It may boast the oldest name in consulting, but Arthur D Little is a firm that feels fresh and vital, with a growing footprint in every major global market. While its work product and client list rival the biggest consulting shops, ADL’s focus on retaining and developing employees for long-term careers sets it apart as an employer, and seems set to equip it for success in the years ahead.

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1,001-5,000 Employees


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Vault Consulting 50


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Strategy & Organization


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Boston, MA, US (HQ)

Firsthand Findings

Arthur D. Little’s brand resurgence is continuing at a rapid clip, with insiders offering rave reviews about the overall direction and strategy of the firm. And no wonder: this is a company that appears to be eschewing the typical “up or out” winnowing process of the biggest names in the field, committing instead to long-term employee development to drive its own growth. A sensible policy even in a normal environment, it seems extremely prescient for times like these, with talent in short supply across the industry.

That commitment to development comes with a substantial side helping of quality of life—an essential element in crafting a long-term retention strategy. While ADL insiders report occasional spikes in terms of hours, they also offer effusive praise for...

About the Company

Arthur D. Little has been at the forefront of innovation since 1886. It is an acknowledged thought leader in linking strategy, innovation and transformation in technology-intensive and converging industries. The firm helps clients navigate changing business ecosystems to uncover new growth opportunities; in so doing, it supports clients in building innovation capabilities and transforming their organization.

Founded in Boston in 1886, Arthur D. Little lays claim to the dual titles of first and oldest management consulting firm in the world. The pioneering spirit of the founder who lent the firm its name is the stuff of legend--and the firm he founded is still going strong, even after completing a journey that has seen it go from private entity to public corporation, and back to private following a 2011 management buyout by the part...

Employee Reviews

  • “ADL is a place where I have grown faster than I ever have intellectually and personally, while being encouraged to be myself.”
  • “I work hard and put my full self into this, and I have no desire to leave. There is a classic consultant mindset around exit opportunities, but I can't see myself 'exiting'. People care a lot about my growth and development here and I feel the same. We do cool, cutting edge work. Clients trust us. It’s special, hard to describe, and I am fully bought in.”
  • “The best managed company I've worked for. I feel like I can create a long-term career here. The firm is growing at an incredible rate.”
  • “Very high expectation around the culture, the concept of staff first and the ideal of work life harmony that is integral to it. We do not consider balance an acceptable model—it suggests things in conflict with each other.”
  • “You can go work at MBB, but the most common trajectory at MBB hinges on leaving within 3 -4 years. ADL is a place to build a career in consulting and enjoy doing so. Principal and partners speak to me like I could/will one day principal or partner at ADL. My peers want to stay here, in large part because leadership treats us like future leaders, and they aren't trying to cycle us through.”

Why Work Here

ADL is an entrepreneurial company - we are the oldest management consulting firm but we are not trapped by process or tradition. For our business model, this means flexibility of approach – rather than just charge our clients by the hour, we may enter into partnerships with them. We eagerly transfer our knowledge to clients while learning from their insight and experience. This is also reflected in the way we work as a team – we value initiative and are always open to new ideas. Every path is possible, and we encourage our people to explore different industries beyond their specializations and work across disciplines.

Getting Hired Here

  • “Fully immerse yourself in the recruiting process and get to know our culture and the type of cutting edge work we do. It is an exciting place to be.”
  • “Multiple structured interviews, including cases and research case. Generally aim to have a very quick call back—but recruitment team is stretched too and this does not always happen to perfection.”
  • “Our ideal candidate is a bright, curious, entrepreneurial self-starter that can thrive even with minimal direct support.”
  • “The interview process is great and only improving. We receive a good amount of quality candidates from our core schools and beyond, and make sure we do a thorough screen. Then the interviews are taken seriously as well as the debriefs. We are looking for somebody with a great attitude that is smart and cares about people. Diverse perspectives are always sought after too. The culture here is something we all want to protect and cherish as we grow rather exponentially, and we take care to look for people that will add positively to that.”
  • “We run screening interviews, in person interviews and then open days—this is for both interns and immediate hires up to Associate Partner/Principal level.”

Perks & Benefits