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The Brattle Group answers complex economic, regulatory, and financial questions for corporations, law firms and governments around the world. The firm serves numerous focus areas and industries, including energy, financial institutions, IT, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, sports, telecom and media. In addition to consulting services they offer expert testimony and are well known for the credibility of their experts, which include leading international academics and industry specialists. The buzz is, they...

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Due to the nature of its work, The Brattle Group is one of a handful of firms that were positioned to take advantage of the COVID-19 crisis. As a result, according to insiders, it continued adding both headcount and new clients throughout 2020, and seems well positioned for the coming deluge of COVID-related lawsuits and insurance claims, where its economic damages expertise will be much sought after.

On the employment side, that will translate to steady work for Brattle and, for consultants, likely a lot of hours which is an unfortunate feature of life at the firm—especially as deadlines approach. It’s not all about client work, however: this is a place with learning opportunities aplenty, as well as the ability to make rapid career prog...

About the Company

The Brattle Group answers complex economic, regulatory, and financial questions for corporations, law firms, and governments around the world. Originating in 1990 as a five-person outfit, Brattle combined with Incentives Research, Incorporated in 1995 to strengthen its expertise in energy matters and opened its first office in Cambridge. Today, the firm's 400+ employees – working from 11 offices in Europe, North America, and Asia-Pacific – serve numerous focus areas and industries, including energy, financial institutions, IT, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, sports, telecom, and media.

Where its energy lies

Brattle specializes in providing analysis and expert consulting related to energy, finance, and litigation matters for clients throughout the world. Various governments, regulatory...

Employee Reviews

  • “Collegial meritocracy with great talent among the senior consultants, who care to teach the younger generation.”
  • “A strong team atmosphere and culture of best practice and support of colleagues. It's the most collegial and collaborative consulting firm I have worked at.”
  • “If the application of economics to real life problems, with significant implications for the companies involved, excites you then this is a good place to work.”
  • “Intense learning experience while working with intelligent and fun people to produce high quality work.”
  • “The bulk of work in Europe focuses on finance applied to litigation cases. We compute damages. I think compared to other econ consulting firms, Brattle is a) more finance oriented, and the typical consultant will need a better grasp of financial reporting, and b) could have more unexpected deadlines, as it relies on legal and client demands. Compared to other core finance firms, entry level consultants do far more conceptual and quant tasks at Brattle.”
  • “You will be able to make a meaningful impact on big cases at Brattle and you will learn much. However, the firm will work you hard and I would not recommend working here if you cannot stand up for yourself.”
  • “Best - firm has offered additional days off in response to COVID which has been nice. Work balance can be achieved but requires you to be quite strict with how much you commit to. Provide additional funds to spend on activities outside the workplace. Worst - people are not considerate of other people's private life and commitments. Management specially struggles to think about this.”
  • “Both management and my colleagues are respectful and mindful of my vacation time. I appreciate that it is not required to ask permission for vacation instead it is just needed to communicate it. Sometimes it is hard to plan holidays due to unexpected project work.”
  • “Firm is very flexible in accommodating staff requests for holidays and does its utmost not to disturb people when they are on vacation.”
  • “Focusing on COVID induced benefits this year. Best, being able to take additional time-off -on top of normal allowance-, and being able to work from different settings. Firm introduced meditation and other online benefits. Firm increased upper management communication which has been great. Non COVID related…”
  • “I am very happy with the work life balance thus far with Brattle. They encourage you to take all of your vacation and rarely does work interfere with when you can take it. As with nearly all consulting firms though, the leave policy also functions on common sense. If there is a big deadline coming up, it's accepted that you're not going to ask for time off until the project is finished.”
  • “I'm very happy with the quality of life at Brattle. Leave policies are fair and flexible and there is nearly never a work conflict for taking time off. During the Covid-19 quarantine, management even introduced additional bi-weekly flex time off to be used for anything to help with the transition to primarily working from home. Also they have been very transparent and proactive during the pandemic in introducing other policies aimed to help employees work from home such as expanded health benefits and broader categories for reimbursements for home office supplies.”
  • "Provide a refund up to £500 to spend on activities of your choice. Meditation is also included.”
  • “I am entirely happy with the compensation package.”
  • “Best - health insurance, vision benefits, additional funds to spend on personal activities. Worst - salary increases.”
  • “Focusing on COVID induced drawbacks. Worst, the firm could have provided a greater benefit for purchase of office supplies at home.”
  • “I believe salaries and bonuses are very competitive. I would like to see more support for retirement planning in Europe as is done in the offices in US. While we are given an additional bonus intended for retirement, there is no formal mechanism for taking advantage of a country's retirement planning systems.”
  • “Nothing that I could complain. Very competitive salary and good benefits.”
  • “The firm offers a generous compensation package for new joiners and pays substantial bonuses. Unfortunately, pay increases only marginally compared with the lawyers we work alongside: a lawyer with similar experience will often be paid triple what a Brattle analyst receives.”
  • “Brattle provides us at very early stages with the training, mentoring and necessary tools to develop our career and grow within the company. Brattle is also very transparent about its promotion policy, helping us making career decisions.”
  • “Brattle puts career development at the forefront of its internal policies. It is increasingly focused on diversity and expanding opportunities and flexible working for all staff.”
  • “Great collaborative environment to share ideas. Learning comes from caseload. Entry level learning programs still require more structure.”
  • “I cannot comment about the promotion policies as I have not been at the firm enough time, however they seem to be fair and justified. If you are capable of the work they will promote you. As with most consulting firms, most of your training will happen on the job and you learn much more by doing projects than from any formal training although Brattle does have a fairly good induction training process for new hires.”
  • “The culture of the firm is amazing. It has a very flat organizational structure that allows you to work hand-in-hand with very experienced people, which is an extremely fruitful experience for our professional and personal development. The exit opportunities seem a bit limited as most of the projects are related with the energy sector, which means that the skills and knowledge you develop can be very niche. On the other hand, the promotion opportunities do not lack at Brattle, you can work your way up in the firm.”
  • “The firm has many internal resources that you can use to develop technical skills and knowledge. However, the quality of mentoring is totally dependent on who your mentor is, while the firm is resistant to supporting career breaks for outside learning or sending employees on secondments. The firm has little profile outside the economic testimony industry, even in related areas fields like economic policy.”
  • “Very good training provided and a good environment to learn. If you perform well, there are great opportunities for development and promotion within the firm.”
  • “We are still struggling with achieving a work-life balance for staff with young children but this is being actively worked on.”
  • “In the London office, I believe the firm is hiring from a non-bias perspective, however there is no transparency on how the firm deals with this issue. The issue is still that management is predominantly male and white. The environment does not allow you to have a family and work, especially once you are working above the junior levels. A lot of red tape if you want to try and raise awareness to issues around diversity.”
  • “It's a difficult one. It's an open question whether promotions come with a delay for certain groups. The feedback process could improve as it seems ‘softer’, but much less substantive, on women, which in turn may hamper their progression opportunities as it is more difficult to take decisive action on own's career development. Finally, a lot of people leave midway their career which is usually linked to the difficulty of balancing parenting responsibilities with consulting demands. That being said, no one really doubts that consultants that perform well and put on the hours will make it to more senior positions over time. The firm has ongoing discussion on how to improve diversity and inclusion, and I think the firm gives consultants plenty of learning opportunities to remain marketable, if you decide other aspects of your life are more important than work in your later years.”
  • “The firm is very diverse and very receptive to people with different backgrounds and orientations.”
  • “We do not seem to have been particularly hard hit by the covid crisis and we are still receiving numerous enquiries about new projects.”
  • “Brattle is in a strong position considering the current situation. We were impacted relatively little during the pandemic and subsequent quarantines. Partly due to the nature of our work, which can be done almost entirely online, and partly due to the fact that the firm was already very well connected with a strong IT infrastructure. We were able to transition to home-work nearly seamlessly as teleworking across offices was already commonplace.”
  • “Business wise, the firm did very well during the Covid-19 pandemic.”
  • “I consider that the firm has an excellent damages estimation team, with a clear advantage to other competitors.”
  • “The firm is well placed to take advantage of a boom in arbitration resulting from the pandemic. The London office, however, is not innovative and is not receptive to augmenting its capabilities with newer and more data-intensive techniques.”
  • “We are hiring in the middle of a pandemic. Promotions as usual. Financials OK.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “A mix of finance, economics and challenging daily problems.”
  • “Good, may need to be a bit faster in the current highly competitive environment.”
  • “Intellectually curious, laid back and friendly, team player.”
  • “The process is quite extensive, I counted I had 14 formal and informal interviews from people at all different levels within the firm over the recruitment process. Brattle is protective of its firm culture which I see as a positive, so not only is a candidate's knowledge base important but the recruitment process is about making sure the personality fit is right.”
  • “I believe the ideal candidate is intelligent, highly competent, shows a high degree of integrity for both work quality and ethics, and personable so they can easily work with people of many different cultures.”
  • “We are generally seeking candidates with strong quantitative skills, who show strong collegiality and a liking for working in teams and are lively and intelligent”
  • “Case study.”
  • “How would you value a firm generating cash flows in a foreign currency?”
  • “Name five areas of economics you have studied of have knowledge of?”
  • “General questions about your background and your research projects if you have completed a PhD.”
  • “We provide a case study for all recruits to complete and full day interviews with a range of staff of different levels of seniority and from different practice areas.”

Perks & Benefits