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NYC-based Marcum is one of the 15 largest accounting firms in the U.S. Its interns get hands-on experience and exposure to partners. Full-time staff get access to mentors and coaches, and can transfer between locations and practice areas. Marcum promotes a healthy work/life balance, offering flexible schedules and alternative work arrangements.

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Marcum is looking for highly motivated, hardworking, inquisitive, diverse candidates who are eager to learn, and have strong project management, communication, and teamwork skills. The firm’s internship program offers students hands-on experience, exposure to various types of tax returns, access to senior managers and partners, and the ability to network with other members of the firm. For its full-time staff, Marcum offers numerous career development opportunities, including an excellent mentorship program, an effective coaching system, and the ability to transfer to other locations or practice areas.

Marcum promotes a healthy work/life balance, offering flexible schedules and alternative work arrangements. However, for many employees, balance can be difficult t...

About the Company

Marcum LLP is a New York-based accounting and advisory firm with 30 U.S. offices in various regions across the country, plus eight offices in China, Grand Cayman, and Ireland. According to Accounting Today's 2021 rankings, Marcum is the 15th-largest accounting firm in the U.S. by revenue (it booked $689 million in 2020).

The firm offers industry-focused practices with specialized expertise to privately held and publicly registered companies, and nonprofit and social sector organizations.  The firm's managing partner is Jeffrey Weiner, who was twice named an “MP Elite” by Accounting Today.  Weiner was also named one of the industry’s Top 100 Most Influential People and one of its Top Five Most Admired Peers. Meanwhile, the firm itself has appeared on such lists as Crain’s New York Business magazine’s...

Employee Reviews

  • “We have been the pioneers of flexible and alternative work arrangements. I think we do an excellent job of allowing people to work on their own schedule. Assuming there is communication about the alternative work schedule, we are fairly flexible. We also allow for ‘core hours,’ which is a unique policy where full-time employees not on an alternative work arrangement can chose when they want to work their eight hours. They can start earlier and leave early, or start later. This is very progressive, and good for recruitment and retention of our staff.”
  • “The firm makes every effort to assist employees’ ability to achieve work/life balance and offers numerous sponsored programs to help employees achieve that. But given the pace of the business, it is often difficult to take advantage of those benefits and achieve high performance.”
  • “It’s the nature of the beast. It’s not a 40-hour week, 52 weeks a year. We choose this life. Meals were provided pre-Covid, so we didn’t have to figure out food while working late in the office. That was so nice. It is also nice to be able to take PTO around the holidays.”
  • “From the top down, people encourage you to take PTO and take time for yourself. However, sometimes the workload is so high that even though you’re encouraged to have work/life balance, it can feel impossible with the workload.”
  • “I would say compensation is average within the industry, but perks and benefits, such as health insurance and 401(k), fall short of the industry average.”
  • “Flexibility is a very good benefit offered. I think my base salary is reasonable and my bonuses are generous, but I feel like my raises have been poor. I think the 401(k) match is far too little. It should be up to 5 to 6 percent of compensation.”
  • “I think the overall salary can initially be low, but then as you prove yourself, it will adjust to an acceptable level. Benefits are expensive but seem on par with that of the industry. The 401(k) plan seems to lag that of the rest of the industry average. The firm does offer alternative work arrangements, flexible hours, etc., which is common in the industry, but there are not that many other perks. We do have a nice office space that is very convenient to public transportation.”
  • “I believe my base salary is competitive. All managers, seniors managers, and directors get the same flat bonus amount. I would prefer it to be based on our performance, so if I’m doing great, I would get a great bonus. But I still am very appreciative that I get a bonus! Perks are sub-par. Health insurance is so expensive even for the lowest, basic plan. The 401(k) match is up to $1,000. For a staff, that’s awesome, but for the rest of us, that’s nothing. When we’re in the office, we try to have events and happy hours, etc. We have to plan most of them ourselves, but the firm supports them and pays for them.”
  • “The firm provides excellent mentorship and a very effective coaching system. Moving from one location to another or transferring within the office from one practice area to another is encouraged.”
  • “Management is very open to helping you move forward and has been very invested in my career development. I’ve received a lot of informal training. My specific department (not sure if is also true firmwide) requires you to basically be acting in the capacity of the next level before being promoted.”
  • “The best aspect of my firm’s career development opportunities is the wide range of industries and client service areas other than the traditional audit and tax. Having these resources at our disposal gives us a great opportunity to grow beyond our current role if we chose to pivot to a different area of the firm. Another great aspect is that the firm has shown a commitment to supporting us in our personal professional development by sponsoring leadership development programs that our offered by well-known organizations in the area. It’s clear and obvious that as you grow at the firm, they will continue to invest more and more into you, because they truly want to see you succeed. However, the firm tries to separate assurance and tax as much as possible. I believe having a mix of both areas can make you more effective.”
  • “Marcum provides opportunities to be involved in both a main industry specialization as well as a service line, and also provides opportunities to minor in other industries lines as well. Training is excellent, with firmwide experts who are the best in the industry as discussion leaders.”
  • “Diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives and ARGs are moving in the right direction, but actions speak louder than words. There are currently no female partners in my department in my office.”
  • “Marcum has a foundation that employees can participate in. There is a national day of service the day before Thanksgiving where nationally our offices close so we can all do a day of community service in our communities. Marcum has a Diversity and Inclusion group that sends out emails often about different initiatives being taken at Marcum. There is also a Pride group where members of the LGBTQ+ community nationally socialize together and do fun virtual events. Marcum could be more diverse, especially when it comes to partners, but I do think that’s the industry at large firms, and Marcum is taking steps to improve in this area, including expanding schools we recruit from.”
  • “Marcum is behind the times when it comes to DEI initiatives. Their social media presence wants to show they are inclusive and diverse and making steps to better DEI, but in reality, there has not been enough done or any true change made. The tone from the top has been unsupportive and cold. It has been very difficult to get any change or even compassion at times when dealing with very difficult DEI situations. Leadership on several occasions has destroyed any positive work the employees have worked hard to accomplish regarding feeling secure being who they are when it comes to diversity and inclusion. Leadership is clearly out of touch with the typical associate, and the lack of empathy and understanding has been difficult to take. Trying to make any real change for the benefit of the employees who do not fit in the typical straight, Caucasian, middle age male box has been impossible and exhausting.”
  • “The firm is making a concerted effort to focus on diversity/equity/inclusion. But there has been extreme pushback at the top level of the firm regarding equity for transgender and nonbinary/gender-nonconforming employees. Complaints and requests for changes backed up by data and information from Big 4 and other mid-size firms are still getting responses of ‘I don't understand why that's important’ and ‘We want to have professional relationships with clients and not deal with things like that.’”
  • “Marcum has made it through Covid successfully. We managed not to lay off one single employee or reduce anyone’s pay, even partners. We are stronger now than pre-Covid.”
  • “We are an ‘old school’ accounting firm—for better and for worse. Our leaders know how to run a profitable accounting firm, but we need to keep innovating. The business plan going forward is great overall, but employee morale is often low.”
  • “Biggest weakness is its ‘old school’ mentality in various aspects. The company should modernize, with more and more of the workforce being younger. However, I do believe we’re strong in our client relations. As we’re a mid-size firm, we typically keep the same people on the same jobs year after year to help build those client relations. The day of service (November), busy season party (April-May), and holiday party (December) help build employee morale. I believe there should be another event in the summer to help keep morale up throughout the year.”
  • “The reopening after Covid-19 will be key for the economy as a whole. Our ability to react and maintain solid practices that helped our firm during the Covid-19 shutdowns should make our firm even better coming out of the pandemic. The challenge I see is to attract and retain talent, which will be a key to our success.”
  • “Best parts of the internship are you get your hands-on full accounting experience, you get to interact with clients, and you develop new strategies and skills while on the job. Most challenging part is learning how to manage time and prioritize projects.”
  • “The best aspect of my internship was being able to get into real work right away. With previous internships, I felt like I was just doing busy work that didn’t require my knowledge or understanding of accounting. With this internship, I felt like every day I was engaged and learning something new.”
  • “The best part was I was able to do actual client work and learn. Most internships just give you busy work, but I was able to do work that other staff members were able to do. I also loved the culture. There were events to help us network and get to know employees at all levels. I have no complaints about my internship.”
  • “I had the chance to learn different types of returns. I worked with people from a relatively high level—senior managers and partners. People are always happy to help—it is welcomed to ask any questions.”

Wellness Efforts

  • “Marcum does make an effort to encourage wellness and health by holding ‘Fitbit challenges’ and encouraging people to get up from their desks and move. They also provide standing desks to those who request them.”
  • “I feel like the firm is doing very well and making great efforts toward our health and wellness. I am participating with our health insurance wellness program and communicate once a month with a health coach towards better health. This is great!”
  • “Wellness efforts are mostly offered through the firm’s insurance carrier. There are some programs that are offered such as a ‘Fitbit challenge,’ but I’m not sure how much energy is given to such programs. It would be a nice benefit/perk to offer gym membership reimbursements or weight management programs (Weight Watchers, etc.).”
  • “I think our wellness efforts regarding physical health could be more robust. And regarding mental health, especially given Covid, they could be more proactive. We’ve outsourced mental health resources for everyone, which is good, but it’s entirely up to the associate to access, and sometimes we might lack the self-awareness of the need to access these resources if we’re all not looking out for each other. That’s what I mean by more proactive.”


Response to Anti-Racist Protests and BLM Movement

  • “The firm created a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) taskforce that meets regularly to discuss how to improve DEI at the firm. Regular reports are provided to firm associates to internally announce progress. We are formalizing on a national level our relationship with the National Association of Black Accountants, with plans to expand relationships with other groups.”
  • "The CEO mentioned it once in an email and a firmwide call and started a diversity and inclusion taskforce. I think the firm’s response could have been faster. It seemed to take a while for them to take a stance on the topic of Black Lives Matter.”
  • “We didn’t do a whole lot to avoid rocking the boat—our response was a little underwhelming. But since our clients may have differing opinions from our firm’s leadership, I understand why we would not make any bold statements.”
  • “Our firm has made progress by creating groups where Black employees can talk about their concerns and present them to the CEO and HR. However, this only happened after a lot of pressure by staff, and if there had not been pressure, I doubt we would have publicly supported or commented on it.”

Response to Covid-19

  • “Our leadership team did a fantastic job in response to the pandemic. We had substantially all of the necessary IT infrastructure in place to support a fully remote work force before the pandemic hit, so we really didn’t miss a beat when were all forced to work from home. Leadership has held (and continues to hold) Town Hall meetings where associates can ask questions directly to firm leadership. Leadership has been very open and forthcoming. We didn't have mass layoffs, and overall they’ve done a great job.”
  • “Very effective communication. The firm took a very responsible approach, locking the offices down and switching to 100 percent remote. When offices opened back up, it was with very strict restrictions and tracking. We shut down again before Thanksgiving. Firm is remote until June 2021. IT was ready for remote work in March when the lockdown happened. Seamless transition. Lots of flexibility and understanding with schedules and needs for alternate work schedules. Firm bounced back pretty quickly from financial effects of Covid.”
  • “The firm’s initial response to the global pandemic was great. When the pandemic first began, the firm quickly reacted, and the workforce became fully remote in mid-March. The transition to a completely remote workforce was seamless, and the firm worked in a remote environment and continued to conduct business successfully. Offices began to reopen slowly over the summer, with some employees going back to working in the office. As summer turned to fall, there was pressure from leadership for everyone to begin to return to the office. And as of October 1, it was mandated that everyone return to the office on a full-time basis or apply for an alternative work arrangement. One leader even went as far as to declare that ‘the Covid period was over’ and that we should return to normal life. This was seen as tone deaf and irresponsible by many employees. The full return to office only lasted for two months before everyone was forced back to remote work right before Thanksgiving.”
  • “We have had monthly CEO town halls. We also had a couple of regional-based town halls. Both have very different messages. CEO town hall makes it seem like the company is empathetic to the employees. The regional calls have been harsh, even stating that everyone should be working to full capacity because our figures are down. The lack of acknowledgment of working a full blown busy season at home on an employee’s mental health is discouraging. It would seem that they only care that you get your 55 billable hours in. But I have a job, right? I’m still employed. So I should be grateful.”

Why Work Here

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to launching your accounting career. At Marcum LLP, we offer you a world of opportunity, a highly competitive salary, exceptional benefits, flexible work options, and industry-leading technology, all within an environment that values your contributions and supports your professional growth.

As a Marcum team member, you’ll receive a benefits package that includes health, dental, and vision insurance, short and long-term disability insurance, life insurance, flexible spending accounts, and transit benefits, as well as paid time off, a 401(k) plan with an employer contribution, and a profit sharing plan.

Getting Hired Here

  • “We generally have one interview with the candidate where they may meet with two to six associates for interviews and coffee/lunch, along with an office tour (pre-Covid). We are looking for highly motivated, hardworking, inquisitive individuals who are willing to learn and put in the effort necessary to be successful. They should not be afraid to ask questions.”
  • “Interviews are held by managers and partners in service line/team, so we make decisions very quickly if the right candidate comes our way. We are always looking for strong technical accountants. But perhaps more importantly, we are looking for candidates who have strong project management skills, are good communicators, and work well in a team environment.”
  • “The interview and callback process is fairly standard. Our HR team handles the initial phone interview and screens candidates, then you’ll be brought in to interview with all levels of staff, from staff to partner, to give you a solid view of the firm you’re potentially going to be working for. The ideal candidate will be ready to learn, want to get their foot in the door on a little bit of everything, never say ‘no,’ and always be open to a new challenge—even if you fall on your face, our team will be there to pick you up.”
  • “Candidates have multiple interviews (on the same day), meeting with people at different levels, so multiple people can interview the candidate. We are also quick in deciding whether a candidate will be the right fit or not. We are looking for smart, easy-going, kind people who are able to work on a team and care about our clients.”
  • “What is important to you when picking a firm to work for? What would you say are your areas of strength and improvement? Tell me about your prior work/volunteer experience (if any).”
  • “Tell us about a time where you disagreed with your manager and what you did. Tell us about a time where you were assigned a new client without a prior year reference and what you did. Tell us about a time when you had to deal with a difficult coworker and what you did.”
  • “Who are you as a person? We focus significantly on understanding what makes a person tick, rather than how well they did in accounting classes. While academic performance is important and a requirement, we want people who are a motivational fit guarding the front door to protect the strong culture we’ve developed.”
  • “(1) Tell us about yourself, school, prior work experience, etc. (2) What do you do for fun? (3) Why do you want to work for Marcum/What have you heard about Marcum? (4) Think of a time you thought “I could have done that better.” Explain the situation and what you learned. (5) What’s the most interesting experience you’ve ever had and what made it so interesting?”

Perks & Benefits