EY is one of the prestigious Big 4 accounting firms. It offers endless career development opportunities, including coaching, mentoring, training, web-based learning, and experience working with multinational clients. DE&I are core to EY’s DNA. EY is extremely transparent about its diversity goals and progress, and has been named a best employer for diversity.

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10,001+ Employees


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Vault Accounting 25


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Birmingham, AL


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Herbert Harriott - Associate Director of Human Resources

Firsthand Findings

One of the prestigious Big 4 accounting firms, EY runs a competitive recruiting process, looking to recruit the best and the brightest college graduates. Ideally, the organization is looking for hardworking candidates with strong technical skills and superior communications skills. EY offers many career development opportunities, including coaching and mentoring, extensive formal training and web-based learning, experience working with multinational clients on global teams, and a variety of mobility programs. You will work hard at EY. Busy season hours can be quite long, although as your career progresses, your schedule typically becomes more manageable. Salaries and benefits are adequate, and the firm receives good marks for its diversity practices and corporate responsibility ac...

About the Company

Ernst & Young LLP is a member firm of Big 4 accounting legend EY, a global organization of member firms formally known as Ernst & Young Global Limited. Ernst & Young LLP, which serves clients in the U.S., offers advisory, assurance, tax, and transaction advisory services, and its industry specializations include consumer products; financial services (asset management, banking and capital markets, private equity, and insurance); real estate (construction and hospitality and leisure); life sciences (biotechnology, medical technology, and pharmaceutical); media and entertainment; mining and metals; technology; automotive; telecommunications; oil and gas; power and utilities; cleantech; government and public sector; provider care; retail and wholesale; and support of entrepreneurial businesses. In 2021, EY ranked No. 3 on &l...

Employee Reviews

  • “Worst part is the demand for more hours. Best part is the satisfaction for being able to help clients.”
  • “I work really hard and do a good job, but I never have to work more hours than I need to in order to get my job done. There is no ‘empty time’ waiting for my boss to leave. I do what I do well and take however long it takes to get it done. Sometimes that requires long hours, but it’s never as bad as busy season audit hours. I travel some but usually only a couple of days a month. I don't really have any major quality of life issues other than it might be nice to have more vacation.”
  • “Outstanding culture—people are our biggest asset.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “I think our recruiters do a pretty good job overall. I just know that when I was in college, none of the Big 4 firms gave me full-time job offers. They were blatantly wrong for doing so since I had the best grades at my school, get along well with others, work hard, and have since been extremely successful working in accounting advisory. So without being too arrogant, I can say that they made mistakes, which makes me wonder whether they are focusing on the right qualities for candidates. I have seen a little bit of that since I worked here—where we’ve hired candidates that have what looks like good experience but end up being kind of useless at their jobs.”