Internet Transaction Specialists


Internet Transaction Specialists


Depending on their level of expertise, Internet transaction or e-commerce specialists may be in charge of designing, developing, or implementing Internet transaction software or systems. This software or system is the technology that allows a customer to buy a book online, for example, by giving his or her credit card number. Internet transaction specialists at the most advanced professional level are often called architects, and they oversee the design of the whole transaction system. They decide what dir...

Quick Facts


Median Salary



Employment Prospects



Minimum Education Level

Associate's Degree



One to two years for entry-level





Personality Traits



Earnings for transaction specialists vary and depend on factors such as a person's experience, knowledge, and geographic location as well as the size of his or her employer. Software applications developers earned median annual salaries of $110,000 in May 2018, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Ten percent of software applications developers earned $66,740 or less. On the other end of ...

Work Environment

Internet transaction specialists can generally expect to work in a clean, comfortable office environment. The office atmosphere may vary greatly depending on the company. Those working in large, traditional businesses, such as banks, will generally experience a more formal and structured environment.

The job of the transaction specialist can be frustrating and stressful, and frequently l...


The future of transaction specialists will be closely tied to the future of e-commerce itself, which is continuing to increase at a rapid rate. Many companies are using the Internet to gain an international presence, and e-commerce transactions play an important role in the success of these efforts. Over the last 10 years, many colleges have added classes or certificate programs in e-commerce t...

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