The oldest and longest operating consultancy in the world, Arthur D. Little, expanded into the Asia-Pacific markets more than 70 years ago when it began advising India’s first independent cabinet. The firm remains an influential and ever-expanding presence in the region to this day, where it now operates across more than 10 countries, including Japan, China, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand.

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While still rebuilding its brand within the APAC region, ADL has developed something of a reputation within the automotive industry, particularly with respect to tech innovation and implementation. Part of that is due to the long history of the brand name, which continues to help open doors and create opportunities that many similarly-sized firms would struggle to find.

As an employer, the firm’s smaller size makes it a place that will suit those looking for an entrepreneurial working environment, with no shortage of opportunities to work on building the firm for the future. The trade-off, of course, comes in the shape of fewer formal training opportunities and limited support structures, meaning that career development and learning is largely self-directed. For ...

About the Company

Arthur D. Little has been at the forefront of innovation since 1886. It is an acknowledged thought leader in linking strategy, innovation and transformation in technology-intensive and converging industries. The firm helps clients navigate changing business ecosystems to uncover new growth opportunities; in so doing, it supports clients in building innovation capabilities and transforming their organization.

Consultants operate in Europe, Asia and the Americas, offering tailored services to clients in in a range of industries across three main functional practice areas. Consultants operate across a matrix structure of functional practices and industry practices which provide opportunities to work on a range of industries and functional areas.  

In Asia, ADL operates in Japan, China, Korea, Indi...

Employee Reviews

  • “Build the future of management consulting.”
  • “Commitment to Japanese industry.”
  • “Focus on technology, innovation and new business development.”
  • “If you cultivate your own way of consulting please join ADL. Unlike other firms, we have a lot of space.”
  • “Innovative and great responsibility from early stage.”
  • “International collaboration provides very good opportunity for personal development.”
  • “Significant portion of projects at ADL are for future-looking / innovation topics, while its larger competitors do operational improvement / cost reduction work to a considerable extent.”
  • “Always taking care of employees.”
  • “Consultants are encouraged to be autonomous and self-driven. As a result, consultants, especially those at the manager or upper levels, have a great extent of control over their time.”
  • “Easy to get vacation, flexible.”
  • “Generally speaking, we can take a one-week vacation two to three times per year.”
  • “Management strongly encourages staff to use vacation. And staff have targets for getting vacation and they are managed by KPI.”
  • “Multiple projects are assigned frequently thus difficult to take vacation.”
  • “You can control your time to take vacations. Most of the consultants take their vacation flexibly, often between projects, and those plans are respected by other colleagues / supervisors.”
  • “Good amount of compensation compared to other industries. Slightly lower than other big firms (BCG, McK, Bain, ATK).”
  • “Variabilized and performance-based - best and worst aspect at same time.”
  • “Very good.”
  • “A lot of growth opportunity and strong reputation in the industry in Japan.”
  • “Best Aspects - Quick career progression opportunities, high level of responsibility from early stage. Worst Aspects - Lack of formal training.”
  • “People centricity is best aspect.”
  • “Equal opportunity employer.”
  • “Female and male are considered no difference and treated equally.”
  • “Very fair culture.”
  • “Best: Rapidly growing in HC field, established brand in Automobiles. Worst: Weak in Operation management and Digital transformation.”
  • “Fast growth.”
  • “Enough client/industry portfolio and not damaged by COVID-19. Continue growing.”

Why Work Here

ADL is an entrepreneurial company - we are the oldest management consulting firm but we are not trapped by process or tradition. For our business model, this means flexibility of approach – rather than just charge our clients by the hour, we may enter into partnerships with them. We eagerly transfer our knowledge to clients while learning from their insight and experience. This is also reflected in the way we work as a team – we value initiative and are always open to new ideas. Every path is possible, and we encourage our people to explore different industries beyond their specializations and work across disciplines.

Getting Hired Here

  • “We recruit best of the best.”
  • “Market size of stationary equipment.”
  • “Key factors to be considered in new drug penetration.”
  • “Standard case interviews.”