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How To Apply

Students are invited to submit an application for the position of their interest. Upon receipt of application, recruiters will conduct a phone screen interview with candidates. Successful candidates will then have an interview with two hiring managers for the relevant position. Careers Page: https://www.armaninollp.com/careers/



Number Of Interns

21 to 50


Featured Rankings

Best Accounting Internships









3.00 - 3.49

About the Program

About the Company

Intern Reviews

  • “Everybody I interacted with at Armanino was incredibly welcoming, kind, and had a great sense of humor, making coming to work enjoyable. Supervisors were very understanding and accommodating when it came to balancing hours and school demands.”
  • “The firm culture is very inclusive and firm first. This is a positive atmosphere to work in and everyone is behind each other for individual and team success. We would work 40 hours per week and had plenty of office lunches, happy hours, and external intern events.”
  • “We had Fridays reserved for informational meetings and events, we went outside of the office for volunteering, baseball, and golf. Additionally, I was only ever asked to work 40 hours which was the agreed-upon number of hours.”
  • “Firm culture and people were amazing. Everyone was approachable and always had a great attitude and a smile on their face. Expectations for interns were more than manageable, work/life balance was nowhere close to being an issue for interns.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “The interview process went well, and all of the interviewers were very welcoming and reflected the positive qualities that the firm brings along.”
  • “The interview was clear cut and straightforward and my interviewer was quite patient and helpful when it came to addressing my various questions at the end of the interview.”
  • “Apart from the initial campus recruiting representative, the official interview process included two half-hour meetings with two different Armanino managers. Standard recruiting questions were asked, but the interview felt relaxed and genuine.”
  • “Communications were frequent enough to keep me feeling prepared for the internship. The interviews were practical, but not stressful. They hired competent interns, but the selection process was not as aggressive as the Big Four”