Deloitte is part of the prestigious Big 4 and one of the world’s most recognizable brands. It provides audit, consulting, tax, and advisory services to 90 percent of the Fortune 500. It offers extensive formal training, mentoring, on-the-job training, and benefits. At Deloitte, DE&I is a huge focus. The firm is committed to educating staff in DE&I issues and is part of OneTen, an organization committed to upskilling, hiring, and advancing one million Black Americans in the next 10 years.

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Part of the prestigious Big 4 and one of the most recognizable brands on the planet, Deloitte is ideally looking for hardworking, ambitious candidates who are eager to learn, are adaptable, and align with its values. Deloitte runs a valuable internship program for students, offering interns extensive training, mentoring, hands-on experience, and the chance to network with employees of all levels.

For its professionals, Deloitte offers excellent formal training, mentoring, and on-the-job training, as well as the possibility of switching between business groups depending on business need and the ability to take ownership of your career development. Although hours can be long and demanding during busy season, the organization focuses on...

About the Company

Deloitte provides audit, consulting, tax, and advisory services to many of the world’s largest organizations, including nearly 90 percent of the Fortune 500 and more than 7,000 private companies. Deloitte’s client service professionals work across more than 20 industry sectors such as consumer, energy, resources and industrials, government and public services, financial services, life sciences and health care, public sector, and technology, media, and telecommunications.

Headquartered in New York, Deloitte LLP is the U.S. member firm of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, a U.K. private company limited by guarantee (“DTTL”). DTTL and each of its member firms are legally separate and independent entities. DTTL, its member firms and each of their respective related entities form the “Deloitte organization.” Building on more than 175 ye...

Employee Reviews

  • “Work/life balance is difficult during the typical busy season when hours can exceed 65 hours per week. However, in other times of the year, I may not work more than 40 or 45 hours, and professionals, especially at the staff and senior levels, are able to take their vacation time. Getting 25 days of PTO right out of college is very unusual, and my teams always encourage everyone to take all of their PTO.”
  • “Deloitte is extremely committed to its people and their well-being. I have always felt supported in maintaining balance, taking time off, and when informal flexibility is needed on a given day. We have a busy season driven by our client’s needs when we work a lot, but it is only a season—I don’t work extensive hours for the greater part of the year. Travel expectations have always been reasonable and more driven by my interests than by any mandate.”
  • “In any client service industry, client service will always impact the culture. We pride ourselves on providing the best possible client service, which makes it difficult to have complete flexibility in use of PTO. All things considered, I believe Deloitte cares about its people and has a focus on making this a great place to work for its people.”
  • “Deloitte tries to give you good balance with plenty of PTO. However, in order to reach charge-hour goals and keep up with expectations, you have to work a lot of weeks over 40 hours and 60 hours during busy season.”
  • “Our family leave program is extremely generous, and paid time off is extensive—a very generous vacation policy combined with significant holiday time (including the last week of the year off). Employee healthcare benefits are great, with a wide range of policies to choose from. ‘Dress for your day’ was our policy even pre-Covid when we were going into the office.”
  • “Deloitte’s family leave program is very generous for American standards. A new parent is provided with 16 weeks of leave at full pay and up to seven additional weeks of leave at full pay for an employee who has given birth. Deloitte also offers pregnancy and breastfeeding support beyond what is just available through insurance. This same amount of leave can be used to care for an ailing family member. This policy provides tremendous support during what are often the most stressful (even when joyful) times of a person’s life.”
  • “Our benefits and reimbursement policies appear to be on the top end of accounting firms. However, salary feels sub-par relative to the other Big 4 firms. It’s a trade-off that has to be weighed.”
  • “Overall a very competitive salary and performance-based bonus program. Deloitte has a low 401(k) match, but it’s offset by a retirement plan that’s part of your overall compensation.”
  • “The best part is that you really can take ownership of your career development. Your career will continue to progress naturally here, but if you speak up and speak out about your curiosities, others will help you get there.”
  • “Deloitte invests a significant amount into the professional development of its people, as evidenced by investments such as Deloitte University. Our annual training programs are robust and prepare professionals for real-life situations. Assuming a professional is meeting or exceeding expectations, the promotion processes and timelines are clear. However, early promotion is rare, even in unique circumstances.”
  • “Deloitte’s investment in me has been one of the most rewarding aspects of my career. I’m often impressed and even amazed at the lengths my leaders and Deloitte go to for my development and support, including formal and informal training, mentoring, and opportunities to take on new roles and assignments to enhance my development.”
  • “The formal training and on-the-job training are extremely intensive in public accounting, and I believe this is one of the many areas Deloitte truly excels in. Although I do believe that the amount of time at each level is appropriate, I understand that some people can find the structured time of promotions frustrating. From a transfer perspective, there are many different opportunities and ways to find your fit at Deloitte. Here, like at any large organization, there are considerations that go into those transfers (headcount, budgets, performance, etc.). In my experience, for high performers, Deloitte will find a way to make it work, and that flexibility has significant value to me at this point in my career.”
  • “Deloitte has set up a number of initiative groups for professionals to connect with one another and share experiences and collaborate. The organization has a Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer who spearheads necessary DEI conversations and moves inclusion forward. In addition, they established an Inclusion app, which, among other features, provides professionals with an accessible way to join a virtual community of other professionals based on their shared experiences such as race/ethnicity, gender, parenting, veteran status, etc.”
  • “Deloitte hosts an Impact Day each year (with the exception of last year, understandably due to Covid-19) where all the employees across the nation take off of work to volunteer in their communities. On top of this, Deloitte is extremely involved in volunteer programs throughout the year. We are constantly emailed with volunteer opportunities. It is my favorite thing about Deloitte.”
  • “Deloitte is extremely supportive of green and other corporate responsibility matters and recognizes we need to lead the way. The organization is extremely focused on diversity and inclusion, making changes in recruiting to support the diversity and inclusion we believe in, and making extensive efforts to educate everyone in the organization about issues, how to spot issues, and the expected responses and behaviors we need to have to truly embrace and seek out diversity, equality and inclusion.”
  • “Deloitte works hard to provide equal opportunity for all and is working towards a more racially diverse workplace. I believe this will happen in the future. Although it may be a long path to racial equity, I believe we will get there, and our leadership is determined to help bring us there.”
  • “Deloitte has navigated the current business climate very well. Our leadership had to make some difficult decisions during the pandemic, but we are well-positioned for the future now.”
  • “Deloitte has done a great job navigating the uncertainty and disruption to client service caused by Covid-19. This includes working to realign staff to growing market segments while there’s still uncertainty or less expected growth in other segments from the pandemic. Overall, Deloitte is well-positioned as a market leader, and employee morale remains high.”
  • “One thing that’s been super great during the pandemic has been leadership’s transparency. When there were concerns, we had several calls to discuss the business outlook and the consequences of that. Now that things have turned out for the better, leadership has been eager to share the organization’s success with its employees.”
  • “Covid has obviously had a huge impact on all sorts of businesses, including many of our clients, but we are poised to continue recovering well from this pandemic. There were some layoffs in the summer of 2020 that were a big downer to employee morale, but I think everyone has bounced back well from that and is in higher spirits now.”
  • “My internship was a great learning and development opportunity. It allowed me to get a good glimpse into the work and lifestyle. I performed my internship in tax within the global employer services area and interned during the winter busy season. I learned how Deloitte functions as an employer, and that really motivated me to want to continue working for an organization that values its interns and employees so tremendously. Now, I’m grateful that Deloitte recognizes my talent and provides me with opportunities to showcase my work ethic.”
  • “Great internship events and lots of networking. I was able to meet a lot of people at all different levels and also get great mentorship from all levels, including partners.”
  • “Best aspect of my internship was being treated like a full-time employee. I had a long internship that went from shortly after school let out until just before it started again. During that time, I was just another member of the team. I did work that mattered. I built client relationships and got a very real sense for what it would be like to work at Deloitte.”
  • “The best aspects were the training, hands-on experience, and positive relationships I built with my team.”

Wellness Efforts

  • “Deloitte provides extensive well-being resources, including well-being training programs (both virtual and live), well-being resources (counseling, nutrition coaches, etc.), and well-being emails and communications. Deloitte also provides a $500 well-being subsidy to eligible employees each year, covering a wide range of expenses.”
  • “The organization encourages everyone to participate in well-being activities. These include everything from yoga and different types of exercise plans to helping practitioners find new hobbies to engage in. They also help pay for some of the activities with up to $500 in benefits per year.”
  • “Meditation and wellness sessions are great and provide for mid-day moments for meditation. The health and wellness subsidy is the best. It helps practitioners obtain a healthy lifestyle. Counseling services were provided during Covid for people dealing with grief. Engagement teams facilitate workout sessions like group stationary bike rides and (pre-Covid)  group exercise classes.”
  • “Deloitte has a reimbursement program for health and wellness expenses of its employees. There is both internal coaching as well as external programs where employees can be connected to professional therapists. Deloitte fully supports wellness programs and efforts, generally organized at the local level, which is consistent with the priority of taking care of our people.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “We are seeking hardworking and competent professionals who can remain calm, cool, and collected under pressure. There can be an immense amount of stress at times, and you need to be able to handle that and adjust quickly.”
  • “We’re looking for someone who is willing to learn and not afraid of speaking up. We’re looking for team members who will be great fits for our culture—all the technical aspects can be learned in trainings and on the job. The interview process for me as a campus hire (internship) was two on-campus interviews and then a callback for an additional two interviews in person at the Deloitte office.”
  • “I had an all-day interview and received a callback with an offer two days later. I believe the ideal candidates have records of high performance in school or work and great attitudes. They also fit within the culture of Deloitte—eager to learn, team player, hardworking, professional, etc.”
  • “The interview and callback process was very transparent and fairly quick. We are looking for diverse, quick-learning, and ambitious individuals who align with Deloitte’s values and will do everything to deliver the best services to our clients.”
  • “What is your greatest strength and weakness? What was the most recent book you read? What is a good example for when you had to demonstrate leadership?”
  • “Tell me about a time you solved a difficult challenge in school. Tell me about a time you made a difference in your community. What in your mind is the culture of Deloitte, and what sets it apart from our competition?”
  • “My interview was mostly behavioral, but I did get asked to specify the items on an income statement and where I could locate them in a 10-K. I also was asked some basic questions about a discounted cash flow model.”
  • “Please give me a scenario in which you had a difficult conversation. Please give me a scenario in which you had to work against a tight deadline. Please give me a scenario in which you managed a complex project with multiple people.”

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