Liberty Mutual Insurance is a Fortune 100 global leader in property and casualty insurance with more than 45,000 employees in 29 countries. Liberty Mutual's internship program gives participants a chance to try out a variety of actual corporate situations. Past interns say “Liberty Mutual treats their interns like full-time hires,” offering the opportunity to "gain analytical real-world experience” in a company with "more innovation and complexity than meets the eye.”

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How To Apply

To review job descriptions and requirements for specific positions, please visit the company's job site at lmi.co/undergraduate.   Generally, Liberty Mutual looks for candidates who possess strong communication, organization, customer service and project management skills. Some positions require a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Generally in the undergraduate internship programs they do not provide sponsorships.



Number Of Interns

101 or more


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3.00 - 3.49

About the Program

Liberty Mutual's internship program gives you a chance to test the waters. As you apply your skills and knowledge in a variety of actual corporate situations, you’ll learn how your interests match up with the jobs they offer. Liberty Mutual offers 10–12 week summer internships, in office locations across the country.

Liberty Mutual internships are known for cutting-edge work, flexible work schedules, career mobility, competitive compensation, and the opportunity for full-time employme...

About the Company

Liberty Mutual Insurance was formed in July of 1912, initially offering workers compensation insurance under the name Massachusetts Employees Insurance Association (MEIA). The very first branch office was opened in 1914, and Liberty Mutual began offering auto insurance policies in 1918. It was also around this time that MEIA changed its name to Liberty Mutual Insurance Company. An interesting fact is that in 1920, while the film industry was in its infancy, Liberty Mutual used the medium to c...

Intern Reviews

  • "They really emphasized work/life balance - we were encouraged to talk about the different ways we exercise wellness (mind, body, finance, etc.). As interns we weren't allowed to work full time and we also got a good amount of time off."
  • "It is a very relaxed environment that cares about your passions outside of work. I got 5 days of paid time off during my internship and this allowed me to go on 2 long-weekend vacations to get away from work."
  • "As an intern they are very specific about telling you that you can not work overtime. Everyone genuinely seems pretty happy being there. There is always people around you to talk to if you have an issue. My recruiter and manager were always there for support."
  • "The company makes flexibility and inclusion a clear priority. A positive attitude towards work/life balance is clearly driven from the top and appreciated by all employees. The overall environment seems to be optimistic, happy, and collaborative as everyone has an understanding and respect for each other's work and schedules."

Why Intern Here

At Liberty Mutual, our purpose is to help people embrace today and confidently pursue tomorrow. That’s why we provide an environment focused on openness, inclusion, trust and respect. Here, you’ll discover a range of roles, and a workplace where you can turn your interests into a rewarding career. Whatever path you take, your unique contributions and perspectives will be embraced. As a Fortune 100 company, we’ve spent more than 100 years creating innovative insurance products, services, ideas and technologies to meet the world’s everchanging needs. Why? Because we are committed to creating peace of mind for our customers. We hope you’ll join us.  

Getting Hired Here

  • "I was so satisfied with the speed in which Liberty reviewed my application and then asked me to do an interview. I had an offer from them before many other companies had even viewed my resume."
  • "The number of interviews was appropriate and I feel that they select hardworking and intelligent applicants. The interviews correctly test knowledge but also highlight one's willingness to learn during an internship experience."
  • "It was a fairly quick interview process. I went through two rounds and I felt as though there was no wasted time during the process. For example, I have heard of companies who take more than a month to let you know if you made it onto the next round and this was not the case."
  • "The interview process was structured. The interviewers provided me with all the solution I was looking for during the interview process."