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1,001-5,000 Employees


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Vault Consulting 50


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Advisory Services


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Waltham, MA (headquarters)


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Courtney Tobin, Director of HR & Talent Acquisition

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Employee Reviews

  • “Firm culture is a huge positive at the company. The consultants are tight-knit at all levels, and this contributes significantly to my satisfaction at the company.”
  • “I think the one factor that sets Trinity apart is its dedication to its employees on its work/life balance and the different offerings Trinity has to offer clients.”
  • “The people who work at Trinity really set it apart from competitors. Everyone is extremely approachable and wants you to succeed. It's not just coworkers -- these are people you become good friends with. The culture is really what stands out to me at Trinity. The work is also extremely interesting, and the multiple staffing method allows you much more exposure to clients and different project types than single staffing.”
  • “Trinity is a great company to work for, with really smart people who go out of their way to help one and other. True team environment. There are other companies they own but working for headquarters is a great experience.”
  • “Our culture. We have a very flat culture where it is encouraged to ask questions and not every meeting/conversation has to be 'buttoned up'. As a result, across levels people openly solve problems and form deep friendships.”
  • “Innovative ideas are given a voice; people respect each other and most don't take work too seriously or let it consume them; there is broad respect for family life and breaks.”

Why Work Here

When we say we work hard and we play hard, we mean it. Trinity Life Sciences believes in a work-life balance. We want our employees to be challenged and engaged both in and out of the office. We pride ourselves on an active lifestyle that promotes teamwork through a variety of events. We encourage teamwork through all levels of employees by bringing community service and social bonding experiences to life through our employee experience group: LiveIt. 

Getting Hired Here

  • “For applicants right out of college, Trinity does two rounds of interview. One set that involves either two on-campus interviews or two phone interviews. Outstanding candidates after this first round may receive an offer. If you do well in the first round, then you are invited for two interviews and dinner at the Trinity headquarters. Trinity is looking for people who are hard-working, team oriented, and most importantly passionate about the life sciences.”
  • “For undergraduate candidates, Trinity is seeking highly motivated candidates that have a proven interest in the life sciences and a desire to understand how drugs make it to the market. We also focus heavily on cultural fit. Enjoying the time, you spend with colleagues is very important and Trinity recognizes this and pays a lot of attention to how candidates may fit in with the rest of the organization. So much so that many people at the firm develop genuine long-lasting friendships - go on vacations together, living together, attending each other's wedding, etc. This aspect of the candidates that Trinity is seeking is just as important as the more traditional educational background.”
  • “Three rounds of interviews. The first two are over the phone or skype. The third is in-person and involves ~5-6 interviews combining behavioral questions as well as case component.”
  • “Ideal candidates are hardworking, smart, and inquisitive. We typically have a phone interview followed by 3-4 interviews in the office. On campus interviews may have a meet and greet session with on-campus interviews followed by offers or invitations to interviews in the office.”
  • “They are very quick and informative and willing to answer any question you have about your potential role. This firm is looking for dedicated workers that are ambitious to learn with some experience analyzing data.”
  • “Ideal candidates are intellectually curious, fun to spend time with, willing to "do what it takes," and genuinely interested in the pharma industry.”

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Chad Faulkner

Principal - Life Sciences

Trinity Life Sciences

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