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101 or more


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2.50 - 2.99,3.00 - 3.49,3.50 - 3.99,4.0



6 to 12 weeks

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Intern Reviews

  • “My job offered great flexibility while still giving me the opportunity to work many hours and gain experience. The office space is very worker-friendly, and my coworkers are great to work with.”
  • “General good culture at the company. Rarely received a full 40 hours of work a week, but as an intern that is expected. Consequently, I was able to do a lot of training exercises.”
  • “The members of my team were the best I could have asked for. They were so helpful and kind. They encouraged me to constantly ask questions. They were willing to take time apart from their work to teach me a variety of things they knew would be helpful to me. I couldn't have asked for a better team to work with as an intern.”
  • “The company has a warm working culture along with a perfect work/life balance. I usually worked 8 hours a day and sometimes worked more on my own to explore the resources and learn new skills.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “My interview was great. I was interviewed by my current manager and another engineer on the team. They made me feel relaxed in the interview, even while asking more difficult questions. They asked what I wanted out of the internship, while they clearly stated what they expected from their future intern.”
  • “I got to meet the whole team during my interview, which really helped me get a feel for the experience and ultimately was the deciding factor when I chose where I'd be working.”
  • “The hiring process was simple and efficient. Everything was clear on what my responsibilities were. I only had one interviewer but it was more than enough. The selective standards were pretty high but, you need to be interested in this job in order to be selected.”
  • “I found the interview process to be fairly standard. I applied at my university's annual career fair. I then received an email a few weeks later to schedule an in-person interview. The interview was conducted by my manager and some senior members of the department. I thought that the interview itself was very relaxed. I received an offer a week or so after the interview.”