Guggenheim Securities provides advisory, sales and trading, research, and financing services. Recent clients include IBM, Disney, Pfizer, and Verizon. The firm's interns get a lot of responsibility, live deal experience, and experience across various industries and products. Even the most junior bankers get significant access to senior leadership and clients.

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501-1,000 Employees


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Vault Banking 25


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Chicago, IL


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Jennifer Gordon

Firsthand Findings

Guggenheim Securities is looking for positive, personable, inquisitive, analytical, team-oriented, intellectually curious, hardworking, motivated candidates with the ability to think on their feet. The firm runs a highly valuable internship program for students. Interns are given live deal experience, access to senior bankers, the ability to attend many social events and instructional seminars, and the chance to explore different sectors and groups. Full-time junior bankers have access to an incredibly supportive learning environment that focuses on career development and mentorship. Guggenheim has an apprenticeship model and promotes from within. In addition, it offers best-in-class training programs, clearly defined career paths, and support regarding exit opportunities.

About the Company

Guggenheim Securities is the investment banking and capital markets arm of Guggenheim Partners, which employs more than 2,300 worldwide and is headquartered in Chicago and New York. Guggenheim Securities provides advisory, sales and trading, research, and financing services. Recent advisory clients include IBM, The Walt Disney Company, Pfizer,  Thomson Reuters, Array Technologies and Lucid Group. In the past 10 years, Guggenheim Securities has advised on more than $1 trillion worth of announced M&A transactions and over $200 billion in debt and equity financing. In addition to investment banking services, Guggenheim Partners offers investment management and investment advisory services. It has more than $330 billion in assets under management as of December 2021.

Employee Reviews

  • “Most bankers, including analysts and associates, have significant autonomy over our work/life balance, especially post-Covid and with the institution of remote work. There is no expectation of face time. Most bankers respect work/life balance and boundaries. But as is expected in this business, there are times when deals require late night or weekend work, which are often out of our control. That said, senior bankers make an effort to minimize unnecessary fire drills.”
  • “At times, the hours were pretty bad. However, my group in particular has worked to discuss and address these issues head on, and senior leaders are actively engaged in discussions with juniors. I think relatively speaking in an industry where there is a base level of hours to expect, our firm has worked to try to have an above average culture and experience for juniors.”
  • “It’s banking, and long hours will not be going away soon. I expect to work as long as necessary Monday through Thursday and make no other plans. On any given day, I may work anywhere from 12 to 18 hours depending. On Fridays and Saturdays, I typically plan a small dinner or drink (that may need to get cancelled) and will work for several hours Saturday and/or Sunday.”
  • “Seniors try their best to make sure we’re able to have time outside of work and enjoy that time as much as possible. Deal flow has been heavy the last few months, so it’s been a bit harder to come by free time.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “The firm has a very efficient and straightforward interviewing and callback process. The ideal candidate is a team player, has high integrity, and either is or has the potential to be a high-impact and productive banker.”
  • “Ideal candidate is willing to learn, positive, inquisitive, and quick to ask questions and seek guidance when confused. They also have a great attitude and the ability to think on their feet.”
  • “A few informational interviews over the phone and then an in-person Super Day that has three interviews total. One interview is focused on technical, and if you pass you go into two more rounds that are focused on behavioral. The ideal candidate is well-rounded, a team player, technically sound, and is open to pursuing a long-term career with the firm.”
  • “Guggenheim has a quick and decisive interview process with decisions usually being made and feedback delivered in a single day. Ideal candidates are personable, well-balanced, team-oriented, intellectually curious, hardworking, and dedicated.”

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