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10,001+ Employees


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Vault Consulting 50


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Boston, MA (HQ)


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Amy Fazen

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Employee Reviews

  • “BCG cares deeply about its people and will work to protect them. Individual care is prominent in the culture, without losing sight of the needs of the entire firm.”
  • “High levels of focus and investment in ‘PTO’ (the predictability, teaming, & open communication group) to make sure that cases run smoothly and unnecessary work is reduced where possible.”
  • “One thing we hear from clients fairly often is that we are more of a partner in problem-solving, v. coming to an answer without gathering input from the clients that work on it day in and day out. While they may not always like the answers we provide, they can always trust that they have been an equal partner in the process / their voice has been heard and considered.”
  • “People-focused accelerated professional and personal development resulting in international, iconic brand recognition and trust.”
  • “The culture in such a high-performing environment is unparalleled. You would think that there is internal competition, but people honestly care about each other, go out of their way to help and give each other opportunities to grow.”

Why Work Here

At BCG, your success is our success. We’re deeply invested in helping you develop and empowering you with the tools you need to build your dream career. We offer challenging and impactful work, meaningful connections and apprenticeship, individualized learning and development opportunities, and programs and benefits to support your health and wellbeing.

Getting Hired Here

  • "BCG is seeking curious and polished high-performers who are genuine, eager to learn & grow, work hard, and have the potential to grow into leaders of the firm.”
  • “For MBA hires, the typical process is an application which includes resume, optional cover letter, Pymetrics, and a virtual case. The decision round is typically two interviews with senior level people, comprised of behavioral interview and case.”
  • “My firm is looking for open-minded, smart, driven, and dedicated people. Interview process for students is two rounds. The first includes a virtual (no human) case and a live (remote or in-person) typical interview (asked basic questions about strengths, weakness, etc.). The second is a live (remote or in-person) case interview.”
  • “The firm had two rounds of interviews, with both rounds containing a mix of behavioral and case interview portions. I received confirmation of my success in the first round 5 days (3 business days) after my interview, and I was offered the job the night of my final round interview. I think the ideal candidate is someone who is a quick-thinker and well-educated, as the interviews seem tailored to people who can quickly grasp a case concept and draw on past experiences to reach a reasonable and comprehensive solution.”

    “We are looking for individuals with exceptional problem-solving and analytical skills, strong interpersonal and communication skills and experience that has enabled them to build skills that are translatable to the job.”

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