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In promising to help clients “convert insight into foresight,” Lifescience Dynamics looks to help pharmaceutical and biotech companies make informed decisions that will have lasting impact on the future of healthcare. Lifescience Dynamics leads with its values—a standout because of its commitment to ethics and the passion and empathy it brings to every engagement. This is a firm for jobseekers who lead with their values and a desire to help create a healthier future for everyone.

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"Humanity at its best.” That is how one insider described Lifescience Dynamics to us. Overall, survey respondents describe their firm’s culture as a family, with genuinely caring colleagues who contribute to a culture of friendship and support. According to those who work there, this growth-stage life sciences consultancy is an excellent firm to gain exposure to the pharmaceutical industry, develop a broad skillset in project management, and business development from the get-go.

Although the warm, familial culture contributes to a positive work/life balance, this is nonetheless as rigorous a firm as any we’ve surveyed. Consultants are expected to give 100% to ensure your output adheres to the standards of excellence clients have come to expect, but you ...

About the Company

Lifescience Dynamics is an award-winning management consulting firm helping life science companies with strategic insight and foresight to improve their assumptions, enabling them to make better decisions.

Founded in 2004, the firm is 100% independently owned, and-according to the firm, is run by an entrepreneur who considers client experience to be the company's core principle, rather than financial metrics.

The firm provides decision support from every angle, allowing for a 360 degree view of the market place. The company has grown organically each year and works across three practice areas:

- Market research (qualitative and quantitative)

- Competitive intelligence (primary and secondary research)

- Market access, pricing and reimbursement

Employee Reviews

  • “Challenging projects, team work and kindness of my colleagues combined with respect and care from our CEO makes this a great place to work and develop.”
  • “Fast-paced environment with great co-workers and abundant opportunities to expand your knowledge of the life sciences industry.”
  • “It is a great place to learn more about the industry and actively help clients. The tight knit culture of a family in the company comes across from the junior business analysts all the way to the CEO. It is a place to quickly provide insights and show value in the work that you do.”
  • “The company feels close-knit since everyone knows everyone else and there are opportunities to work on internal, volunteer, and external projects.”
  • “Owners have very big hearts – they are kind and generous, empathic and always willing to help people. Amazing values – Compassionate, human, equality fairness, transparency, humility and respect. Infectious culture – highly social, collaborative, open-door policy, no hierarchy, no favoritism, no politics and everyone is always willing to help. Human company - Acknowledging that you are a human level.”
  • “Human company, with big heart, down to earth owners and amazing friendly culture – a true family company which is human.”
  • “The firm tries very hard to work on any resourcing issues brought up, because of the fast pace of growth it seems like there are sometimes where people are working extensive hours, it is highly encouraged to take time off, if you have to cover a weekend conference you receive extra time off to take.”
  • “Great work/life balance. The company is very accommodating with travels, vacations, time-off, and very relaxed family feel. Compassionate and caring – humanity at its best.”
  • “The company offers many benefits that encourage a good work/life balance, including working from home and remote working opportunities. Travel is available if you wish to expand your experience and engage clients but doesn't interfere with your work-life balance.”
  • “During the coronavirus pandemic, Lifescience Dynamics rolled out a formal wellness program. Initially it focused on setting up the home office environment (allowing large screens to be taken home), work kinetics and positions, etc. It also focused on emotional well-being and promoting a shared community feel where employees checked in with each other, and we also had all-company wellness video conferences. More recently, we promoted healthy eating habits and getting exercise while working from home. Company participation is high, and employees feel as if the company cares for them.”
  • “Lifescience Dynamics cares about both the minds and bodies of its employees. The company offers employee assistance programs, gym-membership, offices with cycling to work options, shower, electric stand to sit tables, ergonomic office chairs, and dual high resolutions quality large screens. Furthermore, they provide confidential support for issues like stress, substance abuse, depression, and anxiety. Additionally, employees are offered virtual GP services, where they can ask a physician any health-related question 24/7. As for fitness, Lifescience Dynamics offered personal trainer via Zoom during the Covid-19 lockdown, their wellness program allows employees to set health goals and offers rewards for completing healthy activities. They make it easy to do, too, as the company offers special rates and discounts for gyms and fitness centers as well as an online fitness program, so employees can work-out anytime.”
  • “The company is very supportive of vacation time with a generous starting vacation policy. Managers and team members encourage everyone to actually take vacation and not to work during vacation times.”
  • “Best: Fair salary and options to earn bonuses based on individual and company performance. Worst: A little confusing to navigate the bonus options.”
  • “Base salary reasonable but doesn't always reflect the long hours. Bonuses are generous and the benefits are nice, although healthcare insurance is expensive (high percentage taken from salary that wasn't clearly communicated).”
  • “The company offers great work-life balance and many benefits (ample vacation time, great maternity leave, etc.), which is offset by the average/less-than-average monetary compensation.”
  • “It is not the best to have a heavy bonus structure (loyalty + performance bonus) with a lower base salary. Salary progression, however, is great! Promotions are consistent and frequent.”
  • “Five kinds of bonuses – including president's bonus. Out of this world Christmas parties and presents.”
  • “Salary seems slightly lower than other firm’s offerings but a lot of great experience and great work culture make up for it.”
  • “As a smaller firm, I believe there are greater development opportunities than in larger companies. Because of the small and relatively flat structure of the team, there are constant opportunities to be involved in new projects or initiatives and to develop within ongoing projects. As a result of this there are ample opportunities to learn in role and also to advance.”
  • “Lifescience Dynamics conducts quarterly promotion reviews where employees that have fully mastered and risen above the job requirements associated with their current roles. This culturally diverse company employs people from numerous ethnic backgrounds, and the employees are fluent in over a dozen languages. Many new hires come in at the entry level, and there is an extensive training program to teach them about the pharmaceutical industry, analytical methods, and other elements that are critical to success.”
  • “Lifescience offers extensive training and the road map for promotion is clearly laid out. Though it changes and updates, there is a clear path and required action items to obtain a promotion.”
  • “Promotion is a very transparent process and directly relates to merit and willingness to succeed. I feel that all the resources are at my disposal to progress my career.”
  • “Best: clearly defined career development path and objectives, lots of training opportunities and senior colleagues willing to share their knowledge/expertise to improve personal development. Worst: promotion processes could be accelerated for those who have ambitions to move rapidly in the space.”
  • “My colleagues are pretty diverse in background and demographic. There are frequent training opportunities for projects and internal processes.”
  • “The CEO/founder is extremely vocal about gender and sexual orientation equality in the workplace. The company is roughly 50/50 male/female, with both male and female executives and managers. LGBT employees are also in high-level positions as VP of marketing and CBO, and as an LGBT employee myself, I have not experienced any type of harassment or negative reactions in this job. All of my co-workers treat me the same as a straight person, and my wife is encouraged to attend all company social gatherings.”
  • “The company believes that trust and respect are two essential elements for building relationships in a workplace and beyond. The rewards and career development opportunities are inclusive to all employees and are designed to create a healthy work environment, foster teamwork, spark ambition and drive productivity.”
  • “Upper management consists of more women than men, and the company offers promotions regardless of gender or LGBTQ status. Diversity is a high priority for the CEO and company as a whole.”
  • “I don't believe that our firm makes any conscious actions to increase diversity, however I think we do foster a welcoming environment that allows a wide range of individuals to feel comfortable. Salary structure is fairly rigid, thus little room for gender disparities in pay, and I haven't yet seen any evidence of sex based discrimination.”
  • “Lifescience Dynamics is very strong on gender, racial and other minority element equalities. There is no fear that gender or race will hinder one's progression in the firm. In fact, we have a very strong executive level presence both of minorities and women.”
  • “One of the most diverse work environments that I have ever worked in.”
  • “Despite economic uncertainty due to COVID-19, we are well placed to grow given the successful and ongoing recruitment efforts over the last 12 months. We have strengthened the company leadership with several highly experienced senior hires, as well as a strong talent pool of analysts to support out projects.”
  • “The only challenge to the company outlook is the coronavirus pandemic. Even in this setting, we continue to hire, and indeed, we have our first employee starting today, who will begin their career working remotely from home. We have another employee starting in May and another announced today with a July start date.”
  • “We have pulled together well during the pandemic and business has not been affected. With increased opportunities being secured in terms of 2021 projects, I have great faith in Lifescience Dynamics.”
  • “[We] work with most of the global Top 20 pharma and Top 5 Japanese pharma companies. More than ten companies have been customers for over ten years. The leadership is future looking.”
  • “New senior team, hard time growing [certain] practice areas.”
  • “We are in an aggressive growth phase. The only main issue is hiring fast enough to effectively staff new projects.”

Why Work Here

Getting Hired Here

  • “The interview and callback process is open and communicative, with expectations clearly highlighted to potential candidates. The ideal candidate is someone with a comprehensive scientific background, good attention to detail and problem-solving abilities.”
  • “Seeking masters and doctorate holders in the life sciences or pharmaceutical-related backgrounds, as well as MBAs and PharmDs. Applicants MUST care for and have an interest in competitive intelligence, as it is the bulk of our business and project work in this field is an unavoidable element of the job.”
  • “The interview and callback process was extensive, but relatively straightforward and quick. I believe the company is seeking employees who have extensive pharmaceutical knowledge and the ability to make predictions and provide implications for industry news. They are looking for hard-working individuals who are independent and motivated, but can also work well with others.”
  • “We are looking for an ambitious, intelligent and hardworking individual who is also humble, kind, caring and collaborative. We are looking for good people who are genuinely interested in moving the business forward, learning new skills and helping their colleagues to make their best at Lifescience Dynamics.”
  • “The interview process is thorough and usually takes place in four rounds. They are responsive and follow up quickly after each round. The ideal candidate will have a strong understanding of biological sciences and have an interest in the pharmaceutical/medical device industry. Deeper understanding related to business skills is an added benefit for the candidate.”
  • “The ideal candidate sought is one who knows how to do secondary research well, especially in the pharma sector.”
  • “What questions would you ask of a new drug revealed at a conference? If a client asked you how to commercialize a teleportation device, what would you ask and what would you advise?”
  • “Numerical/writing screening questions. Company fit and primary phone interviews. Logic/reasoning interview. Deep-dive case study presentation on a therapeutic area and competitors in the landscape.”
  • “How do you work under a tight deadline/stressful situation? How would you handle an unrealistic request from a client? Do you like working in teams? What interests you?”
  • “Riddle questions that involve simple but quick thinking - If you overtake the second person in a race, what position are you now in? Case questions to gauge the analysis and creative thinking process, allowing the candidate to ask clarifying questions and come up with creative solutions.”
  • “How does one extract information from a client's competitor company on their business progress?”
  • “What can a company do to differentiate its drug from a competitor's drug?”

Perks & Benefits