Armanino is the largest accounting and business consulting firm headquartered in California. Its interns get hands-on experience, great training, and the ability to interact with senior staff. Its full-time staff get access to an internal mobility program, a state-of-the-art training program, a tuition reimbursement program, and bonuses for passing the CPA exam.

Company Stats


Employer Type




1,001-5,000 Employees


Featured Rankings

Vault Accounting 25


Major Office Locations

San Ramon, CA (HQ)


CEO & Managing Partner

Matt Armanino

Firsthand Findings

Armanino is ideally looking for intelligent, positive team players who are eager to learn. The firm offers students a valuable internship program, treating interns like entry-level associates and giving them access to the same training, responsibility, and hands-on experience that full-time staff receive. For its full-time staff, Armanino offers extensive training and mentoring, and the ability to transfer to other areas of the firm.

Although hours are typically long and demanding during the busy season, the firm offers a lot of schedule flexibility and encourages people to take time off during the off season. The ability to work remotely also helps work/life balance. Salary, bonuses, benefits, and perks are average compared to peer firms, with insiders raving ab...

About the Company

Founded in 1969, Armanino is one of the 20 largest accounting firms in the U.S. by annual revenue. Armanino’s recent era of growth was ushered in by a focus on investing in consulting, risk assurance and advisory, business management/family office capabilities, and blockchain. In the past decade, Armanino has more than doubled its headcount and has opened offices in some of the fastest-growing cities in the country. 

Since 2001, the firm has been named to INSIDE Public Accounting’s Best of the Best Firms list nearly 20 times. The list recognizes firms that produce superior financial and operational results, along with focusing on maintaining a solid foundation for future success. Armanino also earned a place among ClearlyRated’s Best of Accounting firms.

Given Armanino's proximity to Silicon Valley, ...

Employee Reviews

  • “The best aspect of Armanino about the overall quality of life is the culture. Overall, everyone at Armanino is super friendly. There’s a very laid-back culture at Armanino, but everyone is very a professional and gets to work. The firm leaders do their best to keep the culture positive, and they implement policies to accommodate to our employees such as WFH, self-managed PTO, and a lenient business casual dress code. I can't think of any specific bad aspects of Armanino about the overall quality of life. In a perfect world I would love to work 40 hours a week, but with the career I chose and the cyclical nature of the industry, I have to work more hours some weeks.”

  • “I think the firm's message is amazing, and they are really trying to ensure employees have a good work/life balance. That said, I haven't felt the effects of those messages. I work into the evening/night every day I work, and that is wearing on me. I am empowered to take vacation and recharge, but that conflicts with the need to meet my clients’ demands so it’s hard to take time off even when I’m told I should.”

  • “You can't take time off during busy season, but it is relatively easy and encouraged to take time off any other time of the year. There are many happy hours and other social events to get to know your coworkers outside of the office. I think there is plenty of time available to balance work and personal life. I think my overall quality of life as a staff 1 is better than expected compared to what people imagine working in public accounting is like, especially during busy season.”

  • “The best impact that my firm has on quality of life is the work/life balance. We can work from home if we need to and have unlimited PTO. Obviously, we have to manage our projects and time to ensure that we are getting our work done, but we can pretty much manage our own time aside from that. Our performance coaches are awesome at checking in to gauge stress levels or helping us with any issues we feel like we have. The firm as a whole is very respectful and helpful when something personal comes up that prevents you from performing at your best or requires your absence.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “The interview felt relatively comfortable and conversational. I believe the firm searches for candidates that match their core values, showing a genuine interest in the field and particularly for what makes Armanino unique. Networking with recruiters, employees, and partners throughout the process also gave me the strong impression that they look to hire interesting people that will continue to cultivate the pleasant culture at the firm, or someone they'd enjoy working on a project with.”

  • “I had initial screening with HR department, then an interview with an audit partner and audit director and a peer interview. They were all very friendly and were upfront with questions I had. Hiring process was very quick. The firm is looking for people who are team players and responsible enough to get their work done but not afraid to ask for help when needed.”

  • “There is an interview with the recruiter, then two interviews with someone of a higher level than the position you are applying for. We are looking for candidates who are enthusiastic to learn and adapt with the firm.”

  • “The firm is seeking ‘wickedly smart’ individuals who are ‘empowered,’ ‘courageously connected,’ and ‘firm first,’ and bring ‘positive energy’ to the table. These are our core values and can be expanded on but summarizes the ideal candidate. The callback process is quick and seamless.”

Perks & Benefits