Guggenheim Securities provides advisory, sales and trading, research, and financing services. Recent clients include IBM, Disney, Pfizer, and Verizon. The firm's interns get a lot of responsibility, live deal experience, and experience across various industries and products. Even the most junior bankers get significant access to senior leadership and clients.

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501-1,000 Employees


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Vault Banking 25


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Chicago, IL (HQ)


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Jennifer Gordon

Firsthand Findings

Guggenheim Securities is looking for intellectually-curious, technically-sound, high-achieving candidates who thrive in collaborative environments. The firm’s internship programs are extremely valuable, offering summer analysts and associates accurate pictures of what junior full-time roles look like. Interns especially appreciate the high level of responsibility and working on live deals alongside senior bankers. Meanwhile, Guggenheim’s full-time junior bankers get access to numerous growth and development opportunities, including extensive training, an emphasis on promoting from within, and an apprenticeship model that’s embraced by senior bankers, who genuinely care about the career development of juniors.

Although hours can be long and work/life balance not a...

About the Company

Guggenheim Securities is the investment banking and capital markets arm of Guggenheim Partners, which employs more than 2,100 worldwide and is headquartered in Chicago and New York. Guggenheim Securities provides advisory, sales and trading, research, and financing services. Recent advisory clients include IBM, The Walt Disney Company, Paramount, Pfizer, Blackstone, Thomson Reuters, Array Technologies and Lucid Group. In the past 10 years, Guggenheim Securities has advised on more than $1.2 trillion worth of announced M&A transactions and over $225 billion in debt and equity financing. In addition to investment banking services, Guggenheim Partners offers investment management and investment advisory services. It has more than $340 billion in assets under management (as of January 2023).

Employee Reviews

  • “As with most banks, quality of life is driven by workload more than by anything else. Guggenheim has significant deal flow, enabling its personnel to stay very busy, but at the same time it doesn't have the need to take on every assignment that way a bulge bracket might. I find this allows for some balance in one's life, noting that at times even a single deal can consume most of one's time (including weekends).”

  • “The job is incredibly rewarding in that my work product makes its way into face time with the client. I have a high-level of engagement with clients, which I am appreciative of and makes the work purpose-driven. With this engagement comes the requirement to be available to the client, the needs of the client, and the needs of the deal team at all time. 

  • “My group’s culture is fantastic, and everyone is extremely respectful of each other’s time and personal lives. Since we are a small team and often are staffed with each other, it’s very easy for someone else to cover you if you have a social commitment or something outside of work that bears significance (e.g. if a family member is visiting). Our team members very much understand that we are people first and life outside of work continues to go on, and are very respectful of that.”

  • “We work hard, there's no doubt that. We probably put in hours towards the longer end of the spectrum. But there’s an anti-burnout mindset I have witnessed where people are made sure to get vacations and weekends off when needed. My peers have had no problem attending weddings and family events. Remote holiday seasons are a huge benefit compared to prior firms.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “The firm is looking for bankers who are collaborative workers, use creativity in their jobs, and are generally high achievers. Junior bankers are given significant exposure to client C-suite executives and are entrusted by their senior team members. The firm looks for individuals who can thrive in this environment and who are career learners.”

  • “Guggenheim's hiring process is fair but challenging. To get past the first interview, candidates need to demonstrate proficiency at some technical aspects of banking, so come prepared. For students interviewing from non-business schools, this may require a significant investment of free time to learn things on your own. Ultimately, the firm is looking for smart people who would fit into the culture.”

  • “For junior/entry level-bankers out of undergrad and grad school programs, we have target schools and non-target schools. For target schools, we do on-campus recruiting activities prior to resume drops. For non-target schools, candidates can submit their resumes for consideration. We typically do Super Days for analyst and associate candidates. The interviews involve a mix of technical, behavioral, and case-based questions, with a few brainteasers at times, but nothing too bad. Nothing was asked that was out of the ordinary or unexpected for an entry-level investment banking interview. The firm likes selecting candidates who are collaborative and demonstrate an intellectual curiosity to learn.”

  • “Typically, candidates have a few phone calls as an initial screen and then candidates are invited to a Super Day where there is one technically-focused interview and two behaviorally-focused interviews. I think Guggenheim looks for candidates who are great culture fits, very hardworking, and intellectually curious. I think many of the candidates are in the business school of their undergraduate college and study finance, but that does not preclude them from getting an offer at Guggenheim. We take many candidates with liberal arts backgrounds, because we understand that it’s more important for candidates to be a good culture fits and exhibit a strong willingness and desire to learn.”