The iconic Little Red Wagon company known as Radio Flyer launched over 100 years ago, and today features tricycles, scooters, and other ride-ons—including a kid-size model Tesla and an adult line of eBikes and eScooters. Past interns say that Radio Flyer provided a “hands-on internship experience with a collaborative, innovative, and inspiring team” doing “meaningful and valuable work” all the while having fun. In short: "Fun is part of the job.”

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Apply online https://www.radioflyer.com/careers 



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About the Program

Radio Flyer interns are given a dynamic work environment that is designed to help students thrive in their career endeavors and support both professional and personal growth. Interns are hired across all departments, including product development (mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and industrial design), quality assurance, supply chain, human resources, finance, marketing, and sales. Interns are encouraged to bring fresh ideas and insights that will help to drive the business. R...

About the Company

Radio Flyer, a 104-year-old American toy company best known for its popular red toy wagon, is based in Chicago, Illinois. Its CEO, Robert Pasin, is the grandson of the founder Antonio Pasin, and there are approximately 80 employees known as "Flyers." The company has been recognized as a top workplace by Fortune, the Wall Street Journal, and Crain's. In 2021, Radio Flyer expanded into transportation offerings for adults with a line of electric bikes and scooters.

Intern Reviews

  • "The company culture here is unlike any other I have seen. Everyone here is so passionate about Radio Flyer and loves seeing people succeed as well as the company. Questions are welcome and so is team collaboration to complete tasks and projects. The company is very diligent with training and tries getting me involved in as much as possible, without overwhelming me. They also care a lot about professional/personal development and there are classes throughout that are there to learn."
  • "Radio Flyer is an incredibly supportive and fun place to work. From the beginning, my manager set very clear expectations and has supported me on meeting those. I am required to work 40 hours, and no more time is expected of me. There is also an half-day Friday option available for all Flyers, including interns, and folks are very open to time off as needed for out of work events."
  • "The culture at Radio Flyer plays an integral role in the company. Even from a remote internship, the company's culture was very strong and clear which made me want to accept a full-time offer. The added benefit of summer hours also helped guide me through my internship."
  • "Radio Flyer truly believes and lives its mission, vision, and values. That is directly reflected in my quality of life while working here. The employees care about the people, the products, and the journey."

Why Intern Here

Getting Hired Here

  • "Communication throughout the process was very good. I was never confused on next steps and never questioned how interviews went for me, as there was routinely a recap call from HR. I completed the entire interview process in under two weeks. I had the chance to speak with many individuals on the PD team as well as the VP of Product Development."
  • "The interview process was very good, though it was longer than many other companies. Their standards are good, and all of the interns mesh well together, and it makes the program a very enjoyable experience."
  • "Interviews were not difficult. The company communicated clearly and promptly with me throughout the whole application and interview process."
  • "I appreciated having the opportunity to interview with many different people at the company at different levels. It showed me early on the kind of opportunities I would have and how easily accessible the entire company staff is."