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  • “The company was very welcoming and friendly. I managed a healthy work/life balance and the number of hours I was required to work was flexible based on my work.”
  • “50-60 hours a week, never had to work on weekends, everyone is extremely helpful and supportive, culture is the best part of Access Holdings.”
  • “The firm culture is excellent, everyone is super friendly and welcoming! We had a ton of team events planned to encourage mix between different levels. Number of hours worked varied depending on certain project.”
  • “Incredible firm culture and work environment. Very collaborative, and no social hierarchies between an executive and an intern. I worked about 8-9 hours a day. Good work/life balance for the most part.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “The interviews were calm and not nerve-racking whatsoever.”
  • “I loved how the interviewer that I spoke with before being hired became my mentor for the summer, which made my transition to the company very comfortable. Already knowing one person in the company helped me adjust to the new work.”
  • “Interviewers were intelligent and asked meaningful questions. They were selective.”