Abbott Laboratories is committed to helping people live better lives through the power of health. For more than 130 years, Abbott has brought new products and technologies to the world—in nutrition, diagnostics, medical devices, and branded generic pharmaceuticals—that create more possibilities for more people at all stages of life. Past interns say their time at Abbott was “a fun and educational experience,” was "meaningful and fulfilling," and provided “next level engineering and healthcare immersion.”

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About the Program

The Abbott internship program offers access to senior leadership, career development, rewards, and meaningful work across various functions, including engineering, science, finance, information technology and marketing. Every year, Abbott hosts hundreds of interns from the world's leading universities. The chosen interns have demonstrated academic excellence, strong leadership, communication skills and technical excellence in their respective fields.


About the Company

Abbott Laboratories is committed to helping people live better lives through the power of health. For more than 130 years, Abbott has brought new products and technologies to the world -- in nutrition, diagnostics, medical devices and branded generic pharmaceuticals -- that create more possibilities for more people at all stages of life. Today, 109,000 professionals are working to help people live not just longer, but better, in the more than 160 countries Abbott serves.   

Intern Reviews

  • “I created and distributed templates for financial reporting. I consolidated results from different regions and prepared them to be presented to leadership. I tracked historical/ ongoing accuracy of forecasts against actuals and created visualizations to present results. I worked with the full P&L to identify trends, insights, and provided commentary to leadership as needed. And I fulfilled various ad hoc requests as needed.”
  • “A typical day included trainings related to my position—many of them dealt with the device I was working on, the division I was working in, regulatory practices, etc. I then spent a lot of time working on my main projects from the summer: building a Power BI dashboard for factory yields and developing a force-testing system for one of our devices. I also met regularly with team members, networked with other interns and Abbott staff, and heard from divisional leaders. Overall, I had a great balance of learning more about the company and what employees throughout different divisions were doing as well as completing meaningful work that contributed to the company's success. Owning my own projects from start to finish helped me learn how to manage my time and bring ideas to fruition in a professional setting. It was great seeing the process from start-to-finish!"
  • “I was tasked with the research, design, and programming/implementation of a simulator for certain biological processes that would be used regularly by the software verification team when testing the effectiveness of one of the company's products.”
  • “My daily tasks with the Abbott included designing and 3D printing fixtures used directly in product validation testing, working side-by-side with full-time engineers to program our products, and independently creating and updating instructional documents for certain processes carried out by our team.”

Why Intern Here


As an Abbott intern, you will be part of a highly competitive and multi-functional internship program that delivers meaningful assignments at Abbott, while gaining access to senior leadership, career development opportunities, and rewarding benefits.

Getting Hired Here

  • “The interview was quick and seamless, mainly done through an online recording program but also with phone calls. The questions were moderately difficult and focused on one’s values, lessons learned, etc., rather than only work experience. They wanted to know how everything tied together in your story, instead of isolating any one element.”
  • “The interview process was lengthy, and every member of Abbott I interacted with along the way was helpful. Recruiters I interacted with gave me feedback at the career fair on how to better sell myself, and corporate recruiters called me after the screening process to offer me more advice to prepare for the manager interviews and more. Overall, the process was enjoyable and showcased that Abbott seeks out top-notch individuals.”
  • “I felt that the interviewers were very aware that we were not full-time employees and our experiences were limited to college events. They asked mainly behavioral questions and were super aware that my answers would be from part-time jobs or college. Also, I received an offer pretty quickly—a couple weeks after applying—which is a lot earlier than a lot of other companies, which can take more than three months to get back.”
  • "Abbott's interview process gave the interviewer the opportunity to get to genuinely know me, both professionally and personally. I left feeling like the conversation I had with the recruiter/interviewer helped me understand what working at Abbott would be like."
  • "Application process, requirements, and number of interviews were very manageable. Very competitive, however, heard back very quickly which is much appreciated."
  • "The interview process was in-depth and mirrored expectations set for me for my summer project. I felt the team did a great job of exposing me to the company culture before accepting."
  • "My interaction with interviewers was amazing, I am very blessed to have gotten this internship!"
  • "It was two interviews, the first one being a one on one at the career fair, and then the second one was more formal. The interviewers were very friendly and it did not feel like such an intimidating process."