Cherry Bekaert is a leading accounting and consulting firm with offices throughout the Southeast. The firm has a friendly, collaborative culture, and partners have an open-door policy. Career development opportunities are extensive—the firm supports valuable training and mentoring offerings—and a healthy work/life balance can be achieved.

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  • “Work/life balance is very much a part of the firm’s culture. Compared to most public accounting firms, I would say that this firm has the best I’ve seen.”
  • “We work long hours on a seasonal basis, but there’s a lot of flexibility with schedule. Everyone’s treated as a professional in this sense and expected to get their work done, but we’re not micromanaged on work schedule.”
  • “I’m happy being employed by Cherry Bekaert and believe the firm’s future outlook is excellent. Although we do work long hours, most everyone in this office works together and gets along very well.”
  • “Good people to work with. Strong firm with great opportunities. Firm is focused on sales growth and expects business development from all employees.”
  • “Compensation, benefits, vacation, and holidays are in line with or better than most firms.”
  • “Not the best pay for a mid-sized firm, but the exposure and knowledge you will gain is priceless.”
  • “The salaries are very fair at every level. The benefits are also good; we get health insurance and a 401(k) plan.”
  • “The opportunities are vast with the ability to specialize and change offices. It is a normal CPA firm culture but they care about each employee.”
  • “Cherry Bekaert takes great pride in its development program. Individuals know exactly what’s expected of them to reach the next level. In addition, the tools to succeed and mentoring are provided as well.”
  • “The firm clearly lays out the career development goals and provides the necessary tools and guidance to meet those goals. There are always opportunities to specialize in an industry or other specific service line both organized by the firm and in response to individual requests.”
  • “Career development opportunities seem to be based on partners’ desires rather than employees’ desires.”
  • “Business outlook for the firm is strong. The firm has spent a tremendous amount of time on business development and sales growth, which is starting to pan out. Strong executive management is focused on making smart moves to grow the firm through acquisitions and internal growth.”
  • “The firm needs to boost employee morale, starting with better interoffice communication.”
  • “The firm is relatively new to the South Florida area. We’re rapidly growing, and I see a positive outlook for this firm. The strengths are the services we provide for our clients. Our weaknesses are the lack of Latino partners that run the firm. We need a stronger Hispanic management. Miami is predominately a Latino community, and I believe we need a stronger Latino management team to build our business in this region.”
  • “Cherry Bekaert is growing, and though there have been growing pains, the firm has a solid reputation.”
  • “I received great exposure during my internship. I worked at a staff level and was given room to explore while on the job.”
  • “It was a well-rounded internship. Employees were helpful.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “The firm’s interview and callback process is timely and professional. The firm has the candidates interview with a number of people at different levels (partner, manager, etc.) during the process. It can be lengthy. All the entry-level candidates tend to be interviewed on the same day. The ideal candidate is someone who can be groomed to be a partner. We’re looking for someone who’s a leader, ambitious, has good grades, and has the personality to develop business and help the firm grow.”
  • “Ideal candidate would be a recent graduate in the process of completing his or her CPA who is energetic and responsible.”
  • “We’re seeking similar candidates that the Big 4 firms are looking for. However, I believe we do not necessarily interview candidates from the right university.”
  • “We look for candidate with intelligence and ability to adapt and communicate effectively.”

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