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Employer Type




101-500 Employees


Featured Rankings

Vault Consulting 50


Major Departments/Practice Areas

Consumer Products & Life Sciences


Major Office Locations

Durham, NC (HQ)


Employment Contact

Jessica (Carey) Morris - Director of Human Resources

Firsthand Findings

About the Company

Employee Reviews

  • “Clarkston is the total opposite of all the negative connotations associated with the consulting industry.”
  • “Clarkston is very organized and people focused. Prior to working at Clarkston, I worked at two major Fortune 100 Companies and their onboarding process could not touch the level of introduction to the  company. Clarkston covered all of the bases to ensure I would be setup for success. Not only did I get my  offer letter, and warm welcomes from the firm, I was also pleasantly surprised to get a welcome gift  package arrive at my home before starting my first day of work. It's the little things that go so far and add priceless value.”
  • “If you are looking for a mid-sized company that cares about its people, Clarkston is for you. With about 300 employees it is doable to know most of them and forge actual relationships. Their retention rate is  high for a reason and they are willing to pour into their younger employees so that they stick around.”
  • “The people are amazing to work with, and there is always a new way to get trained or find opportunities to grow. The work can sometimes be a lot, but the firm is better now about responding to  overworked people.”
  • “We aren't the biggest consulting firm, but I believe that we have built the best consulting firm who focuses on our clients' success in the industries that we serve. Our stewards live this. It is who we are as  a company. Our clients recognize us for our brilliant client service and advocate for us with a very high  net promoter score as compared to our competitors.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “Clarkston always strives to hire the candidates that they feel are right fit to their culture. Candidates are screened initially, interviewed by the SME and followed by final technical interview.”
  • “Final interview process is somewhat lengthy especially for those who are being recruited away from current employer. The callback process is professional and recruiters are very genuine. The ideal candidate is a self-starter who can work well in small teams but more importantly independently with no supervision.”
  • “I think the firm is looking for high-achievement and intelligent people who can handle the ambiguity and demand of the job. In recent exposure to candidates who went through the hiring process, I think  the balance is off when you look at the caliber of candidate and the compensation / benefits / role that they are offered.”
  • “The firm hires from a range of experience from college graduates to those who have spent significant time in industry, and in between to help improve the diversity of experience.”
  • “The interview/callback process lasted about 3 months before I received the final offer. I believe they are looking for someone who is open-minded, creative, focused on helping others, eager to learn, and receptive to feedback.”

Perks & Benefits