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Most Prestigious Internships
Firsthand asked thousands of current and former interns which employers have the most prestigious internships. Firsthand’s Most Prestigious Internships represent the employers whose internships were rated highest in prestige. The 2022 rankings are based on the results of the 2021 Internship Survey conducted in the summer of 2021.
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NASA Research Internship Program

NASA offers a variety of internship opportunities to high school through graduate level students attending full-time accredited programs. Internships leverage NASA’s unique missions and programs to enhance and increase the capability, diversity...

SCORE 9.399
2021 Ranking #NR
Google Internship Program

At a place where employees see their work have a worldwide impact very quickly, internships are fast-paced and exciting.  Google interns from computer engineering backgrounds work on everything from creating logos to conducting research, and the...

SCORE 9.381
2021 Ranking #NR
Apple Summer Internship Program

More information about Apple's internship program is on the way. For now, be sure to read the   Apple's  profile on Firsthand   and check out   Apple 's current internship openings  on their site.

SCORE 9.334
2021 Ranking #NR
Microsoft Engineering Internships

Microsoft's ambitions to put a computer on every desk have evolved to put a computing device just about anywhere and connect it to the cloud rather than anchor it to a desk. Besides the Windows operating system and Office suite of productivity...

SCORE 8.992
2021 Ranking #NR
Goldman Sachs Global Summer Internship

Goldman Sachs actively seeks to recruit talented people from all academic backgrounds into their internship programs. Ranging from one-week spring internships to eight to ten-week summer analyst and associate internships, the firm offers...

SCORE 8.897
2021 Ranking #NR
Goldman Sachs & Co.
Tesla Internship Program

Tesla is committed to hiring and developing top talent from across the world for any given discipline. Their world-class teams operate with a non-conventional product development philosophy of high interdisciplinary collaboration, flat...

SCORE 8.885
2021 Ranking #NR
SpaceX Internship Program

More information about SpaceX's internship program is on the way. For now, be sure to check out SpaceX 's current internship openings on their site by clicking here .

SCORE 8.847
2021 Ranking #NR
J.P. Morgan Internship Programs

J.P. Morgan's summer internship programs give candidates the chance to gain meaningful work experience and explore the vast career opportunities across the firm. Interns will make an impact right from the start, combining hands-on work with...

SCORE 8.717
2021 Ranking #NR
J.P. Morgan
Morgan Stanley Summer Analyst & Associate Internship Programs

Morgan Stanley offers 14 Internship Programs for undergraduates and 6 internship programs for students pursuing an MBA, MFE or PhD. Internship Programs are offered in the following lines of business: Investment Banking, Fixed Income,...

SCORE 8.647
2021 Ranking #NR
Morgan Stanley
Dow Jones & Company Internship Program

Internships are offered primarily during May through August, but some opportunities are also available during the school year. Publishing interns will spend the summer working in one of The Wall Street Journal’s news bureaus. Technology interns...

SCORE 8.429
2021 Ranking #NR
Berkshire Hathaway Internship Program

Berkshire Hathaway's internship program allows interns t o gain valuable work experience and grow as a business individual. The Company has internships in the following areas: Accounting/Finance Actuarial Science Claim Operations ...

SCORE 8.403
2021 Ranking #NR
Berkshire Hathaway
Amazon Internship Programs

At Amazon, interns are valuable contributors on projects that directly impact the experience for customers. Interns who join Amazon become part of an innovative and fast-paced workplace; there is ample opportunity for them to work on complex and...

SCORE 8.399
2021 Ranking #NR
McKinsey Summer Analyst & Associate Programs

McKinsey offers a Summer Analyst program for undergraduate students and a Summer Associate role for MBA students. Interns join the firm's offices and practices (e.g. Digital McKinsey, Marketing & Sales) around the world for 8-10 weeks,...

SCORE 8.386
2021 Ranking #NR
McKinsey & Company
Deloitte LLP Internship

Deloitte has opportunities that can help you make your impact on the world - through technology, business, finance, human capital, social change, or pure invention. Deloitte helps provide innovative solutions to the complex business problems...

SCORE 8.380
2021 Ranking #NR
Facebook. Internship Programs

When it comes to social networking, it's wise to put your best face forward. Facebook, the social networking juggernaut, lets users share information, post photos and videos, play games, and otherwise connect with one another through online...

SCORE 8.317
2021 Ranking #NR
NBA Internship Program

The NBA league and every individual team offer internships to students who are academically strong and passionate about basketball. The NBA league office offers Summer Internships to students between their junior and senior years and to...

SCORE 8.242
2021 Ranking #NR
NFL Internship Program

Most internships with the NFL take place in New York City, but the member clubs are located in major cities all over the country. The NFL offers a Summer Internship Program that introduces interns to a variety of different departments such as...

SCORE 8.239
2021 Ranking #NR
EY Launch Internship

Ernst & Young interns are exposed to a variety of responsibilities. Assignments usually include research, assisting with mergers, capital- sourcing efforts, tax planning engagements, learning the firm’s audit process and getting practical...

SCORE 8.234
2021 Ranking #NR
Ernst & Young LLP (EY)
The Walt Disney Animation Studios Internship Programs

Walt Disney Animation Studios offers two internship programs: the talent development program for college graduates, and the art and production associate program for current college students. Positions are available in story, visual development,...

SCORE 8.219
2021 Ranking #NR
Nike Internship Programs

Nike offers internships in many different niches. Depending on your skills and education you can apply for positions in fields such as Brand Marketing, Corporate Functions, Design, Distribution, Merchandising, Engineering, Manufacturing, Retail,...

SCORE 8.206
2021 Ranking #NR
IBM Internship Programs

More information about IBM's internship program is on the way. For now, be sure to read the IBM profile on Firsthand and check out IBM's current internship openings  on their site.

SCORE 8.204
2021 Ranking #NR
IBM Global Business Services
PwC/Strategy& Summer Internship Program

PwC has multiple internship programs: Start Start, PwC’s diversity internship experience is an introductory internship which provides participants the opportunity to learn more about professional services while developing the digital and...

SCORE 8.182
2021 Ranking #NR
Bain Summer Associate Program

Bain & Co. offers summer internship programs for top-performing undergraduate and MBA students. Their formula for success is simple: they hire immensely talented people and give them everything they could possibly need to be happy and great...

SCORE 8.179
2021 Ranking #NR
Bain & Company
Bloomberg Global Summer Internship Program

As a Bloomberg Summer Intern, you’ll be part of an organization that’s constantly entering new markets, launching new ventures and doing what nobody else has done before. You’ll find that with the right attitude, you can go as far as you...

SCORE 8.171
2021 Ranking #NR
Bloomberg L.P.
BlackRock Summer Analyst Program

BlackRock's Summer Analyst Program is an eight-week internship designed to provide students with an exciting, supportive and fun experience, which mirrors life as an Analyst at BlackRock. Interns will have real-world responsibilities throughout...

SCORE 8.159
2021 Ranking #NR
The Gates Foundation Internship Program

More information about The Gates Foundation's internship program is on the way. For now, be sure to check out The Gates Foundation's current internship openings on their site by clicking here .

SCORE 8.104
2021 Ranking #NR
The New York Times Internship Program

The New York Times offers a number of different internship programs. The James Reston Reporting Fellowships give up to four interns regular reporting assignments and may be extended by six months, often leading to full-time employment. The...

SCORE 8.051
2021 Ranking #NR
KPMG Internship Program

KPMG offers internship opportunities in both the winter and summer in Audit, Tax, Advisory and Business Process Groups.  The internships offer college students an array of enriching personal and professional development opportunities, including...

SCORE 8.045
2021 Ranking #NR
MLB Internship Program

The MLB Summer Internship Program is designed to provide exceptional students interested in a career in sports with a unique opportunity to learn firsthand about the diverse business operations of Major League Baseball. Those selected will gain...

SCORE 7.973
2021 Ranking #NR
ESPN Internship Program

More information about ESPN's internship program is on the way. For now, be sure to check out ESPN's current internship openings on their site by clicking here .

SCORE 7.947
2021 Ranking #NR
Intel Internship Program

Intel interns are continually surprised with the responsibility and importance of the projects they are assigned. As a company, Intel continues to be impressed with the enthusiasm, fresh ideas, and overall capabilities of our interns. Even more...

SCORE 7.916
2021 Ranking #NR
Mercedes-Benz USA Internship

MBUSA STAR The MBUSA STAR program offers summer internships to rising juniors and seniors who are currently enrolled in a 4-year accredited academic institution. Over the course of the program, they’ll gain valuable insights into various...

SCORE 7.883
2021 Ranking #NR
Bank of America Internship

The Bank of America internship program provides students with the opportunity to expand upon their technical skills, their knowledge of the industry and their familiarity with a corporate environment. Internship programs are available in all...

SCORE 7.868
2021 Ranking #NR
Bank of America Corp.

Responsibilities vary by department, but may include research, assisting sales staff and administrative functions. Possible departments include pharmaceutical operations, finance, marketing and market research, global research and development...

SCORE 7.851
2021 Ranking #NR
Spotify Summer Internship

Spotify's paid internship program gives interns the chance to gain in-depth knowledge of what it’s like to be a Spotify employee as well as  the opportunity to see the technology side of a fast growing company. Spotify's summer internships last...

SCORE 7.833
2021 Ranking #NR
Adobe Summer Internship Program

Adobe interns work on business-critical projects, receive coaching and mentoring from top professionals, and gain practical job-learning experience and even Adobe certifications. Adobe has three dedicated internship programs: Adobe Research -...

SCORE 7.761
2021 Ranking #NR
Deutsche Bank Analyst Internship Program

Deutsche Bank provides commercial and investment banking, retail banking, transaction banking and asset and wealth management products and services to corporations, governments, institutional investors, small and medium-sized businesses, and...

SCORE 7.761
2021 Ranking #NR
Deutsche Bank AG
American Express Company Internships

American Express strives to provide interns with real-world experience combined with mentoring and training. Opportunitites are available in numerous areas, including consulting, finance, human resources, marketing, operations, risk management,...

SCORE 7.750
2021 Ranking #NR
American Express
Nintendo of America Inc. Internship Program

Nintendo of America (NOA) offers summer internships at its Redmond, WA headquarters in the following areas: Analytics Customer Experience Marketing Research Finance IT Infrastructure IT Network IT Platform Engineering IT...

SCORE 7.738
2021 Ranking #NR
BMW Summer Internship Program

More information about BMW's internship program is on the way. For now, be sure to check out   BMW 's current internship openings  on their site.

SCORE 7.728
2021 Ranking #NR
HBO Summer Internship Program

Interns get hands-on experience working at a major cable network and develop valuable contacts in the industry. Internships are available in HBO’s Los Angeles location in several departments, including development and production, legal, casting,...

SCORE 7.679
2021 Ranking #NR
P&G Internship and Co-Op Program

A P&G internship/co-op offers the opportunity to experience all that the company has to offer - their work, their people, their values, and their culture. They believe there is no better way to learn about these things than to participate in...

SCORE 7.671
2021 Ranking #NR
Sony Corporation of America Internship Programs

Internships take place in North America, where participants help Sony develop, test and market new products. Positions are available in engineering, research, marketing and sales. Internships in engineering and research require that participants...

SCORE 7.657
2021 Ranking #NR
Oracle Technology-Based Internships

Oracle prides itself on providing a livable work style for its employees. A casual dress code and an extensive “campus” replete with cafés, state-of-theart exercise facilities and a club room are some of the perks, as well as social activities...

SCORE 7.651
2021 Ranking #NR
Coca-Cola Company Internship Programs

As part of Coca-Cola’s functional internship program, undergraduate- and graduate-level interns work in various departments, including marketing, IT, finance and supply chain. Coca-Cola also offers a separate internship program through INROADS,...

SCORE 7.644
2021 Ranking #NR
Samsung Electronics America, Inc. Summer Internship

Summers at Samsung are filled with opportunities to grow both personally and professionally. Engage with executives, collaborate cross-functionally, and put their stamp on this global organization.

SCORE 7.604
2021 Ranking #NR
LinkedIn Internship Program

LinkedIn operates an online professional network designed to help members find jobs, connect with other professionals, and locate business opportunities. The site has grown to reach more than 430 million users in some 200 countries since its...

SCORE 7.576
2021 Ranking #NR
Dell Summer Internships

Dell interns are given real work, sharing job responsibilities with full- time employees. Duties vary based on the position, but all interns participate in an orientation during the first week and several internship events throughout the summer.

SCORE 7.535
2021 Ranking #NR
Citi Summer Intern Program

Citi offers summer analyst positions for undergraduate students and summer associate position for MBA, JD, and PhD students. Positions are available in numerous areas, including capital markets origination, commodities, consumer banking,...

SCORE 7.484
2021 Ranking #44
AT&T Finance Leadership Development Program

The AT&T Finance Leadership Development Program Internship provides the opportunity to diversify your career with experience in areas like Financial Analysis, Business Case Development, Capital Planning, Treasury, and Investor Relations...

SCORE 7.460
2021 Ranking #NR