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U.S. - Students can apply via their schools’ websites or on the company website. Students are encouraged to attend open information sessions with Lazard investment banking professionals to learn more about the process and our firm.

U.K. – applications should be made online via the company website. Presentations and events will be held during the autumn period to enable students to find out more about our business, our people and culture and our opportunities.


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College Seniors

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Intern Reviews

  • “All things considered, Lazard is respectful of our time and understanding that we have lives outside of work. This is a job in banking, so obviously the hours are long, but I was pleasantly surprised with how understanding/flexible people are.”
  • “Lazard's firm culture is second to none. Everyone is incredibly welcoming and kind and there are multiple support resources should you ever need help. I was struck by how close I was able to get with many of the employees over such a short period of time.”
  • “I've enjoyed my experience at the firm, but the hours can be very hard at times. Nothing new with investment banking, but the hours do vary depending on deal team and group.”
  • “People are friendly and willing to help. Work hours are long but I get to keep my weekends to myself, which is rare in this industry. Bosses actually care about the experience of junior staff and respect their personal time.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “They included typical behavioral questions, such as, what was the biggest risk you have taken, and what information did you use to make yourself feel comfortable?”
  • “What is a LBO? What factors have the most impact on a LBO? Why IB?  What does an associate do?”
  • “What is a recent transaction that caught your interest and why?”
  • “How would you value a software company that hasn't generated any revenue yet?”