L.E.K. Consulting is a global managing consultancy with clients ranging from small startups to major private equity firms. Although the firm’s roots are firmly planted in British soil, L.E.K. Consulting’s reach spans almost every major market around the globe. That—coupled with deep industry expertise across a breadth of clients and capabilities—creates a wealth of “big firm” opportunities at a relatively midsize firm.

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An elite and consistently high-ranking prestige firm, L.E.K. Consulting continues yet another year of impressive growth. The firm’s life sciences offering is undoubtedly it’s largest and most sought-after, and a separate recruitment pipeline devoted to this practice ensures a highly-equipped bench of MD and PhD talent.

Despite its continued growth, L.E.K. Consulting maintains its deep focus on strategy and due diligence work. If you’re seeking a career in implementation, this may not be the firm for you. But for those with an interest in strategy, L.E.K. is an outstanding place to develop. Pure strategy work means shorter engagements and a low-travel model—the latter of which is frequently touted as a highlight of the firm by those who ta...

About the Company

L.E.K. Consulting is a global management consulting firm that uses deep industry expertise and rigorous analysis to help business leaders achieve practical results with real impact.  The firm is uncompromising in its approach to help clients consistently make better decisions, deliver improved business performance, and create greater shareholder returns.  The firm advises and supports global companies that are leader in their industries – including the largest private and public sector organizations, private equity firms and emerging entrepreneurial businesses.  The firm now employs more than 1,400 professionals across the Americas, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

Sharpening the Edge

Underscoring all its services, says L.E.K., are its data-driven capabilities that dr...

Employee Reviews

  • “Diverse range of challenging case work and ability to form close relationships with colleagues due to local model.”
  • “Immediate managerial responsibility right out of business school. I have friends at many firms and my experiences differ dramatically from them because I have more responsibility for ultimately driving the case. This causes the job to be challenging, but is a good way to develop in a short amount of time.”
  • “It's a great environment for professional growth opportunities, but you have to be willing to put in the work.”
  • “L.E.K. offers a pretty unique end to end experience, with interesting work, great people and genuine and meaningful partnership opportunity. I would strongly encourage people to embrace our smaller scale and understand the firm under the covers.”
  • “No travel allows you to build relationships with your colleagues in the office and go home and sleep in your own bed at night, which is more than most consulting firms can say.”
  • “You will learn from incredibly smart people and have great exit opportunities as well as upward mobility at the firm as we are growing quickly. Also, compensation is attractive and you will feel challenged at work regularly.”
  • “As with all consulting firms, hours can be variable and difficult. But the lack of travel makes it much more bearable.”
  • “Best: easy to take time off, initiative to make work more predictable, summer hours. Worst: heavier hours when you have short cases.”
  • “Best aspects for L.E.K. are certainly lack of travel and being able to sleep in one's bed almost every night. On average, I might be on client site for a presentation or traveling for other firm activities less than once a month (of course, if someone is looking for more travel time, they can also seek that out.). In addition to the lack of time on the road/living out of a suitcase, being in the office every day means that the office culture is vibrant, and people develop great relationships beyond their case teams, which is ultimately the most gratifying part of the experience. LEKers are routinely extremely bright while also down to earth and a lot of fun. I have made a lot of my best friends through L.E.K. The firm also continues to be increasingly supportive of initiatives to support quality of life, including flexible arrangements for taking up to three months of sabbatical per year. Worst aspects are hours and managing stakeholders, including partner and client demands, though these requirements seem comparable to other consultancies.”
  • “Consulting in general is long hours. I think L.E.K does a great job at providing programs to help predict tough cases and long hours. L.E.K also awards comp days to staff, so staff can use comp days in between cases. There is very little travel at L.E.K, so it's nice for staff to not only build a career in the city of their choice, but to be able to build a life outside of LEK in that city.”
  • “The firm is accommodating with respect to vacation time; I am happy with the number of vacation days we receive (vacation, sick days, and floating holiday) as well as the support I receive from colleagues when I have vacation scheduled. I have never received push-back for vacation I already have scheduled during a case, and have never had to work on vacation.”
  • “We receive 15 days a year and the firm is very accommodating as long as you request vacation two months in advance. Work has not intruded on my vacation time.”
  • “The best aspect is the salary progression, which seems to be in line with the competition. The worst aspect is definitely that the base salary for entry level associates is now lagging behind the competition by a wide margin.”
  • “Annual profit sharing and semiannual bonuses can increase your total take home compensation 25%, which is a nice little incentive. Base salaries could be higher in the wake of recent announcements from larger firms.”
  • “At L.E.K., all employees come in at the same base salary regardless of gender or school background. Your pay will increase solely on your performance. L.E.K.is equal amongst all backgrounds. One of our benefits is profit share. There is a portion of profit share that will be added to all employees 401(k). So LEK does not match 401(k) initially, but you do receive a 401(k) employer contribution each year. Also, it's great that you are fully vested right away and you do not need to be at the company for a minimum of years in order to keep the employer contribution.”
  • “The profit share is fantastic, there's always more than enough free food, the new casual dress policy, and the increased transparency on hours are all great aspects.”
  • “Best: good base salary for advanced degree hires (but still substantially lacks the Big 3 consulting firms), free dinner if you stay late at the office, free transportation home if you stay late in the office, good medical benefits, transportation benefit with pre-tax contribution towards public transit. Worst: compensation still lacks the Big 3 substantially, no gym or gym-related benefits (in our office), 401(k) company contribution comes out of the profit share bonus, so profit share is slightly misleading.”
  • “Benefits are incredible. [I’m a] first time parent and there was essentially no medical cost involved and the parental leave policy is outstanding between the formal time off and the ability to transition slowly back into the consulting staff.”
  • “Mentorship is particularly strong, with individuals at all levels willing to help out when needed. Opportunities for international exposure are also a strength through the SWAP program. Formalized professional development materials could be improved.”
  • “I think the best part of L.E.K.'s career development is that associates get a high level of responsibility after [about one] year of being at the firm. Once you are a second-level associate, you have the ability to get deep analysis and thought leadership experience. We have small case teams, and as such, the Associate can really drive the case. Conversely, it takes four years to get promoted to a post-MBA role, where at our competitors it takes three years. High performers can reach this level in [about three or three and a half years], but this is rare.”
  • “I believe that the type of work we do (strategy, short duration projects etc.) has rapidly developed me as a business leader and allowed me to rapidly go from and continue my development. It’s a very fair meritocracy and I have always been challenged but supported.”
  • “Formal training at the associate level is excellent, but could be developed further at the consultant level, and I know the firm is working on this.”
  • “Training could be improved by adding ad hoc, self-guided training modules. Overall career development is solid, promotion cycles are good and informal mentoring is excellent. Opportunities to learn directly through your work are excellent.”
  • “L.E.K.'s generalist model provides great exposure to a wide array of industries and types of projects. The environment is constantly changing, which presents constant challenge and opportunities to pivot and leverage different skills.”
  • “Even as the business has scaled over the past few decades, L.E.K. continues to experience rapid growth, reflecting the high satisfaction from our clients.”
  • “Best aspect: our firm's vision and leadership is taking on the changes that we need to continue being a competitive consulting firm, including addressing ways to raise employee morale. Worst aspect: with our continued fast growth and increase in hiring numbers, it may be difficult to continue hiring top talent.”
  • “The company is well positioned for success, but morale does seem low. A lot of people sound like they are overworked and being asked to do a lot with thin teams and tight deadlines. The firm is definitely growing and selling lots of work, including some really interesting projects.”
  • “The firm is bringing in a lot of work right now and is expanding rapidly. Firm leadership definitely needs to make sure that they keep up with the pace that work is coming in by hiring accordingly and adequately staffing case teams so as not to overburden existing employees.”
  • “Very strong growth outlook and leadership. The firm has a great position-based competitive advantage and we are leveraging it to expand in our focus sectors.”
  • “I think we are very well-positioned to grow in the market and continue to bring in great projects. We have some growing pains as we've become so large, but we're working on them.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “The interview process is extremely competitive. The firm is looking for people with strong, on-the-spot analytical abilities and who have the capacity to rationalize numbers with a high degree of uncertainty (i.e., to give a gut sense even when one is largely unfamiliar with an area). Further, the firm is looking for people who can leverage quickly formed insights to understand strategic implications for an entity.”
  • “We do two rounds—usually one on campus, and one in the office you're interviewing for. You'll have three 30-minute interviews, each with a case. One will be a quant-heavy case, one will be more strategy, and one might be a little bit of both. For MBAs, your third interview is a presentation. L.E.K. is looking for analytically strong candidates who are strong communicators and good leaders.”
  • “Turnaround time on decisions is typically very fast, which I think everyone appreciates very much.”
  • “I think the process is fair and reasonable. It is accessible to smart people, even if they don't have 1,000 hours to learn to a case perfectly. I think the ideal candidate is a smart student from an elite university, who is not too boisterous or arrogant, and willing to work very hard.”
  • “Analytically rigorous and intellectually curious candidates are best positioned to succeed at L.E.K.”
  • “[We look for] a highly exciting career with the ability to work in many industries with a focus on the most important go to market strategy issues. The ability to work in dynamic teams and build their business skillset (analytical thinking, executive level communication, etc.).”
  • “A market sizing question is always included in first round interviews (for example, estimate the size of the eye brow threading services market in the U.S.). Business logic (for example, what would you want to think about when determining whether this mid-sized health system should remain independent or consider putting itself up for sale). Strategy (Should X company enter this market? What questions would you want to think about when growing this business? X company is looking to expand into Y market -- what should you be thinking about? where to play / how to win).”
  • “Your client is a large creator of video games and is near completion of the second game in a successful franchise (e.g., Call of Duty). They need your help to understand how to best release this game to market. Your client is a manufacturer of instant pancake machines and needs to understand how many pancakes are consumed in the U.S. each year.”
  • “Market sizing cases, acquisition cases, and market entry cases.”
  • “Case-based questions and written case for PhD and MBA-level candidates in the final round.”
  • “First rounds always [have] two 30-minute cases (quant and strategy) for MBA's, PhD's, and undergrads. For final rounds, it's always three 30-minute case interviews (for MBA and PhD's it's a case presentation, quant and a strategy); (for undergrad it's a business logic, quant and strategy case). Both MBA's and PhD's will have an additional hour prior to interviews to create the case presentation, so interviews for MBA's and PhD's for final rounds is 2.5 hours long.”
  • “Profitability, growth strategy.”

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