The Guggenheim Securities Summer Analyst program is designed for undergraduate students. This internship specifically searches for the best and most exciting talent to start early and develop a lasting and impactful career at Guggenheim. Within the program, students receive mentorship and networking opportunities and take on duties like evaluating securities for investment and researching current market trends. Overall, the program is an excellent mix of education and experience at a top global company.

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How To Apply

Those interested in the summer analyst position should submit their resume through the Guggenheim Partners website (guggenheimpartners.com/careers). Should Guggenheim Securities recruit from your campus, students in their sophomore and junior years can also submit their application to career services. 

Guggenheim Securities conducts on-campus interviews at a limited number of universities and colleges as well as off-campus interviews at Guggenheim Partners' offices.  Interviews for internship positions begin spring of sophomore year and generally conducted through early fall of junior year.


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College Juniors

About the Program

Guggenheim Securities offers a Summer Analyst internship program designed to give students visibility and exposure into the day-to-day activities of key business units within Guggenheim Partners. The program includes training, mentoring, performance evaluations, networking opportunities, social events, and a speaker series.

Summer Analyst internships are offered in the following industries and regions:

  • Investment Bankin...

About the Company

Guggenheim Securities is the investment banking arm of Guggenheim Partners, which employs more than 2,400 worldwide and is headquartered in Chicago and New York. Guggenheim Securities provides advisory, sales and trading, research, and financing services. In addition to investment banking services, Guggenheim Partners offers investment management and investment advisory services.

Intern Reviews

  • "The firm prioritizes each employee's personal and career goals. Throughout the internship, it was clear that the firm focused on helping us learn more about the culture of the firm and the industry overall. Everyone at the firm is always willing to help an intern learn, and I always felt supported in any situation."
  • "The firm has great culture and you obviously work hard however everyone looks out for you as an intern and wants to help you learn and succeed."
  • "Work very hard, but the team wants you to be successful and is invested in your future. The teams expect passion, and in return there will always be someone who wants to give advice and teach."
  • "The firm is extremely invested in the growth and future success of its interns, as we are working on impactful and live projects. While it can sometimes be a lot of work and an out of comfort zone experience, it is what helps one become more efficient and learn in the long-term."

Getting Hired Here


  • "Each interviewer took time to get to know me personally and my career interests. All the interviews were very fair in what was asked. While it is a selective firm, I believe that they do a great job in being transparent to prospective applicants in what is needed from them."
  • "The interviews were difficult regarding technical questions, but my experience was positive as all my interviewers were very engaging and conversational."
  • "Really swift/transparent process. I had a first-round on a Thursday morning, was notified that afternoon about final rounds the next morning. Within hours of the final round, I got a call saying I had an offer."
  • "I am very pleased with the hiring process as the interviews definitely tested my knowledge outside of baseline technical questions, but also exposed me further to the culture of senior bankers as I felt they were genuinely interested in getting to know me. From my time in the internship and interactions with other interns, I believe the firm was successful with their high standards and choices."