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All internship roles are posted to the Guggenheim Career Site. Applications open on or about July 1 for the following summer and are open to all eligible rising 1st years


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  • “There is a great culture at the firm, especially amongst the junior bankers. The firm allows some flexibility with working from home later in the evenings and on the weekends. The hours are still banking hours, but the great culture makes it fun to be in the office all the time.”
  • “Firm culture is positive and engaging. Industry standard for hours is not awesome, but I never stayed late for the sake of staying, it was always intentional.”
  • “Investment banking is hard and can be tiring, but Guggenheim has systems and benefits in place to help make it sustainable.”
  • “I highly enjoyed my time at this firm. The people were positive and often took measures to ensure interns could attend any social event. There was no guilting to skip or punishing an individual for making decisions on personal or private matters as long as you identified them to your team. The culture is extremely strong, communicative, and caring while still focused on accomplishing the tasks as a unified team.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “I networked heavily to get an interview, then got a super day in the fall that was three interviews, and received an offer via phone call from one of my interviewers that night. It seemed to be an extremely selective process. I was the only person from my school who got enough traction networking to get an interview and I know some students at other schools who recruited but did not get an interview.”
  • “Interview process was well structured with lots of guidance from the campus recruiters. I really appreciated the outreach and structure”
  • “I had one super day with several interviews. Standards were selective but fair based on backgrounds of applicants.”