One of the world's favorite tech brands, Apple has a tight hold on its spot as one of the tech Big Four. Founded by, and still led in the spirit of, the legendary Steve Jobs, Apple products have found their way into seemingly every household. The company only hires the best of the best, and so it looks for whip-smart interns who will push the envelope when it comes to what personal technology can do.

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More information about Apple's internship program is on the way. For now, be sure to read the Apple's profile on Firsthand and check out Apple

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Apple is one of the best-known tech companies of all time, one of the Big Five of tech, and for good reason. From the latest iPhone to the original Apple computer, the company has been an ingenious innovator of consumer technologies since its first days out of a home garage. Founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak met through a mutual friend. It turned out to be a fated meeting that would change the path of modern technology forever. Steve Wozniak created the original prototype for the Apple I computer—the first computer to resemble the computer we know today—a model with a large monitor and ...

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