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All open positions can be searched and applied for here: https://www.grantthornton.com/careers/students



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101 or more


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3.00 - 3.49

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Intern Reviews

  • “The people at GT are all very kind and welcoming. It has a young professional work environment. The work model was hybrid, so I was able to choose if I wanted to work from home or if I went to the office or client sites. Everyone demonstrated a great attitude and care toward work/life balance”
  • “The firm culture is very welcoming and I felt the work/life balance for the interns was excellent. We were instructed to log off at a certain time every day so we had a chance to enjoy our time outside of work.”
  • “The firm's culture is very well defined and I really love the collaborative environment of the office and the willingness of many of the senior professionals to interact with the interns.”
  • “There is huge support for time off when it is needed, and it was made clear that employees are not expected to work on weekends. Additionally, there were a lot of fun social events that interns could attend to meet more people.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “It was a short process with laidback interviews which I really enjoyed. It took a week from applying to getting interviews and about a week for my intern offer. The interviews were not especially difficult and focused on getting to know me and my background.”
  • “If selected based on your application, there were two 30-minute back-to-back interviews. My interviewers were very friendly and engaged. They not only want to know if you are qualified for the position but they also want to know about you as a person.”
  • “The interviewers were very relatable. They kept the interview comfortable and free-flowing instead of asking question after question.”
  • “There were two interviews conducted with the first being numerous case scenarios where I had to propose solutions on the fly. The second interview was the behavioral interview. Interviewers were really personable. I would say that the case studies were intuitive. I think GT looks more for candidates that would be a good fit personality wise than qualifications.”