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While the consulting industry as we know it today began in Boston more than a century ago with Arthur D. Little, more than 50% of the firm’s employees now work across its numerous European offices. This, combined with several Middle Eastern offices serving the entire region, make Arthur D. Little a truly global experience for any jobseeker looking to see the world while they’re changing it.

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Firsthand Findings

Arthur D. Little’s global resurgence is continuing at a steady clip with the firm’s European operations leading the way in building a consulting company that is equipped to compete for projects with the biggest names in the business. While it still has some way to go to be regarded as one of those bigger names, its reputation is steadily increasing, leading to some interesting opportunities to be part of building a firm that remains highly entrepreneurial at present.

From a career perspective, that translates to a much early responsibility as a consultant can handle, offering a chance to make serious career progress, but at the cost of some long hours and a “figure it out yourself” kind of culture.

International projects also abound, which—in no...

About the Company

A long history of leading innovation

Arthur D. Little has been at the forefront of innovation since 1886. It is an acknowledged thought leader in linking strategy, innovation and transformation in technology-intensive and converging industries. The firm helps clients navigate changing business ecosystems to uncover new growth opportunities; in so doing, it supports clients in building innovation capabilities and transforming their organization.


Founded in Boston in 1886, Arthur D. Little lays claim to the dual titles of first and oldest management consulting firm in the world. The pioneering spirit of the founder who lent the firm its name is the stuff of legend--and the firm he founded is still going strong, even after c...

Employee Reviews

  • “A lot of responsibility is given from the start. You create your own career path and depend on yourself climb the ladder…We are small enough Company that if you do a good job everybody will know. You are not just a number, you are part of an ambitious team!”
  • “I always recommend my firm to anyone who wants to have growth opportunities and is ready to continuously learn from great professionals and better people.”
  • “If you want to make an impact early on in your career and be given more responsibility (once you prove you can handle it) then have a look at ADL. Try and get to meet more people and have more conversations about life at ADL during the interview process as I think this helps position the firm well against others. If you're good you can be promoted rapidly, especially in the junior grades.”
  • “Prestigious brand with high growth potential in the coming few years. Colleagues that become friends and are fun to be around. A good place to start a career as there is exposure on several different industries (automotive, telecommunication, healthcare, financial services, public sector, oil and gas, tourism etc.).”
  • “The flat organization allows for great exposure and direct learning opportunities (through increased responsibility but also through direct access to senior leadership and expertise).”
  • “We are technology-focused consulting with soul, focusing more on well-being of our colleagues and, at the same time, delivering truly innovative solutions to clients without internal red tape and hierarchy, where an entry level colleague can have same impact as a seasoned partner.”
  • “ADL is better at quality of life than other big ones I believe, hours are less, travel requirements have shifted due to our focus on Austria now and time off is granted easily.”
  • “Arthur D. Little ME has launched an initiative called ADL Well with a focus on well-being, which is quite well defined, has been very helpful and has support from top management. ADL's collaboration team and office events are also quite helpful in increasing work-life balance and well-being.”
  • “Best: Colleagues respect your willingness to push for work/life balance and support you. Partners promote quality of life extensively to retain consultants longer. Worst: Some projects require you to work up to 80 hours a week (e.g. Due Diligences) due to tight timelines.”
  • “Easy to take time off, sometimes long days (like always in this industry), international projects away from home office about 1 in 5.”
  • “Health and wellness is wrapped up within the 'Social' aspects. Many people within the firm have taken upon themselves to set up yoga sessions, group gym memberships, etc. We have a relatively small office so health and wellness isn't a huge necessity in my opinion. However, when it comes to health and safety and ensuring our people are safe and not doing anything that they feel uncomfortable doing (travelling in a pandemic, going to unstable regions, etc) the firm always ensures our safety is at the forefront—nobody will force you to do anything or go anywhere you are not 100% comfortable going.”
  • “I feel free to use vacation time as I want to, and it would take a serious emergency to cancel time off booked reasonably in advance. It hasn't happened yet.”
  • “I have had to change my vacation plans multiple times because of work requirements, as well as constantly respond to work related emails during my vacation. There is certainly scope to improve work life balance with regards to vacation and time off.”
  • “Overall, ADL has a great work-life balance. Hours can be long at times; however, as long as your work is done and to a high level people don't really care if it’s done in the office or at home. Aside from client requirements to be on site (pre-Covid) many Senior Staff did not mind where you do your work. Once you earn trust of your colleagues and seniors, you have enough leeway to work how you want and from where.”
  • “ADL ME has revised its compensation packages in 2019 and is now quite competitive in terms of progression and base pay. ADL ME lacked a way to link bonus payment to performance (factors were quantitative rather than performance based), but a new system has been introduced in 2020 (effect still not known).”
  • “I'm very happy with my firm's compensation package. It is very well positioned with other firms in [my market]; it's difficult to find a job with better compensation policies.”
  • “Compensation is fairly in-line with the competition it seems - perhaps a bit lower than the MBBs. Junior grades feel a bit under paid (from feedback) however, when compared to other firms their working hours are significantly less so there seems to be a trade off. Bonuses are dependent on Market performance and in 20182019 the [U.K.] market hasn't performed as well as others so we felt that in our variable comp the last couple of years (which is understandable).”
  • “Everyone in the same category gets paid the same base salary independent of previous experience, previous year development. The bonus takes into account your performance as it takes into account how much time you worked for a project. It is very relevant that there is also an element in the bonus which is influenced by how the company performed as a whole (if the company goes well you will receive extra bonus). The bonus is given on an annual basis while your salary rises with every promotion.”
  • “…Salary is tied up to a grade that sometimes can take over 3 years to enhance at the senior level. Progression at junior level is very fast though. Salary always increases every year even if it is a small percentage. If the market does well, bonus is big.”
  • “Very satisfied with the monetary compensation and healthcare insurances, although it would be good to improve perks outside of work (e.g. wellness, nutrition, food on premises etc.).”
  • “Best aspects of career development : International mobility, specific expertise in some verticals. Worst aspects: [beyond manager grade] Promotions have to be validated at the global level.”
  • “Best: Emphasis on thinking and ideas, rather than procedure and hierarchy. What can be improved: Small company burdened by inefficient corporate overhead and costs of a big company, leading to lower salaries and consultants having to re-do a lot of the support tasks themselves.”
  • “The evaluation process takes place twice each year so you do not have to wait a whole year if you are ready to promote as you could do it every 6 months. Promotions are based solely on meritocracy and your individual development and there is no ‘ratio or equation’ to calculate how many people should be in each category. If you deserve you will get it (and COVID has proven it is true as promotions continued).
  • “It is a very Global firm and partners often receive emails asking for people with a certain background. Also if you speak another country's language fluently you could ask for a transfer and it is very common to have people from the Madrid office working abroad for six months to one year.”
  • “The size of the London office is both good and bad for career development opportunities. It's good because you get the sort of exposure only a partner would get and bad because sometimes you are thrown into the deep end very early on in your career.”
  • “Base salaries are public based on grade and bonus policy is very transparent.”
  • “Diversity remains a challenge (as for many of the other firms in the industry). Pay is transparent and equal per career stage & cohort (only differences come from bonus percentage, which however is also largely transparent). In conclusion there are no specific factors detrimental to diversity, however the result remains that we are not where we want to be (which might be driven by other factors as well such as industry focus and the like).”
  • “I have seen female employees going through fast track promotions due to performance. Faster than underperforming males. The ratio of female to male is still very low and should be increased. I don’t believe in quotas so some organic measures needs to be addressed.”
  • “Multiple examples of LGBT and women in the company with successful track records. Base compensation only based on your position (all consultants on the same career stage have the same base compensation, regardless of their gender, sexual [orientation], etc).”
  • “Women have been promoted to senior levels regardless of being pregnant and needing to be away some months. There are women in senior levels and there are also many women in analyst - consultant levels.”
  • “COVID crisis has been particularly impactful on clients' budgets in the middle east and consequently on our own outlook. The leadership has taken cost cutting measures and have retained all employees….”
  • “Our Digital practice is ahead of the curve in innovation including an AI function. We are changing our approach constantly to adapt to fast changes in the marketplace and developing tangible and relevant solutions, internally and for our clients…”
  • “The brand is not well known at least in Spain other than in some key sectors, but think the company is improving this after working with top players in different segments. It is a great place to work because there is A LOT of potential and its size allows it to be a type of family.”
  • “Well positioned despite Corona (also in comparison to many other players). In general, very innovative for our size - however obviously lacking scale of other firms to land some ‘big shots’ such as BCG Digital Ventures or the like.”

Why Work Here

ADL – A Proud Tradition

Arthur D. Little (ADL) is a trusted corporate advisor in the field of strategy, technology and innovation. Our mission is to enable clients to realize their potential, seize opportunities and overcome challenges.

Getting Hired Here

  • “After receiving a written application, we invite potential candidates to a “Super Friday”. All interviews and tests take place on this one day and the applicants get the final result in the evening.
  • "The ideal candidate should be creative, well-spoken and flexible. She / he should have broad interests rather than very detailed expertise in only one field.”
  • “Hiring process: If invited to an hiring day the candidates can choose an interview day, will have 3-5 interviews and a test on the days as well as a presentation…All candidates receive a feedback on their performance.”
  • “Ideal candidates: Eager to learn, bright candidates with the ability to find root problems and help the client to see and understand them as well. Arthur D. Little is proud to work side-by-side with clients to achieve true transformation. Candidates should show that they are capable not only of analysis, but also have the required people skills to realize change.”
  • “Ideal candidate is someone who has a good grounding in business fundamentals and can model case work to a fairly high level within Excel (Standard B-school levels). They need to be entrepreneurial and work with limited supervision at times. Often juniors are thrown into the deep end and they need to be able to take the initiative at times and not wait for direction. They need to be able to lead a conversation with a client (and senior colleagues) and not be afraid to give an opinion. ADL is a bit different as there is no SOP or 'standard' way to do things. We pride ourselves in getting the right outcome and not worrying too much about following a strict process - which can be both a good and bad thing at times.”
  • “The process is clear from the start and they always call you and tell you how you did. It aims to be very close to the candidate so even if you do not get a YES, be sure they will contact you asap.”
  • “We have two consulting interviews for interns and four plus a short case presentation for entry position as business analyst. We are seeking someone who can challenge both client and superiors, open minded, interested in global and industry trends, friendly and willing to learn and help beyond own responsibilities candidate.”
  • “Estimate the yearly profit of restaurant ZZZ.”
  • “How would you calculate the margin at EBITDA level of a certain company?”
  • “I have not been part of this but at senior levels it’s more about culture fit as there is a base level skill set already in place otherwise you wouldn't get the interview. We have a thorough and technical process for junior recruitment which seems to work well and produces very good quality candidates coming through.”
  • “Several interviews (at least 3) with potential colleagues with a wide range of questions (academic questions, exercise, general questions).”
  • “Typical strategy consulting case interview (oral & written).”
  • “Why do firms hire consultants, which are often quite expensive? What do words like innovation & technology mean for you? How would a virtual network operator challenge an incumbent network operator with infrastructure in case it wants to become a larger player?”

Perks & Benefits