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10,001+ Employees


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Best Consulting Firms in Asia-Pacific for Energy Consulting


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Boston, MA (HQ)


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Matthew Davies - Asia Pacific Business Services People Team Director

Employee Reviews

  • “Although we are a management strategy firm, we believe that humility and understanding towards our clients is a key component to the success of both our clients and the firm itself.”
  • "At the end of the day, the work that the prestigious firms do is basically the same. But the difference is in how it is done, and with which attitude it is done. BCG puts honorable values first and works with all levels of the organization to tailor solutions that will change the way the client organization works. Internally we say we ‘work with the client, not on the client.’”
  • “BCG has the highest client satisfaction rate, and as a consequence is taking projects from its competitors at an astounding pace. This is also reflected in our double-digit growth rate for the last few decades, which no other firm can match. Combine that with BCG's values and squeaky clean record of adherence to those values, and it's a no-brainer.”
  • “The people in the firm are truly dedicated to my growth. They go out of their way to ensure I am learning, I feel supported, and I am ready to take on the challenge. And when I do grow and reflect that in my output, I am recognized and celebrated in a way that further motivates me to push myself further.”
  • “We are the largest group of highly intelligent, capable consultants with diverse backgrounds and expertise you can find in Japan. Because of our large numbers and wide coverage, we can match your needs with the expertise that is necessary to solve your problem.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “2-3 interview days (each with 2 cases/experience interviews) with different BCG leaders. Very prompt call back process (same day). Seeking candidates who are intellectually curious, values-driven and want to make a difference in the world.”
  • “Of the 3 informal interviews, one was a breakfast meeting with a senior partner, 2 were more of an informative QA session with employees who matched some element I wanted to discuss (i.e. a consultant with the same background etc). For the formal interviews, 1 was a case interview, the 2nd a traditional QA style interview with the hiring director.”
  • “I believe BCG is looking for a candidate with sound logical thinking, diversity in background, and with aspiration. The aspiration can be diverse; to start your own company, to better the world, but fundamentally a will to create change in the world.”
  • “I believe the ideal candidate did not originally set out to be a management consultant—they are typically from diverse backgrounds including quantum physics, aerospace engineering, or specialist medicine.”
  • “People from all backgrounds that have demonstrated curiosity, intellectual stamina, and are not afraid to work hard. At the end of the day, we are also a people business, and you have to be good with people as we put our clients first.”
  • “The ideal candidate BCG looks for is someone who has the curiosity to learn and at the same time has the ability to connect, engage, and influence people.”