A growing life sciences firm, Blue Matter has literally gone from a single office to a global boutique in under a decade. This impressive growth has brought a number of consultants along for the ride, creating leadership opportunities for those with an entrepreneurial mindset. Post-pandemic, quality of life issues—particularly those related to travel—will be something to watch; this firm is clearly going places, which means consultants may be expected to as well!

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101-500 Employees


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Vault Consulting 50


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San Francisco, CA, US


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Lindsay Hershberger- Human Resources

Firsthand Findings

A growing force in the life sciences space, Blue Matter has been on something of a tear of late. Having been founded a decade ago, the company today operates out of 6 locations in the U.S., Europe, and India—with more surely to come as its impressive growth shows little sign of slowing.

As an employer, the impact of that growth on the firm’s culture is something that leadership will need to contend with, as there are already some rumbling among consultants about expanding workloads and a shift away from the boutique feel many had come to know and love.

None of that, however, should be a red flag for anyone considering joining the firm: if you’re looking for a career in life sciences, with the opportunity of operating on a global stage, and at a ...

About the Company

Founded in 2012, Blue Matter is a specialized management consulting firm serving the life sciences industry. The firm maintains offices across the United States, Europe, and India.

Blue Matter works to help pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies "maximize value at the
product, portfolio, and company levels." The firm's services can be grouped into the following
categories: New Product Planning, Launch Strategy and Management, Commercial Strategy for In-Line Products, and Organizational Design and Development.

While most of Blue Matter’s work involves pre-launch and launch products, the firm does not exclusively focus there. It works across a range of therapeutic areas but has developed specialized capabilities in oncology, CNS, and rare diseases.

Employee Reviews

  • “Our team is not territorial or competitive with each other–we collaborate to accomplish our collective goals. We pick each other up and contribute across projects to help each other out.”
  • “Blue Matter is a great place for someone who is focused on life sciences consulting, but wants to do things a little bit differently from traditional consulting firms. Externally, we pride ourselves on high-quality work and building strong client relationships. Internally, we strive to make everyone feel comfortable / confident in bringing their whole selves to work, while respecting individuals’ personal time / needs to avoid burnout and build a long-lasting team.”
  • “Company is still evolving and growing rapidly which comes with challenges and a need for a 'problem-solver' attitude both internally as well as on projects. However, for individuals with strong self-motivation, Blue Matter will put in place the support to build towards your goals and cheer you on while you do it.”
  • “I really believe that I could never work at another consulting firm, because I would not be able to find a culture like Blue Matter's, where people genuinely care about each other and their well-being, where everyone is encouraged to be their authentic selves, and where creativity and the entrepreneurial spirit is infused in everything we do!”
  • “We are a growing organization so our team members need to be agile in their ways of working, be ok with change and look at change as an opportunity for growth in themselves and the team so we can deliver high quality solutions and services to clients.”

Why Work Here

Blue Matter’s Guiding Philosophy

Back in 2012, the founding partners of Blue Matter were busy launching the company.  Each of them had worked in life sciences consulting for quite some time and had experience in a wide range of consulting firms.  All that experience had taught them a lot.  Some experiences taught them how to do things the right way…and some taught them how not to do things.

They had learned about running efficient operations, the ins and outs of management consulting, how to lead and develop people, and a host of other things.  They had also seen people stretch themselves too thin, ignore work-life balance, become competitive with their own colleagues, and burn out in spectacular fashion.

So, their guiding philosophy when creating Blue Matter was simple:  Use all the good stuff they learned while avoiding the bad stuff they’d seen in the past.  The result is the Blue Matter culture that exists today; one based on doing interesting, meaningful work and on building a happy, tight-knit team.  Read on to learn a bit more about life at Blue Matter.

Getting Hired Here

  • “Blue Matter is seeking candidates who are good people, team players, passionate about life sciences,  and have life sciences background (academic or job experience).”
  • “Ideal candidate - Strong scientific background and social personality. High comfort that candidates at  any level will be able to 'hold their own' in front of a client. Self-motivated / able to articulate their own  goals and proactively pursue their own professional development. Committed to upholding our values  both within and outside of projects.”
  • “Looking for organized thinkers, oftentimes with a background in biological sciences but that is not a  requirement. Curiosity and willingness to learn are key.”
  • “The ideal candidate has a solid understanding of biological sciences and can grasp complex new  concepts and apply to a business situation. The candidate will either have business training or some  prior consulting or business experience in the life sciences space. Motivated, detail-oriented, friendly,  and a genuine team player.”
  • "We offer a great degree of efficiency and transparency in our interview process, both in terms of  moving the candidate through the process and during the actual interview (generally, we'll let you know  strengths / areas for improvement that we witness live to close the case).”

Perks & Benefits