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Vault Consulting 50


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Amy Fazen

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  • “BCG does some of the most cutting-edge work in the industry. We're able to do that because we are  committed to developing custom solutions for each of our clients by putting incredibly smart teams  together to solve those challenges together. The supportive learning environment fuels all of this.”
  • “It is a fantastic place to start a career or join after 3-4 years of experience. You get to work on the most  interesting and challenging projects, with C-level execs, right out of undergrad and MBA. And you do it  with great people that care about others.”
  • “Leadership and managers seem to genuinely care about their people. Managers make real investment  in their people, helping their teams achieve their goals and more together.”
  • “My peers at BCG are the most intelligent yet humble, kind, and supportive people I've had the  opportunity to work with. I feel that their culture of people development and genuine relationship  building is truly unique within the industry and makes me feel like the conversations I have and the work  that I do on a daily basis is not just transactional politics.”
  • “While the hours may be long and at times quite stressful, this is a firm that has an abundance of  resources (trainings, mentorships, experts) that are able and willing to support you. Great people, great firm.”

Why Work Here

At BCG, your success is our success. We’re deeply invested in helping you develop and empowering you with the tools you need to build your dream career. We offer challenging and impactful work, meaningful connections and apprenticeship, individualized learning and development opportunities, and programs and benefits to support your health and wellbeing.

Getting Hired Here


  • “BCG is looking for a diverse set of leaders and problem solvers. They source top candidates from the top universities in the world, with more and more a preference for analytical expertise. Looking for  people who can unlock the potential of those who advance the world.”
  • “Generally have two interview dates. First round is two behavior [interviews] and one case. Second is two long cases and short behavioral in each. Call back process is generally fast. BCG is objective in hiring  process—if the score on the rubric is high enough, then they are hired. I received my call back less than  20 minutes after leaving the office. Ideal candidates show an appetite to learn and work in teams. Cases  interviews aren't about knowing the answer but seeing how you plan out what you need to learn.”
  • “Our interview process seeks to find great strategic thinkers through the case process. The ideal candidate shows their passion, their motivation, thinks critically and communicates succinctly.”
  • “Recruiting is highly competitive and highly personalized, with a great deal of time and effort spent getting to know high-priority candidates and sharing our firm's culture and work. BCG attracts bright, curious people who prioritize impactful work and a highly supportive culture.”
  • “The ideal candidate is quantitatively-minded, able to break a problem down into its component parts, and clearly articulate their thinking to arrive at the case solution. The ideal candidate collaborates with the interviewer during the case.”

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