Long rooted in California, O’Melveny & Myers has branched out in all directions with offices in seven countries on three continents, including newly launched offices in Texas. The firm is known for its work in antitrust, appellate litigation, entertainment law, labor and employment, patent litigation, products liability, project finance, securities litigation, venture capital, and more. The firm works in a range of industries, including banking and financial services, consumer products, energy and natural resources, entert...

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It’s not easy to land a spot at O’Melveny—the firm seeks self-motivated candidates with impressive academics who value pro bono work and fit with the firm’s kind, social culture. The firm also focuses on diversity in its hiring and has expanded the law schools from which it hires as a result. Candidates can expect a mix of behavioral questions and those that flow from the interview conversation. Those who join the firm will be met with transparency from management, with regular townhalls and generally open doors. Partners value associates and give them significant responsibility with just enough guidance to help them succeed. Mentoring is integral to firm culture, and many associates credit on-the-job learning and informal training to their development. The firm has also recently ...

About the Firm

The O’Melveny story starts way back in 1885 when Henry W. O’Melveny and Jackson Graves founded a partnership in Los Angeles. The fledgling firm gained traction through its work on land litigation surrounding the ownership of California’s Spanish haciendas and its handling of the legalities of hydroelectric power, which helped to transform the arid basin of Los Angeles into a sprawling, car-centric metropolis. The firm underwent a total of nine name changes, and after Judge Louis J. Myers was hired as a lateral partner, became O’Melveny & Myers in 1939.

Shooting for the Stars

O’Melveny is known as a go-to for the toughest cases. The firm works in a range of industries, including banking and financial services, consumer products, energy and natural resources, entertainment and me...

Associate Reviews

  • It's a culture of kindness. We are all rooting for each other to succeed; there's no cut-throat attitude at all.”
  • The firm culture at O'Melveny, to summarize in two words: the best. The firm is incredibly supportive of all of its employees, lawyers and staff included. People are very social—and I genuinely enjoy social gatherings—but also respectful of every individual's time.”
  • People here are genuinely nice and like each other. In pre-COVID times, lawyers would often socialize together both in firm-sponsored events and after hours. Staff members were also included in firm social events. Even during COVID, we have continued socializing virtually, whether through having Zoom happy hours or just sending each other GIFs on Teams (and everything in between).”
  • The day-to-day atmosphere at O'Melveny is very collegial and collaborative, even with the challenges of working from home. In the pre-work from home and covid era, there was a balance with select social events that had good attendance.”
  • Firm is very transparent about finances, promotions, goals for the future, office re-openings, etc. Regular meetings with firm leadership are done with each office. I also think associate/partner relations are fairly strong—of course, there will always be outliers, but for the most part, I feel valued and respected as a colleague to my partner-colleagues.”
  • Extraordinarily open atmosphere. Partners, even up to the chairman, have open-door policies and routine office hours to make themselves available to associates.”
  • Associates are valued and get hands-on opportunities quickly. The firm has been very open about firm finances and status during the pandemic, holding quarterly or biannual town-halls in which the top firm management discusses firm metrics”
  • Partners are accessible and easy to work with. The firm is quite transparent and holds many town halls, on firmwide, office-wide, new associate, and associate and counsel levels. Reviews are conducted annually, but new associates participate in the New Associate Mentoring Program for early feedback. Partners are comfortable giving individual feedback when asked, but do not micro-manage.”
  • Billable [expectation] of 1,900 [hours] is feasible. I appreciate the firm's 1:1 ratio of pro bono hours counting towards the billable requirement.”
  • Hours fluctuate and can be heavy at times. But that's BigLaw. And there's flexibility if things get overwhelming, with work coordinators serving as mediators to spread work as evenly as possible.”
  • While the hours can be long, there is flexibility in creating your own schedule.”
  • I have enough hours to reach my billable targets but not so much that I constantly feel like I'm drowning nonstop. The nature of being a lawyer is that there's busy times and slow times, and that takes some getting used to. Major life events are respected and teams look out for each other and cover if needed.”
  • Very satisfied with compensation. Compensation is market with other big law firms and additional bonuses are given to certain attorneys for merit, community involvement, citizenship etc.”
  • The firm's compensation is in line with the market and bonuses are awarded based on meeting the billable hours target. Though, it seems like the firm also takes into account other factors for those who don't meet the billables target.”
  • I think compensation is satisfactory and appropriately related to work hours. I think there are good bonus opportunities and reimbursement programs that are also motivating. Additionally, I feel like the other pieces of our compensation package (health insurance, retirement plans) are robust and high quality.”
  • OMM pays market. Sometimes they're a little slow to match things like the special COVID bonuses, but I never worry that they'll match.”
  • Thus far, as a junior associate the majority of my work has been very substantive. There has definitely been some document review and cite-checking and all of that, but I've had the opportunity to lead a client's discovery strategy and productions, interact with the client, write dispositive motions, [and] attend hearings and conferences with the Court.”
  • OMM gives everyone the opportunity to do substantive work. Even as a first year, I was able to draft a series of ancillary documents—I wasn't just collecting signature pages and sending calendars. And they constantly allow you to do more - as you prove yourself, you're given more and more responsibility.”
  • I feel like I'm not thrown into the fire too quickly, but I get a chance to pitch in and see how everything works.”
  • I spend most of my time on substantive legal work. As a mid-level employment associate, I not only work directly with clients to advise on employment issues, I also participate in investigations (interviewing witnesses, document review, drafting the report and client presentation) and litigation (managing discovery, negotiating with opposing counsel, drafting dispositive motions, etc.).”
  • I am pretty senior so tend to run the deals, which is where I belong.”
  • The IT department is very dynamic and responsive to associate concerns. During the pandemic, associates can have technology or office furniture shipped to their homes and a technology stipend was given to each associate so that they can purchase their own equipment.”
  • Firm has provided me with monitors, docking station, printer, unlimited zoom subscription, and virtually any other equipment requested. Our laptops could be upgraded, but it's my understanding that upgrades are in the works.”
  • I have access to everything I need from home. The firm went above and beyond and gave us a stipend to improve our work-from-home setup during the pandemic.”
  • I think we've switched remarkably well to fully remote work, and the firm is seemingly always trying to improve our internal IT systems.”
  • The wellness program is one of the things I think O'Melveny does best. There has always been, but especially this last year in light of COVID-19, incredible sensitivity and awareness around wellness and employee mental health. Attorneys and staff are treated with empathy and understanding, and it truly makes working in BigLaw, which often is unrelenting and grueling, much more enjoyable.”
  • O’Melveny prioritizes attorney well-being by offering counseling sessions through an EAP, assistance with childcare, and programs related to health and wellness, both mental and physical. In response to the pandemic, O’Melveny regular[ly] conducted pulse surveys and brought in a consultant to assess how attorneys and staff were doing and what ways the firm could be supportive. They then acted on the suggestions provided by initiatives such as a paid mental health day.”
  • The firm is very invested in wellness. Prior to the pandemic, the firm invested in events like midday yoga and juice bars and focused on providing sufficient non-alcohol-related social events. The firm is also supportive of mental health initiatives and has a gym membership discount to support wellness outside of work. During the pandemic, the firm has continued to emphasize mental health and my coworkers seem very receptive to these efforts. The firm has promoted meditation apps that everyone can access from home to help with stress and anxiety during the pandemic.”
  • There are extensive resources available, including free One Medical memberships and counseling resources.”
  • Partners take their role as mentors seriously and spend time with associates providing specific, encouraging, and helpful feedback. For example, one partner calls me after each writing assignment and provides useful and pragmatic writing advice that has really improved my writing.”
  • Mentoring, both formal and organic is very important to O'Melveny attorneys. The firm assigns each new/junior attorney with a mentorship team and it is encouraged for partners and senior associates to mentor newer attorneys on an informal basis. We also have structured mentor circles and other activities that encourage mentorship among associates and counsel.”
  • Partners at O’Melveny provide training through bi-weekly professional development CLEs, in addition to the work we do for clients to enhance our knowledge and skills. Associates and counsel receive mentors through formal office programs and also organically based on their practice group, committee involvement, or similar interests.”
  • We are provided formal opportunities for training, mentoring and sponsorship. We have opportunities for numerous trainings covering a variety of topics (securities law updates, wellness tips, fighting against systemic racism). I appreciate that there are firm-provided opportunities for mentorship and sponsorship (e.g., paired associates/partners assigned to all incoming associates, a new sponsorship program for diverse attorneys), but I think a lot of this also happens organically. …”
  • Partnership is a realistic option for those who want it, and the firm encourages associates to talk to career counselors if they are considering leaving for other opportunities.”
  • Promotion to partner is realistic for those who want to make partner. When you are vocal about this desire, partners in the firm mentor you to help you do what needs to be done to get to that level. The partnership is transparent about this process and has had program[s] to discuss the steps necessary to make partner. Senior associates can also transition to non-partner roles. We regularly have attorneys use their experience at the firm to go in-house to a client or work for the government or a nonprofit.”
  • Obviously not everybody will make partner, but I do view it as a realistic goal if I want to do that. There are plenty of opportunities to be Counsel if you don't go the partner track. I think exit opportunities to other firms and to in-house positions are high-quality and plentiful.”
  • We have a Director of Career Development—essentially an in-house career counselor. You can speak with [them] confidentially, and [they] give people guidance whether you want to stay at the firm or if you are planning to move on. Truly an invaluable resource and for some reason not very common knowledge outside the firm.”
  • The firm strongly encourages all attorneys to participate in pro bono (e.g., reminders to people who have not) and pro bono hours count one-to-one with billable hours without any sort of cap. My pro bono work centers on indigent defense and has included a federal juvenile defense matter, a state habeas petition, a state clemency petition, and a federal appeal dealing with overcriminalization issues.”
  • I have done a ton of pro bono work in my time with the firm, and it is incredibly supported. There are a wealth of opportunities of all kinds. I recently had a custody case that allowed me to take a deposition and go to trial.”
  • Pro bono hours count fully as billable hours, and I have already had the time to do very interesting, high-impact pro bono work that I am very passionate about.”
  • The pandemic has provided ample opportunities to help charities looking to get PPP funding. I am happy to work on these projects and helping charities during such a critical time.”
  • I think this is an area that OMM does well in (relative to BigLaw generally). And I think it's one that they're really focused on improving. Just in the past year, they started a number of new initiatives around diversity, including a pilot program specifically focused on mentoring and retaining minority associates.”
  • Diversity is extremely important at O'Melveny and the firm shows it through its internal initiatives, sponsorship of external events, and pro bono opportunities.”
  • I feel that leadership is pretty diverse in terms of race, gender, and sexuality. The firm's affinity groups are large and very active and host events frequently that are well-attended. The firm is very transparent about issues like parental leave and childcare. The firm also takes into account in attorney evaluations how much time you spent on diversity committee activities. I have been able to get involved with these groups and help plan events and I feel that they are effective.”
  • Over 60 percent of the incoming class was women associates. I think O'Melveny also does a great job in supporting LGBTQ rights and visibility. I also liked the event we had that acknowledged racism against Asian Americans.”

Why Work Here

At O’Melveny, we perform transformative legal work for industry-leading companies. And we believe that how we do things is as important as what we do. Culture, collaboration, and community are integral to the O’Melveny experience, for our lawyers and clients alike. Our collaborative approach embraces diverse thought, encourages innovation, and supports professional growth. Our work within our communities makes us better lawyers and better people. Our cohesive and caring culture sets us apart. It all adds up to results that earn accolades, client relationships that stand the test of time, and an environment where individuals thrive.

Diversity at O'Melveny & Myers LLP

"Diversity and inclusion in the legal profession is no longer just an admirable goal: it is a business imperative. To build and sustain a healthy firm and deep, enduring client relationships, we need a vibrant and dynamic workforce-one whose backgrounds and experiences reflect those of the clients we serve. Simply put, when a diverse and inclusive O'Melveny is fully engaged, we give our best and our clients get our best. Pipeline We participate in a number of diversity pipeline programs for pre-law and 1L students..."

Getting Hired Here

  • The firm seems fairly selective in its hiring process and grades are definitely an important factor. Though it seems like the firm places a high value on prior work experience, diversity, and having a culture fit as well.”
  • “I think OMM is looking for people who really fit the firm, and the firm has been deliberate about increasing diversity in hiring through interview processes and expanding our list of schools from which we recruit.
  • The firm seeks highly capable, self-motivated candidates who will treat colleagues with respect and who want to do good in their communities.”
  • Smart with good credentials, but also personable and cultural fit. [The] firm is strongly committed to DE&I.”
  • It varies but a combination of behavioral questions and conversation interview questions.”
  • What is a challenge that you have overcome and how did you learn from it? What inspired you to go to law school? How would your professor or former employer describe you? What practice area are you interested in and why?”
  • An example of one we always ask if what they have enjoyed the most in law school.  We really like intellectually (and socially) curious students with high EQ.”
  • What makes you want to join O'Melveny?”
  • The firm has done as good a job as I could have asked for at integrating me during the pandemic. I had a dedicated week of orientation that included training and onboarding programming, but also several more informal and small-group conversations with other lawyers at various levels and who serve various roles in the office (e.g. members of the associates and counsel committee). My associate mentor and a few others from the office check in pretty regularly to see how things are going. Of course it's been hard not being able to meet people in person, but I do feel relatively integrated into the firm community.”
  • I greatly appreciated O’Melveny’s efforts with respect to lateral integration. I have [had] several trainings to learn about the firm’s culture and processes. I was also invited to serve on several committee[s] to get a better understanding of how the firm makes decisions.”
  • I have been able to work with partners in multiple disciplines and the firm fully supported a tour of all of their offices prior to the pandemic which resulted in excellent opportunities for cross-collaboration.”

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