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  • “Firm culture is always eventful, and people are always nice and caring to people around, especially to those who have questions that needs to be answered. Work hours are very flexible, and the option to work at home is always nice.”
  • “The quality of life was excellent! The hours were set for each week and time was put into making sure each individual had work they could do in their allotted hours.”
  • “The culture here is great because everyone gets along well and hang out after hours sometimes. The internship was very hands-on, and I learned a lot.”
  • “I think that is was very well put together. Everyone was very welcoming since the beginning. Work/like balance is definitely not ignored, anyone has the flexibility about when and where to work as long as you get your hours in and your work done. They also have fun things in the office and bring in food weekly to make the day better!”

Getting Hired Here

  • “The hiring process at Marcum was very smooth and efficient. All of the staff members that I met with were very considerate and informative. All the individuals whom I interviewed with were able to provide me with useful information during each of my interviews.”
  • “Hiring process was very quick, which I appreciated. I had a phone call interview as well as an in-person interview the following day and was hired on the spot. Interview was thorough and comfortable.”
  • “HR was very good and quick with communicating with me throughout the entire interview process. The interviews were very laidback and the interviewer were very easy to talk to.”
  • “It was very smooth and simple, with only a couple interviews, and the application process was easy.”