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A small, yet impactful firm that serves biotech and pharmaceutical companies with empathy and integrity, Lifesciences Dynamics operates is headquartered in London. The firm has gained a solid reputation in the U.K. as a leader in health care consulting. Its promise to transform “insight into foresight” positions Lifesciences Dynamics as a forward-thinking client partner, looking to solutions that will transform the healthcare industry for future generations.

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2020 Employees (All Locations)


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Market Research...


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London (Global HQ)...


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Ana Herrera - Human Resources...

Firsthand Findings

As a global boutique life sciences specialist, Lifescience Dynamics is something of a rarity—and not least because its London headquarters place its EMEA-based consultants at the centre of its universe. That, couple with the firm’s size, leads to lots of development opportunities that are there but for the asking, although insiders note that these don’t necessarily translate into promotions. Indeed, the firm’s promotion policy is something that insiders are almost unanimous needs to be updated.

On a day to day basis, consultants at the firm get the opportunity to work on a variety of types of project. While hours are sometimes an issue, they’re no more extensive than at similar firms in the industry. Leadership makeup and long-term vision—especially as it relates...

About the Company

Lifescience Dynamics is an award-winning management consulting firm helping life science companies with strategic insight and foresight to improve their assumptions, enabling them to make better decisions.

Founded in 2004, the firm is 100% independently owned, and-according to the firm, is run by an entrepreneur who considers client experience to be the company's core principle, rather than financial metrics.

The firm provides decision support from every angle, allowing for a 360-degree view of the market place. The company has grown organically each year and works across three practice areas:

- Market research (qualitative and quantitative)

- Competitive intelligence (primary and secondary research)

- Market access, pricing and reimbursement

Employee Reviews

  • “Amazing opportunity to learn and grow for someone willing to seize the chance, but be wary of internal politics hiding your successes.”
  • “Competitors are really similar. Probably the practice areas are more diverse at my company.”
  • “Exceptional analysts but senior leadership leaves a lot to be desired.”
  • “To excel in this job you need to be able to evaluate clinical data and understand their impact on commercialisation.”
  • “You won't regret joining us. We are flexible; the work demands flexibility as well; you won't work 70-80h a week like in other consultancies but you'll have long days. They won't be unnoticed. Hard work is rewarded and celebrated. The people are simply fantastic! You'll make friends for life as well. Immersion/Fit with the team is a must.”
  • “50% gym membership discounts and vitality wellness programs promote healthy living. Private healthcare coverage also includes mental health support and dental coverage. During lockdown multiple yoga/at home exercise classes were available free of charge to employees.”
  • “Due to the nature of the consulting, there will be longer hours than other jobs. However, I find that it is not too bad. Overall the quality of life is absolutely fine and manageable. There's generally no restrictions on taking time off if needed, and mental health is looked after by both the owner and HR.”
  • “Friendly and intelligent analysts that are always happy to help. Company pre-COVID had multiple socials and promoted inter-team events to foster a family culture. Worst aspects are project resourcing that does not effectively manage workloads or provide equitable professional development opportunities.”
  • “Gym reimbursements, exercise videos, subscription to online trainer, wellbeing coaching, etc. Training and development include 1000gbp or 1500usd of individual training budget (heavily scrutinized currently though) for use in business relevant trainings (2nd language, B&D, leadership, etc.).”
  • “My firm operates on core hours 11-5 in London, so although there is some flexibility around when we start to work in the morning, there is no flexibility in the afternoon. If I were free to move my hours flexibly I would probably choose to start work earlier and finish my work day closer to 3 or 4pm.”
  • “The firm is very accommodating for annual leave, there are a couple of restrictions because of the timings in the year (e.g. Q4 which is busiest period of the year).”
  • “Favorite perks: Nice Christmas dinner at the Bulgari Hotel London, the CEO has very kindly given each of us a very nice gift.”
  • “Salary progression is great, bonus is also quite generous.”
  • “Salary progression is illogical. Wages do not reflect seniority. The line managers show favouritism, which clearly affects development and reimbursement.”
  • “Salary progression is okay, and fixed in the analyst roles and decided based on one's performance in the role. That said, I feel the salary should be higher given we have started working longer hours.”
  • “Salary progression is quite gradual.”
  • “There are several types of bonuses throughout the company, even for the operations team. This is a great perk that shows the company values both sides to the company. They have a great matching pension scheme, and private medical insurance.”
  • “Best: Many opportunities to develop if you ask for it. Worst: the annual review was based on only a few colleagues’ opinions, might cause bias.”
  • “Due to the fact that I am in business operations, and the company is very small, there is less structure within my department in being able to progress and develop as a professional other than what I would carve out myself. The company is very invested in the well being and happiness of each of it's employees. The owner and president very much sees each of the employees as an extended member of the family and is treated as such.”
  • “Our two practice areas allow for a variety of work while also permitting specialization within one or more of the areas. This gives the company and the team a competitive edge. Early promotion is possible and not uncommon, though some needed work from line managers is required.”
  • “Performance metrics are too easily swayed by personal opinion rather than impact to deliverable's and core business needs. This results in promotion strategies miss-aligned with the company needs. Junior members of staff are however given exposure to clients and senior stakeholders resulting in informal recognition of good work and the ability to build a professional network.”
  • “The promotion and remuneration policies are outdated, and do not take into consideration the employee's previous experience. The training and personal budget for training are great.”
  • “Celebrate and support LGBT community; high variety of cultures, religions and sexual orientations in the company; good mix of gender roles at all levels.”
  • “Our office is entirely international with ~50% of staff from non-native countries. I have not seen any bias for promotions based on sex or ethnicity.”
  • "Senior management is half male half female almost. Therefore equal access I would say.”
  • “There is no discrimination within the company on hires, with a large diversity of races, gender, cultures and religions. Pay has been aligned throughout the company with the opportunity to be promoted easily if you apply yourself.”
  • “Lack of senior leadership and expertise is a concern.”
  • “Strong vision, and actively hire resulting in an expanding the staff base. Worst aspects include not addressing concerns from senior staff members leading to higher exit rates. With no strong senior leadership, the company suffers from a lack of decisiveness in dealing with conflicts and concerns.”
  • “There's not enough forward planning with the company, other than trying to reach for a certain top line target. The company is still run like more of a start up company, with lots of risks and issues that come along with it. This needs to change, with a more stringent structure needed to be put in place with set processes and procedures.”
  • “Upper management needs a better understanding of the business needs and the problems analysts and PMs are facing. They should also employ a hands-on approach.”
  • “Worst - negative impact of Covid-19. Best - no layoffs or people in furlough. Prepared on day one to go fully remote; mixed services allow for ongoing stream of work even in a time of crisis; executive leadership willing to adapt target if needed.”

Why Work Here

Getting Hired Here

  • “Proactive and intelligent candidates.”
  • “Senior and junior fit interviews. Ideal candidates are pharmDs or biotech business analysts.”
  • “We are seeking highly qualified people with some experience in the Pharma business. I'm not involved in calling the candidates, but in conducting interviews.”
  • “Basic skills and situational questions. Commercial strategy for pharmaceuticals.”
  • “Be prepared for brainteaser.”
  • “Case studies regarding pharmaceutical drug launch (marketing/pricing/positioning) strategies.”
  • “I am not involved, however I am aware that there is certain case studies and presentations, as well as culture fit.”
  • “We have short questions, case studies asking questions related to the role and a presentation in front of peers, followed by Q&A.”

Perks & Benefits