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51 to 100


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Best Internships for LGBTQ+ Diversity






6 to 12 weeks




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Intern Reviews

  • “Firm culture was incredibly welcoming and friendly, very helpful and encouraging.”
  • “I really liked how the internship and full-time position is hybrid, and the firm is very flexible with the days you choose to come in. I never felt overloaded with work, and it was actually the opposite. There were many days where I had nothing to work on.”
  • “We were expected to work 32-40 hours a week, but they were understanding if you needed to work less in a particular week. Overall, they didn't really care what hours you worked, as long as you were getting work done. They were also very flexible with where you wanted to work from; you could work either from home or come into the office (or switch midday).”
  • “I was required to work 32 hours a week, but mostly ended up working 40 hours a week. I felt that the work/life balance was great, but did not have an internship through busy season so that opinion could change. I don't feel as though there was too much pressure on me either as an intern.”

Getting Hired Here

  • "I participated in a series of 3 interviews. They were very pleasant and not difficult at all, although I do believe the standards were fairly selective."
  • "I interviewed once for a summer leadership program and was selected to attend that program. At the conclusion of the leadership conference, they held exit interviews for internships and after that interview, I was offered the internship. Both of the interviews were conversational and not at all intimidating."