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Vault Accounting 25


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Denise Moulton - VP | Human Resources and Talent Research

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  • “Best aspect of the organization's overall quality of life is that the organization and its people are very flexible when it comes to maintaining other aspects of your life. Worst aspect is that you never really feel like you're off of work even when you're taking time off. The ability to disconnect is extremely challenging.”

  • “In a demanding client service industry like we are in, it is often challenging to have the overall quality of life you may desire, but the organization does promote ways in which we can improve quality of life and has created certain subsidies to assist with that process (extra collective disconnect days, well-being subsidies, etc.).”

  • “Busy season is a lot of hours, but it is also expected and everyone is upfront about that—that it is a lot of work. Outside of that time, the workload and hours are manageable and are closer to a 40-hour work week.

  • “Deloitte puts a lot of attention towards its well-being culture. My team specifically is great about flexibility. We work when it’s best for our schedule, and we log off whenever we need to. As long as you’re getting your work done, doing a good job, and communicating with your team, no one cares what hours you choose to work.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “The organization did a great job in my opinion when they were seeking to hire me. They did a great job calling me back and were competitive with the salary negotiation process. I believe my organization is looking for knowledgeable, hardworking, dedicated, critical thinkers that can solve problems in a non-typical manner without constant oversight.”

  • “This was one of the most well directed interview processes I have been a part of. My recruiter was extremely communicable and I felt supported throughout. I believe the ideal candidate at Deloitte is someone who wants to continue to grow their skills throughout the entirety of their career. It is someone who has strong people skills and wants to work and learn from their peers.”

  • “Due to competitive nature of the business, callbacks typically occur after the interview process and consensus meeting with the interviewers. My ideal candidate is someone that can have a conversation during the interview process and not just reply with responses. The candidate is someone that I will be working with and placing in front of clients, therefore I need to know if the person can hold an engaging conversation.”

  • “The organization was efficient and detailed throughout the interview process. They called back promptly after the first interview for second-round interviews with upper office management, then called back promptly again when they offered me a role. The ideal candidate is one who is quick-thinking, prioritizes and consistently utilizes critical thinking, self-motivated, and team- and goal-oriented. The ideal candidate is also one who is personable, a good communicator, and good networker.”