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Employee Reviews

  • “Come into this experience with open eyes and an open mind. There are great opportunities within the firm and you will work with some of the smartest people you'll ever meet. But be aware that it can be cutthroat—you'll be working with a lot of Type A's and you have to be the cream of the crop to make a mark.”
  • “Deloitte invests in its talent, and there are limitless opportunities to grow your career. It is a fantastic place to be at any point of your career. I have stayed at Deloitte longer than I anticipated because of the leadership, growth opportunities, and ability to shape and own my career.”
  • “Deloitte is a fantastic place to work. Our leadership walks the talk and I'm proud of their unequivocal stance, backed up action on social issues even when it is inconvenient—like climate change, DE&I, Black Lives Matter, vaccine adoption etc. We are a progressive organization, in thoughts, policies and actions; not politically. Politically, we are as diverse as they come—the way every organization should. I am proud of the fact that we have one of the most compassionate and accommodating parental leave, well being benefits and education support. Like any company, we have our challenges—consulting is a tough business with long hours. Working remote means we have teams across every time zone. That often translates to long hours. Compliance & mandatory training is a big deal and time consuming. It is not an 8 to 5 job, but if you enjoy what you do, you will find some amazing people to work alongside, learn and hopefully, the work won't feel like a drag. Rest assured, you will find a rewarding and fulfilling career here."
  • “It's going to feel like a lot at first. Consulting is not like other industries. It takes time to get used to not having a constant role or constant boss, managing all of your paperwork and everything on your own, and figuring out how to manage your time. You also likely won't get to pick your first project and it's not going to be your dream project. But once you do one and you show that you're amazing and competent, and you get ahold of your schedule and meet people and get comfortable saying no, you can have a long, happy career here. It takes time and strength, and unfortunately it won't be handed to you. But most people will happily hand it over if you take it. “
  • “This is an amazing place to build your career and personal brand. The access you have to leaders who will invest in your personal development is unparalleled.  The price to pay will be hard work, for which you will be fairly compensated and given stretch opportunities to accelerate your career.  Along the way, you will meet colleagues whom you will be proud to call friends for life.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “Deloitte's talent department organizes multiple rounds of interviews, each round being more specific than the previous. After the most specific interviews an evaluation is made to highlight areas where the interviewer thinks additional interviews are required or whether he recommends the candidate to be hired straight away. The ideal candidate if an experienced hire is very knowledgeable in the technology, knows an industry very well and has a good command of soft skills such as good communication.”
  • “... At Deloitte, we look for candidates with a demonstrated passion for technology and a hunger for learning. We look for people who can solve problems effectively.”
  • “Our firm emphasizes the person over the skillset. We have proven that it takes the ‘right stuff’, and not just the ‘right resume’. Overall, we value teamwork, client service, ability to adapt and push-through challenges over a list of skills written on a well-groomed resume.”
  • “The interview process is quick and transparent, enabling Deloitte interviewers to see the history of the candidates progress so far and notes on what to focus on. Ideal candidate is someone with relevant market experience, good client presence, can work well under pressure, and has done research on Deloitte's position in the market.”
  • “You need to follow-up, be diligent, and impress everyone at every step of the process. The ideal candidate will be technically skilled, confident, have an executive presence, and a strong desire to understand and solve business problems (both independently and within a team structure). They will need to demonstrate this throughout all rounds of the interview process.”

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