

  • “For incoming associates (undergraduates), L.E.K. has a first round and a final round interview. L.E.K. seeks applicants with strong analytical and critical-thinking backgrounds.”
  • “I applied and was hired within two weeks. We do two rounds of interviews. One round is two interviews with associate to consultant level people, and the second is three interviews with two managers and one partner. All of these are case interviews. I do not think our process is particularly unusual, and I think our criteria is similar to most firms.”
  • “On-campus recruiting is a two round interview process with back-to-back quant and strategy cases on the first day and quant, strategy, written cases on the second day. The firm is looking for candidates that are capable, critical thinkers that would fit well with the firm culture.”
  • “Strong candidates should have an appreciation for the differentiated positioning of L.E.K., given its focus on strategy, low travel model (and therefore robust in-office culture), shorter case length, etc.”
  • “We are looking for individuals who demonstrate the aptitude to succeed in an analytical and fast-paced environment with responsibility that extends beyond what they would be given at competitor's firms. They need to be a good corporate citizen, have emotional intelligence, and be able to lead with compassion and passion.”

Practice Area Q&A’s

Neil Mittal & Lauren DeVestern

Managing Director and Partner & Managing Director

L.E.K. Consulting

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