A top global firm, Allen & Overy handles significant international matters as it continues to grow in the U.S. Associates are treated to a collegial culture, and they appreciate the firm’s Compass program that allows them to receive ongoing feedback.

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2.5K - 3K


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24 total (21 2Ls; 3 1Ls; 4 SEO Fellows)


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Vault Verdict

There’s international, and then there’s Allen & Overy. For candidates with a truly global mindset and a desire to spread their career wings across the world, there’s no better place to put down roots—but candidates should be aware that the firm is quite discerning, with a highly structured interview process and an emphasis on situational/critical thinking questions. If you make it through the door, you’ll be welcomed into an environment that associates describe as “energetic and inspiring,” with a pleasant day-to-day atmosphere. Given that the firm has a much larger presence overseas than in the US, it should come as no surprise that much of the work is with international clients—which is exactly what Allen & Overy associates want. Smaller practice groups and leanl...

Firm's Response

Foremost among the Firm’s strategic business priorities, diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) are core tenets at Allen & Overy LLP.  They are central to the kind of firm we want to be.  Global Senior Partner Wim Dejonghe makes explicit that “a lack of diversity stifles innovation and puts a block on creativity. ...

About the Firm

Allen & Overy—a historically prestigious law firm in the U.K. and a pillar of the vaunted Magic Circle—has grown into one of the largest firms in the world in terms of revenue. From six U.S. locations—Boston; Los Angeles; New York; San Francisco; Silicon Valley; and Washington, DC—and with approximately 300 U.S.-based attorneys—the firm continues to make its imprint on the American map.

Royally Big

Founders George Allen and Thomas Overy left a firm called Roney & Co. to open shop in London in 1930. It was George Allen’s representation of King Edward VIII during his 1936 abdication to marry American Wallis Simpson that really made the firm’s name (at the time, no scandal was bigger). In the decades that followed, A&O became one of London’s most prominent legal sh...

Associate Reviews

  • “Best day-to-day atmosphere you could ask for. When I speak with my friends who are also first years at other BigLaw firms, the contrast between their stories and mine are astonishing. We all work, it’s BigLaw, but working with nice and supportive people makes all the difference.” 
  • “People are genuinely kind and understanding, and there is a lot of tolerance for having a life outside of work. It's just a really pleasant place to work. There are, of course, firm-sponsored social events, and I've remained very close with people in my summer class and my first officemate. But it's not the type of environment that blends into people's personal lives, which I really appreciate. It's just a collection of different, but nice, people, who work together for a common goal and then go live their own lives.” 
  • “The culture is energetic and inspiring, with lots of fun events with clients and colleagues alike.”
  • “The firm congregates for events, though participation varies depending on the team. I most enjoy the global events, as they reaffirm A&O's international bent; you can connect with participants from Europe, Asia, and Latin America.”

Why Work Here


Allen & Overy has it both ways

Allen & Overy associates frequently evoke not one but two elements of their firm's culture. "Reserved," says a member of the U.S. Law Group in London, "but friendly." Another U.S.-trained attorney in London calls the firm "relaxed and professional." In New York, an associate picks up the thread, labeling the firm "friendly and professional." Still another New Yorker describes the firm as follows: "Friendly, down-to-earth, welcoming, but hard-working and high-achieving."

Diversity at Allen & Overy LLP

"Diversity is one of A&O's strategic business priorities. Our aim is to build an environment where everyone feels supported and comfortable in being open, and where the differences between our people create opportunities not barriers. "A lack of diversity stifles innovation and puts a block on creativity. No business that wants to build a sustainable future can afford to constrain itself in that way. We can't be advanced if we are not diverse. " Wim Dejonghe, Global Senior Partner "We must be intrinsically motivated..."

Getting Hired Here


  • “Associates from all levels are encouraged to participate and be proactive with recruitment. The firm is focused on recruiting diverse candidates from traditional and non-traditional backgrounds. Fit with the culture's values and mission is prioritized over specific experiences on a candidate's resume.”
  • “I believe the firm is looking for summer associate candidates who are smart and hard-working, but also kind and easy to talk to. We do place an emphasis on having an interest in cross-border work, as nearly everything we do is global and not focused only on the U.S.”
  • “We have a great pipeline of one to two associates per class from a whole bunch of law schools. I remember being a 2L and there was a first-year associate from my law school at my firm, and it was great to connect just to get an idea of what the firm would be like from someone who so recently was in my shoes. This is true for a lot of associates, given that we do not concentrate on any one area. As for the type of candidate, confidence and energy make you a shoo-in.”
  • “The firm values prior work experience, hires ‘older’ than some other firms do, and highly values international interest or experience.”

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