CapTech is a technology consulting firm that specializes in management consulting, technology solutions, data and analytics, and customer experience. The company partners with AWS, Microsoft Azure, Salesforce, and more to provide technology solutions that help clients not only face challenges but progress and improve past them. Consultants and CapTech use an active listening approach to deeply engage with clients’ issues and tackle them with thorough understanding and technical expertise.

Internship Program Stats


How To Apply

Candidates may apply in person through their college career fair, online through the college's job site, or via the CapTech website. Applications will typically include a resume and cover letter (optional).



Number Of Interns

10 to 20


Featured Rankings

Best Consulting Internships



6 to 12 weeks





Academic Level

College Juniors

About the Program

At CapTech, interns work in tandem with other interns for twelve weeks and experience the full lifecycle of a typical IT consulting project. You'll be working to help solve some of CapTech's internal projects, including all aspects of the analysis, design, development, and deployment of an internal tool to help benefit CapTech. The program is designed to help interns fully experience the many roles consultants play in everyday projects.

In addition to the project work, each intern is ...

Intern Reviews

  • "Captech sets a hard 40 hour work week. They encourage you to do your best while understanding that this is a learning experience. They do not want you to be overworked or stressed as this is entirely a learning experience and will not effect a job offer at the end."
  • "There were often social events (virtually) which we were able to hang out and play games with coworkers. All the leads were very relaxed and calm but professional, which was comforting. Feedback was given in an appropriate manner and employees did not put down others. We were restricted to 40 hours a week but there was some flexibility when the 40 hours could be worked."
  • "CapTech did not allow interns to work more than 40 hours per week and really stressed that we do not work on our assigned project outside of work hours. They encouraged a strong work-life balance for the interns."
  • "Captech did a great job at promoting a healthy work/life balance."

Getting Hired Here

  • "Interviews were relaxed and not super intensive. There were a couple interviews after the initial introduction with the recruiter, one non-technical with a recruiter and one technical with a current employee. The non-technical interview was primarily to asses behavior and ensure it was a good fit, but there were also questions about resume/qualifications. The technical interview included talking about resume/qualifications and also included some live coding. The primary goal was to check how we approached the problem and did not really check for syntax."
  • "Very easy hiring process and low stress interviews! They just want to get to know you and how you think to see if you are a good fit."