Deloitte is a global provider of audit, tax, financial services and consulting. The firm is one of the Big Four accounting organizations. Services include corporate strategy, marketing and sales strategy, mergers and acquisitions, and innovation; manufacturing operations including supply chain; sector-specific service operations; infrastructure operations including outsourcing advisory and shared services; and financial management.

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Deloitte is a brand that has become almost synonymous with consulting itself, and in APAC, Deloitte Asia is as renowned as anywhere else is. Backed by the global infrastructure of Deloitte, the Asia Pacific arm is well poised to carry the firm forward in the region. Insiders feel privileged to have access to the incredible wealth of technology and business knowledge that comes with working for a firm like Deloitte. The firm maintains its devotion to excellence and quality in its deliverables, creating an educational and generally enriching job experience for its consultants.

Culturally, APAC-based Deloitte consultants enjoy an environment of commitment to mutual success. Despite being such a large firm, people generally feel as though everybody takes care of one ...

About the Company

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (DTT) is a global professional services organization made up of 68 member firms in 140 locations with roughly 161,000 employees worldwide. Member firms offer services in four business lines: audit, tax, financial services and consulting. 

Deloitte Consulting is a subsidiary of Deloitte & Touche USA, the American member firm of DTT. However, Deloitte member firms around the world offer their own brand of consulting services, and Deloitte's Asia Pacific presence is far and wide.  This includes Australia and New Zealand, Brunei, China, Guam, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Industries covered can vary from country to country, but most of Deloitte's consulting services focus on human resources,...

Employee Reviews

  • “Excellent depth of business and technology.”

  • “Empowerment to pursue and continuously challenge the status quo.”

  • “Quality, delivery excellence and ability to solve client's critical problems.”

  • “Great firm to work for; very nice culture, takes care of their people a lot. Great opportunities and excited projects to work on.”

  • “You can own your career at Deloitte.”

  • “Enriching experience with great job satisfaction.”

  • “Given my tenure, I have had good understanding of the firm and I can manage family time very well. Very flexible in these terms.”

  • “Continuously working on innovative technologies which requires constant investment from oneself and the team.”

  • "Other than salary, aspects of our overall compensation are great.”


  • “The buckets for bands are not great. We need to think about individual contributions and pay for performance."
  • “Our culture and commitment to each other is our best aspect.”

  • “We’re afforded the ability to do what we think is right.”

  • “Often met with red tape.”

  • "We are very well positioned to take our firm forward, and we have a great track record for this.”

  • “I feel leaders and role allocations should focus more on competency and less on networking.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “Our recruitment process has some holes. Need to ensure we close the loop, even when we reject candidates.”

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