Armanino is the largest accounting and business consulting firm headquartered in California. Its interns get hands-on experience, great training, and the ability to interact with senior staff. Its full-time staff get access to an internal mobility program, a state-of-the-art training program, a tuition reimbursement program, and bonuses for passing the CPA exam.

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Armanino is ideally looking for intelligent, driven, hardworking individuals who are interested in growing and learning more. For students, Armanino run a valuable internship program during which interns get hands-on experience, great training, and the ability to interact with senior staff, who are willing to help out and answer questions. For its full-time staff, Armanino offers numerous career development opportunities, including an excellent internal mobility program, the ability to work on interesting and challenging projects that provide you with new skills, a state-of-the-art training program, tuition reimbursement, and a bonus if you pass your CPA exam within two years of joining the firm.

Armanino is big on promoting a good quality of life for all employe...

About the Company

Founded in 1969, Armanino is the 21st largest accounting firm in the U.S. by annual revenues. It’s also the largest accounting and business consulting firm headquartered in California with 2020 revenue of $359 million. The firm's recent era of growth was ushered in by a focus on investing in consulting, risk assurance and advisory, business management/family office capabilities, and blockchain. In the past decade, Armanino more than doubled its headcount and opened 12 offices in some of the fastest growing cities in the country. Given Armanino's proximity to Silicon Valley, it's no surprise that the firm's largest industry group is its technology practice. Armanino's other industries of emphasis are manufacturing and distribution, health care, retail, nonprofit, professional services, private education, real estate, SEC and finan...

Employee Reviews

  • “Best aspects are the firm the vacation policy, flexible hours, and encouragement to take time for self and family. The firm is big on promoting a good quality of life for all employees.”
  • “We have unlimited PTO, and during this pandemic, it has been a lifesaver to be able to take time off when needed and not have to worry about what my accrual balance is.”
  • “They offer self-managed PTO (unlimited vacation) and it is approved by your manager. I have no issues taking off for an appointment here or there. I work remotely so I'm able to be home for little things. They do their best to manage your workload so you aren't working 65-hour weeks constantly. In my experience, weeks like that are the exceptions, not the norm. They definitely care about you and encourage you to have a life outside of work.”
  • “Armanino focuses on work/life balance. They understand that we have a life outside of the firm, and that we will perform better if we’re not experiencing burnout. They routinely let us know that it’s okay (even encouraged) to get up during the day and perform a routine that helps you reduce stress (walking, reading a book, meditate, etc.). During the pandemic, they gave us a firm day off to recharge. In Q4 (our busiest quarter), they highly encouraged everyone to take at least two days off.”
  • “The firm is very generous with salary. Plus, you get a 10 percent bonus, paid out quarterly. You also get to be involved in the profit-sharing plan. I work remotely, which is a huge plus for me, and I get self-managed PTO (unlimited vacation), which you are actually encouraged to take. I wish there was a 401(k) match. The profit-sharing is supposed to make up for that, but I think I'd rather have the match.”
  • “Armanino's salaries are fairly competitive with their competitors, and the unlimited PTO perk is incredible, but it can be difficult to get approved and to use that time. They also provide free CPA study material via Becker, reimbursements for your cell phone bill and gym membership, and many strong options for medical coverage.”
  • “Armanino health insurance is excellent, and they do offer several valuable perks such as allowing employees to work from home and parking/travel reimbursement when you do go into the office.”
  • “Salary is competitive. Self-managed PTO is nice. Flexibility is well utilized. 401(k) vesting is outdated, so I use my spouse's plan.”
  • “The firm has one of the best internal mobility programs allowing any level of employee to transfer to a different department or office. Furthermore, the firm encourages having both formal and informal mentors whether through your direct work or in a different department. Also, the firm utilizes LinkedIn Learning, one of the best learning platforms I have used. The tax department does not have as extensive or formal of a technical tax training program as they should.”
  • “Working here, you get involved in a ton of interesting and challenging projects that provide you with new, useful skills. We also have access to thousands of LinkedIn Learning courses, which I've used to boost my Excel skills. They offer tuition reimbursement and will provide learning materials for your CPA and give you a bonus if you achieve your CPA license within two years of working here. My only caveat to this is that it is a very demanding job and I'm not sure how feasible it is to pursue your CPA license while working here.”
  • “It really is about learning and progressing as fast as you want. All you have to do at Armanino is speak up and make it known that you want to try a new kind of job or industry. Or learn more about how to develop new business. At the same time, when my focus was the CPA exam, they were understanding about where my priority was. They still had expectations that I would get the job done, but I always felt supported. Now that I have completed the exam, they support me in my interests in developing my career (specifically learning new skills).”
  • “Armanino is very invested in helping you develop your career path. They have a state-of-the-art training program called Elevate Learn. They assign a performance coach to you, and they meet with you regularly to discuss short term, and long-term goals. They also help you develop a plan on how to achieve your goals. If you are interested in changing your career, or learning something new, they have a program that allows you to transfer to other areas within the firm. They take current employees within the firm before hiring from outside.”
  • “They have an entire foundation around helping the community. Have a day where the entire firm volunteers at local charities. Have created women empowerment, LGTBQ+, and racial diversity task forces that hold events and educational webinars.”
  • “Diversity could be better in some of the departments at the firm.”
  • “The Armanino Foundation has been making a huge impact on the firm’s philanthropic practices, and the IDEAL team addresses a lot of diversity issues. Change is happening and it's looking very positive. Our next focus should be going green and decreasing our environmental impact.”
  • “Armanino hosts a day each year where the entire firm shuts down and everyone goes out and volunteers their time, which is an incredible choice by the firm. There is also a Volunteer Vacation program where you can travel across the world and have most of your expenses covered by the firm as you volunteer in that place. Additionally, the Armanino Foundation provides funds to nonprofits that any employee can elect as another way to give back.”
  • “I’m constantly in awe of our leadership teams, both at the firm level and throughout the lines of service and industry. I feel very confident in the way the firm is heading and think the future is bright due to the strong leadership we have.”
  • “Armanino seems to be growing organically and inorganically. Overall growth seems to be healthy, and employee morale has been up despite having to work from home and dealing with the pandemic.”
  • “The firm has some of the strongest leadership in the industry with some of the most innovative minds constantly pushing the firm outside of its comfort zone. This firm is always on the cutting edge of technology and blazes its own trail in the industry (i.e. cryptocurrency, cannabis, and, most recently, artificial intelligence).”
  • “Armanino came through a very difficult 2020 in good shape, and I believe almost all of us are feeling confident and enthusiastic about 2021.”
  • “I got to experience working on many different clients and working with entirely different teams, which was great exposure to various kinds of audits and leadership styles. I got to work on many different accounts and see my individual work to its completion, which was very satisfying and motivating. I felt respected and valued during my internship because of the responsibility I was given. All of my teams were patient and eager to help me. I enjoyed the various happy hours and social events that allowed me to meet many of the partners and staff, which made me feel welcomed and included throughout the internship. Every Friday was ‘Fun Friday’ where I got to spend time with my fellow interns and gain personal career knowledge through a special workshop, which was then followed by a fun event that allowed me to experience Armanino's culture and to explore the Bay Area. The only part I did not love was that I had to travel quite a bit to other firm offices for trainings and events, which became tiring after a while. Otherwise it was a great experience.”
  • “The internship provided me with real exposure and training to complete multiple return types, including 1040s, 1041s, 1065s, and 1120S. The internship was during the spring tax season to provide insight to tax accounting within a busy season. The internship did not allow for overtime, which did limit what working nights and weekends would be like as a salaried employee.”
  • “My coworkers were very helpful. Anytime I had a question, they would come straight to my desk and help explain how to better understand the task at hand. There were a lot of team building activities and a lot of opportunities to network with other employees of different departments. I had a variety of tax returns I got to assist with. It wasn't just one industry. Overall, it was amazing experience and I highly recommend it.”
  • “The training was amazing and the integration of the firm’s culture was seamless. I not only learned a lot but also enjoyed what I did and who I was doing it with.”

Wellness Efforts

  • “They offer a stipend for physical wellness. Also, there have been several firm-related events that occurred in the last year related to all aspects of wellness. During 2020, they offered every employee a one-year subscription to Calm, an app to help individuals practice meditation and that type of wellness. The firm has a separate Health & Wellness committee that sends out monthly newsletters to help promote health and wellness and manage stress.”
  • “There are regular panel discussions on the health and wellness. I have also enrolled in a program called My Strength that was offered through our firm provided insurance.”
  • “Health & Wellness subsidy program to contribute toward gym memberships/classes. Free membership to Calm app. Check-in meetings, panel discussions, and classes provided to aid in physical, mental, and emotional wellness.”
  • “The firm is very supportive of individuals who need help or need time off, way more so than any employer I have ever been with. This is very much appreciated by all employees.”

Response to Anti-Racist Protests and BLM Movement

  • “The firm did an amazing job in holding various events to help educate and create an open-line of communication related to recent events that occurred in 2020. Furthermore, there is a diversity and inclusion committee that started in 2019.”
  • “Our CEO penned an incredible letter on the social injustice, and he and our D&I Team help open forums on the topic. Amazing and so proud to be a part of organization.”
  • “Response has been great and very open. While a lot of progress needs to be made with hiring and promotion diversity efforts, the conversation is being had.”
  • “The firm has an IDEAL program in place to address and foster open discussion, involvement and advancement of all races, genders, etc. The firm has held specific IDEAL events to discuss, in an open, honest, and safe forum, the BLM movement, protests, etc. The IDEAL team also hosts events all year long that focus on various ethnic groups, nationalities, etc.”

Response to Covid-19

  • “We immediately established a rapid response team to push out content to our staff and our clients. I feel like we reacted quickly and were efficient in the communications.”
  • “The firm pivoted in an instant and flexed to allow employees to WFH and remained flexible with flex hours so parents could teach their younger children while they were distant learning. The firm has remained in this mode of operation all throughout the pandemic, putting employee safety ahead of firm profits.”
  • “At first, they cut salaries 10 percent and a small number of jobs as an initial response to the pandemic. But later they provided the full salaries again, and even provided the difference for the salaries they lost from that time once they had a better grasp of what their profit would look like. They adapted quickly to the work-from-home environment and will likely keep promoting this practice.”
  • “Leadership did its best to keep us up-to-date on the goings on around the world. The transition to WFH was practically seamless, and leadership was as transparent as I think they could be, given the uncertainty of all things Covid-related.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “It was a lengthy interview process. I had seven interviews with various people on my team and the recruiter. The interview process was quick; the offer was slow. I think the whole thing took a little over two months from the first time the recruiter contacted me to the day I started. The recruiter reached out to me on LinkedIn, and the rest is history. They were very transparent during the entire process and were more than open to questions. The firm is seeking intelligent, driven, talented individuals who have a solid knowledge base in their field and who know how to work hard and play hard. It is demanding, but the rewards are worth it.”
  • “I went through three rounds of interviews and got to meet a senior, a manager, and a director. Everyone was absolutely amazing and open-minded. I also took an accounting test to prove my technical knowledge. The hiring process took a little over a week, but it was great.”
  • “The process is fast moving, and you know where you’re at in the process. The ideal candidate meets the PVAs of the organization and is a fit for the team.”
  • “Looking for someone who is interested in growing and learning more. Someone who wants to get their CPA license and experience new things. Someone who fits the more relaxed company culture and can get along with others.”
  • “Describe a time when you had to deal with an upset client/customer. Describe a time when you had many competing deadlines and how you dealt with them all.”
  • “1. How do you explain a complicated technical problem to a colleague with less technical understanding? 2. What would you do if you misunderstood an important communication on the job? 3. Give an example of a time when you had to work with someone who was difficult to get along with. How did you handle interactions with that person? 4. Can you tell me about a time where you changed someone’s mind? 5. In terms of your career, where do you see yourself in five years? How will you get there?”
  • “The questions revolve around finding what type of person you are and have very little to do with accounting. They care more about how you will fit in to their world more than your initial accounting ability, so the interview is very casual and conversational. They just want to get to know you better, truly.”
  • “Mostly we just talked about my skills, what the firm is looking for in a candidate, and I was able to ask questions. The team I was hired for was something new that the firm was trying out, so I asked a lot of questions about how the team came to be and what the future looked like for the team.”

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