Adult and Vocational Education Teachers


Adult and Vocational Education Teachers


Adult and vocational education teachers teach basic academic subjects to adults who did not finish high school or who are learning to speak English, help prepare post-high school students and other adults for specific occupations, and provide personal enrichment. Adult education teachers offer basic education courses, such as reading and writing, or continuing education courses, such as literature and music. Vocational education teachers offer courses designed to prepare adults for specific occupations, such as data processor or aut...

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Earnings vary widely according to the subject, the number of courses taught, the teacher's experience, and the geographic region where the institution is located. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, career and technical education teachers earned a median annual wage of $60,250 in May 2018. The lowest paid 10 percent of these workers earned less than $41,250 a year, while the highest paid...

Work Environment

Working conditions vary according to the type of class being taught and the number of students participating. Courses are usually taught in a classroom setting but may also be in a technical shop, laboratory, art studio, music room, or other location depending on the subject matter. Of course, when teaching in such settings as prisons or hospitals, adult education teachers must travel to the st...


Employment opportunities in the field of adult education are expected to decline through 2028, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. However, the outlook varies by type of institution.

Nevertheless, adults recognize the importance of further education and training for succeeding in today's workplace. Many courses are subsidized by companies that want their employees trained in the l...