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Ernst & Young is one of the global Big Four accounting firms. They are best known for providing audit, tax, business risk, technology and security risk services, and human capital services. Through four service lines—assurance, consultancy, strategy, and transactions—they help transform businesses.

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2008 Employees (All Locations)


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Cloda O'Dea - Director of Human Resources...


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Firsthand Findings

As one of the world's leading purveyors of professional services, there can be little doubt that successful applicants to EY will have plenty of opportunities to test themselves across a variety of projects and settings. And, with am HR team that brings on thousands of fresh recruits every year, the likelihood of the University-to-working world transition going smoothly at EY is higher than at most workplaces across the industry.

As for prestige and the question of the firm's future prospects, look no further than our rankings: while EY's overall position is fairly low, the firm qualified despite not participating in our survey--meaning that its prestige alone was enough for it to stand out as a top employer in the consu...

About the Company

Not your ordinary consultancy

Rebranded from Ernst and Young in 2013, EY's history stretches back as far as 1903. One of the Big Four accounting firms in the world today, alongside Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Deloitte and KPMG EY does not offer consultancy services in the conventional sense, having sold its consulting arm to Capgemini for $11 million in 2000, but it does provide what it calls advisory services.  In other words, it advises companies on effective business strategy but refrains from getting its hands dirty with implementation work.  Under this advisory umbrella, EY offers clients actuarial services, business advisory services, business risk services, financial services risk management, fraud investigation and dispute services, and technology and security risk services....

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