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Employee Reviews

  • “After recognizing that this firm and its people will take as much as I'm willing to give, I have found my desired balance and people to support me.”
  • “Great back-office tools and support for teams, but lots of room for individual teams to take initiative and act independently. Everyone is very willing to be helpful, despite being very busy in general.”
  • “In my time at the firm I've seen an increased focus on corporate social responsibility and employee well-being which sets us apart. Deloitte leadership has demonstrated openness to healthy growth and change based on data and employee feedback.”
  • “Leadership that cares. While they may not always hit compensation 100% of the time, they are flexible in helping you achieve your goals. They try to balance the business around you and help you be a better employee. They offer a ton of training / certifications to enable you and offer promotion opportunities often (every two years).”
  • “Scale. Deloitte has greater breadth and depth than any other consulting firm given its position as the largest management consulting firm by revenue. When I worked on a board strategy, we were able to bring internal experts for every specialized topic the c-suite was interested in exploring, ranging from talent to data analytics and marketing.”
  • “The sky is the limit - you just have to execute with initiative and build a network to support your career development (must a be a self-starter to be successful). I think the firm is very thoughtful in how it engages clients - a solid partner for any engagement and great value for the quality received.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “Definitely looking for proactive self-starters who can be tech-fluent but also have great client presence. Tech skills/qualifications are significant bonus.”
  • “Deloitte is looking for good communicators with critical thinking and analysis capabilities. Willingness to learn and handle ambiguous situations or problems.”
  • “I believe the ideal candidate the firm is seeking is one that can create impact for the customer and can create financial growth for the firm. Skills matter; but competencies are even more important.”
  • “Our interview process consists of 2-3 rounds of behavioral and case interviews. There is no trick to Deloitte interviews. We seek candidates that demonstrate critical thinking, strong communication, and leadership.”
  • “The campus recruiting process is pretty compact, and in my experience, Deloitte did a good job of determining who was applying to other firms vs. who was invested in Deloitte specifically.”