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Students can apply to open roles during the fall recruiting season by visiting www.jobs.abbott and searching the key word “intern.” You can use the filter on the left to select the desired location. 



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6 to 12 weeks

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Intern Reviews

  • “I was expected to work 40 hours a week like a regular full-time employee, but was not expected to work any overtime. My manager was very understanding and respected important events I had that were outside of work. Everyone at the company is very respectful and approachable, even for the interns.”
  • “I was trusted to manage my own hours, and I could determine whether or not to work from home or the office to get my work done. Also, there was a concerted effort among the organization and the interns to provide interactions beyond just in a work setting.”
  • “Everyone at Abbott is so passionate about the company and the internship program. Every employee is there to support you and guide you throughout the internship. Abbott has a great work culture!”
  • “They were very flexible with the hours I worked and allowed me to work remotely/take off of work on the few occasions that I needed to. They emphasized having a good work/life balance and even planned really fun optional events to attend with the other interns.” 

Why Intern Here


As an Abbott intern, you will be part of a highly competitive and multi-functional internship program that delivers meaningful assignments at Abbott, while gaining access to senior leadership, career development opportunities, and rewarding benefits.

Getting Hired Here

  • “My interview process was very direct. I met one-on-one with a recruiter and was asked to apply afterwards. I completed the application and a 30-minute interview. Following, I received an offer letter within the next week, which I accepted.” 
  • “The application process was ideal for me in that it required multiple interviews and was very involved but Abbott was accommodating of my school schedule. They kept in touch with me throughout the process and informed me of their decision early on in the school year which I appreciated.” 
  • “I appreciated how quickly Abbott interviewed me and communicated a decision (all within the same day). While other companies have an interview process that can drag on for weeks/months, Abbott has a timely process that is still comprehensive. Interviews provided the right amount of breadth and depth of questions.”
  • “The interview process was fast, coordinated, organized, and very focused on making sure that my needs were met.”