Armanino is the largest accounting and business consulting firm headquartered in California. Interns get hands-on experience, great training, and the ability to interact with senior staff. Former interns speak highly of the "fantastic company culture with challenging work," "meeting other interns through Fun Friday activities," "a learning about new software technologies and auditing procedures," and the opportunity "to make a difference in the community."

Internship Program Stats


How To Apply

Candidates must submit an application on their campus portal be considered for on-campus interviews. If you are not associated with a school Armanino actively recruits at, please email the Campus Recruiting team at: campusrecruiting@armaninollp.com – with a cover letter and your current transcripts, once you have completed the application process here.



Number Of Interns

21 to 50


Featured Rankings

Best Accounting Internships









3.00 - 3.49

About the Program

Armanino offers both summer and winter internships.

As an intern at Armanino, you will be exposed to one of Armanino's key service departments – Audit, Tax, Consulting, Business Management or Risk Assurance and Advisory.

You will gain hands-on experience, working alongside professionals at all levels that will provide you with actual insight into the field of public accounting. Your internship will provide you with the same exposure to Armanino as staff-level hires, with two k...

About the Company

Founded in 1969, Armanino is the 21st largest accounting firm in the U.S. with 2020 annual revenue of $359 million. The firm's recent era of growth was ushered in by its focus on consulting, risk assurance and advisory, business management/family office capabilities, and blockchain. 


Intern Reviews

  • "Firm culture is very people-first. If you have a doctor's appointment, they work around it. If you need help, all you need to do is ask. I was never expected to work more than 40 hours a week. During training they told us that we didn't need to respond to email when we're not working, because the firm recognizes that there needs to be a degree of separation between work and your personal life, and you need to enjoy your time off."
  • "I worked full time, but was given flexible hours on a day to day basis. There is not a set hours as long as you are working full time and at reasonable times with coworkers."
  • "Everyone at Armanino was a joy to work with and you can tell that each employee loves working for this firm. The recruitment team generally cared about the internship program as well as the interns, and went to all lengths to make sure we were learning and enjoying ourselves as well. All interns worked 40 hour weeks. The tax team that I worked with always answered any questions I had and were all great teachers. We had countless events that were either firm, service line, or internship wide that made us feel included as well as learn and have some fun."
  • "It was a fun internship. They wanted the interns to have fun while gaining experience at the same time."

Getting Hired Here

  • "Two half hour interviews gave me full opportunity to introduce and express myself. Quick application process."
  • "In audit they don't expect you to have a background of it. They teach you everything you need to know. What they look for in interviews is willingness and eagerness to learn, your personality, and how you embody the firm values. The interviews were very situation-based, think: "What would you do in a situation where..." or, "Tell me about a time when you..." They want people that they can teach and grow, not people who necessarily have a great deal of natural-born 'talent'."
  • "I had two interviews for the tax internship. The campus recruiter I spoke with was extremely friendly and explained this position to me in great detail. The tax managers I spoke with asked me great questions, and the interview process itself was not too intimidating."
  • "Armanino made the application and interview process very transparent and easy. I had no issues at all."