The Brattle Group answers complex economic, regulatory, and financial questions for corporations, law firms, and governments around the world. The firm serves numerous focus areas and industries, including energy, financial institutions, IT, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, sports, telecom, and media. In addition, they offer expert testimony and are known for the credibility of their experts, which include leading international academics and industry specialists. 

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501-1,000 Employees


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Vault Consulting 50


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David L. Sunding

Firsthand Findings

A gold-plated name in its field, The Brattle Group has long been a sought-after
destination for those hoping to build a career as an economic expert—whether at
the top end of the firm, or as a place to learn the ropes before transitioning to an
elite graduate program, which the firm happens to excel in prepping its people for.
Between those two poles, there is, of course, a lot of a room for training and
development, which Brattle in...

About the Company

The Brattle Group answers complex economic, regulatory, and finance questions for
corporations, law firms, and governments around the world. Brattle specializes in
providing analysis and expert consulting related to energy, finance, and litigation
matters for clients throughout the world. Various governments, regulatory bodies,
leading corporations, and financial institutions call on Brattle when faced with
litigation, regulatory, and policy questions. In answering these questions, Brattle
relies on its broad capabilities in economics, finance, and analytics, in addition to
deep subject-matter expertise in a variety of industries and practice areas. 

Brattle’s antitrust and competition work includes some of the largest mergers, or

Employee Reviews

  • “Absolutely worth joining Brattle as an analyst out of college. You'll learn more here
    than almost anywhere very rapidly and gain real experience and responsibilities, all
    at a great salary. Hours rarely go above 45 hours a week, so the compensation and
    work life balance mix, along with real career development, is unbelievable. You
    won't regret it.”
  • “Brattle is a great place to work. As with any company in this field, you need to be
    willing to put in occasionally very long hours, but the work is challenging and the
    culture is super-positive. I highly recommend Brattle to those who are confident
    they will enjoy a consulting environment.”
  • “I have felt extremely well-taken care of and valued as an employee. Everyone I've
    worked with has been extremely kind, collaborative and helpful. Compensation,
    benefits, and work-life balance have all been excellent. The work I've been doing
    has been engaging and the staff works hard to get you projects that you enjoy. I
    could not be happier.”
  • “If economics and law are interesting to you, and you hope to work in an
    environment where you are supported while being challenged, this is an excellent
    job for anyone considering economic consulting out of college. There is great work-
    life balance, which helps with the transition from college schedules to work
    schedules; you build meaningful connections, and you have plenty of interesting
    cases at your fingertips that you can work on.”
  • “Our company culture is what sets us apart from peers in the economic consulting
    industry, in my humble opinion. It is very strong and makes a great work
    environment, even if the work is very challenging at points.”
  • “Salary progression is not attractive if you are interested in being an analyst for
    more than a year or two. Company culture is great - the firm tries to make the work
    environment very positive. Hours can be erratic based on client demands and
    deadlines but otherwise are flexible (even if sometimes long). It is a great place to
    learn marketable skills like excel and R right out of college.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “Brattle conducts a virtual or on-campus first round interview, and then a day of
    interviews that are traditionally in the office, which includes an interview with a
    Research Analyst, one with an Associate, one with a Principal, another informal
    interview with two Research Analysts, and a Case Interview with an Associate. The
    firm is looking for a candidate who has experience working on quantitative
    economic or financial analyses, is willing to learn quickly, and enjoys working with a
  • “Candidates go through a resume screen, followed by a 30-minute first round
    interview and finally a full day of interviews with people in various positions in the
    firm. The interviewers discuss the candidate, and a hiring committee uses the
    feedback to determine whether they get an offer. The ideal candidate is diligent,
    detail-oriented, organized, quantitative, and friendly.”
  • “I had two behavioral interviews before my internship, and then I had a case
    interview at the end of the internship. If [you are interviewing] for an internship, the
    case interview is a third, final round interview. I believe the firm is looking for
    someone who can blend qualitative and quantitative thinking and who would fit in
    with the firm's collaborative culture.”
  • “Interviews and callbacks were swift, with plenty of touchpoints along the way.
    There appeared to be many ‘culture fit’ interviews throughout the process, which I
    appreciated. I believe the ideal candidate is someone who can hold an interesting
    conversation with an array of people, is intellectually curious, and is a quick learner. These three characteristics seem to be key in my day-to-day, subject to meeting
    some minimum threshold of technical know-how."
  • “Typically, we have initial round interviews with HR or one or two staff members.
    Depending on the result, the candidate will get called back for a full day of
    interviews which will several interviews with consulting staff at all levels (RAs,
    Associates, and Principals). There will also be one case interview and one less-
    formal coffee or lunch interview.”

Perks & Benefits