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501-1,000 Employees


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Vault Consulting 50


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Chicago, IL (HQ)


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Shannon Brownell

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  • “At Chartis, we form strong bonds of collaboration and have a culture that embraces ongoing learning and supports mentorship at every level of the organization. Our work environment is exceptional.  Whether you're looking to enter healthcare consulting or have years of experience, you won't find a richer or more rewarding experience anywhere!”
  • “Chartis is known for our family, mission-oriented culture. When you talk to our clients, they will tell you how it's different to work with Chartisans compared to consultants from other firms. Our people are smart, funny, down-to-earth, and work hard every day to carry out our mission to meaningfully improve the delivery of healthcare in the world. This pervasive culture can be seen in the outstanding work we do and the custom-tailored solutions that we deliver for our clients - none of our work is cookie-cutter, and our consultants are dedicated to a project rather than shared across 4-5 projects...which means the entire team can get to know each other, get to really know the client, and deliver work that fits the unique needs of our clients.”
  • “If you're looking for a firm with a supportive culture and focus on delivering on its mission, our firm not only lives up to what it says about itself but exceeds expectations when it comes to making the world a better place via its internal culture and its external work.”
  • “The culture is significantly different from any other consulting firm I've worked for. It's much more casual, playful, and focused on merit v. seniority. The leadership interacts with entry-level folks regularly. The office is really fun and encourages a collaborative and casual tone, which is great because we do hard and serious work. It's a great balance.”
  • “We really care about our clients -- we take their problems as seriously as our own, try to work side by side with them, and benchmark ourselves by the amount of good we can accomplish on an engagement.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “Candidates must have a demonstrated interest in working for healthcare providers. There is a two-round interview process (with two and three interviews in each round, respectively).”
  • "First round of interviews consists of two case interviews with some behavioral questions prompted at the beginning.  A callback for a second/final round interview is usually received within 24-48 hours.  Final round interviews are a case interview, behavioral interview, and an Excel case. Ideal candidates at Chartis are aligned to the mission of the organization to materially improve healthcare, are very analytical, and can present their thought and problem solving process in a clear and straight-forward manner.”
  • “Our interview and callback process is engaging.  We connect with people because we want to make sure the individual is a good fit for our organization as well as ensuring that we are a good fit for the individual. Our ideal candidate is an individual with the appropriate level of experience for the role as well as ensuring the attitude and goals are aligned with our culture.”
  • “Several rounds of interviews w/ different levels of leadership so the firm can get to know you. Looking for driven, adaptable candidates w/ strong experience or ability to learn quickly along w/ firm cultural fit.”
  • “The higher the level, not surprisingly, the more extensive the process. More senior hires can take weeks to months to close, sometimes causing concern among applicants. It has worked well for us and our success with new hires has been strong.”

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