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Vault Accounting 25


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Chicago, IL


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Lennie Murphy- Strategic Human Resource Leader

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  • “The best aspect is the ability to take time off when needed. I believe that everyone is supportive of each other's will to take time off when it suits them best. I believe that the firm is very understanding of this and never propels guilt upon its employees. The firm is very proud to offer flexible time off and is not afraid to let its employees take advantage of it. The worst part of it is finding the will in yourself to take it off when the demands of work are high. This is partially not the firm’s fault. If anything, it is more just the result of the career choice that other professionals in this field and I made.”
  • “This is probably the area in which GT has the biggest advantage over its Big 4 competitors. GT does have a great work/life balance, and while hours can still be long during busy seasons, it is unusual to have a consistent number of 80-hour weeks even as an associate. GT's unlimited PTO policy is also flexible enough, so you don't really have to feel pressured when taking some time off during slower times—as long as you are smart about communicating with your team members on when to take these. However, the PTO policy can definitely be monitored and executed better, since do see a few people take more PTOs than they really should. The travel aspect of the job (for the tax team) isn't so bad either. Also, the relationship with your supervisor is flat, for the most part, which is due in part to both a smaller team and engagement. Sometimes, even as an associate, you will be working directly with a senior manager/director or even a partner, so that can build a flatter relationship with the higher-ups as well as gaining more valuable experience as an associate.”
  • “The unlimited time off is a great policy. It is well utilized in our off busy season time. However, hours can be demanding. I tend to average 65- to 80-hour weeks four months of the year and 45 to 50 hours during the remaining months.”
  • “I love the culture and the quality of life that GT enables me to have. We have a Flex Time Off (FTO) policy rather than a PTO policy, which enables employees to control their career and take off time as needed during non-busy season. I typically work 50 to 60 hours during busy season, but during non-busy season I rarely work more than 40 hours.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “The interviewing process was formal and well-structured but also inviting. I believe the ideal candidate is someone who is involved in something else besides work, whether it is community-related, sports, or hobbies. The firm wants to bring in an individual that can contribute to the firm with something more than just their skills to complete the daily tasks of work. I believe this is because the services offered are leaning more towards a consulting forefront, and in order to be successful, one must provide personality, social skills, and adaptability.”
  • “The recruiting process was very streamlined and professional. They called when they said they would call, and they followed up when they said they would follow up. The firm looks for individuals with integrity, a good sense of character, honesty, emotional intelligence, flexibility, and adaptability to new ideas.”
  • “The interview and callback process is pretty efficient, as we interview candidates we've already gotten to know through career showcases, campus recruiting, etc. If you're an experienced hire, we do multiple interviews and office visits so that it is more than just one person's decision. We want strong candidates with great academic backgrounds, a great work ethic, enthusiasm and understanding of the industry (experience can vary), and a willingness to grow and learn.”
  • “Our biggest disadvantage is that some schools push going Big 4, so people may think choosing GT is missing the mark on Big 4. That is a very wrong assumption, though. Grant Thornton is a global firm. We have resources to make big things happen in the marketplace with a leadership team that is willing and ready to execute ideas coming from all levels. The ideal candidate for a job at Grant Thornton is innovative, adaptable, a critical thinker, and a team player that likes a challenge, takes initiative, enjoys learning different perspectives, wants their voice to be heard, and is enjoyable to be around.”