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10,001+ Employees


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Vault Accounting 25


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Birmingham, AL


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Herbert Harriott - Associate Director of Human Resources

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  • “Worst part is the demand for more hours. Best part is the satisfaction for being able to help clients.”
  • “I work really hard and do a good job, but I never have to work more hours than I need to in order to get my job done. There is no ‘empty time’ waiting for my boss to leave. I do what I do well and take however long it takes to get it done. Sometimes that requires long hours, but it’s never as bad as busy season audit hours. I travel some but usually only a couple of days a month. I don't really have any major quality of life issues other than it might be nice to have more vacation.”
  • “Outstanding culture—people are our biggest asset.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “I think our recruiters do a pretty good job overall. I just know that when I was in college, none of the Big 4 firms gave me full-time job offers. They were blatantly wrong for doing so since I had the best grades at my school, get along well with others, work hard, and have since been extremely successful working in accounting advisory. So without being too arrogant, I can say that they made mistakes, which makes me wonder whether they are focusing on the right qualities for candidates. I have seen a little bit of that since I worked here—where we’ve hired candidates that have what looks like good experience but end up being kind of useless at their jobs.”

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